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1% Steal World's Wealth - $450 Million Wasted On Painting to Hang Inside Castle

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How many people's lives would be positively changed for the better if instead of a 1% leach spending $450 million dollars on a painting that money had instead been used by the global community for healthcare, childcare, homes, education, and any number of more meaningful investments in humanity's future? This type of conspicuous consumption by a 1% that has accumulated more wealth than half of the entire world's population through the legalized theft of resources and income from the general population is a glaring example of why we need to create a fully democratized People-First Society.

You have no money, no tangible income besides the credit that is extended to you by bankers and other enablers of capitalist pillage because most of the income that we generate is siphoned up top to the elite investors and their executives. This global system of extortion that allows a tiny few kings and queens free rein to horde all the world's wealth for their personal pleasure and aggrandizement is the reason your real income has not kept pace with the ever increasing cost of rent, food, and all the other necessities of maintaining a decent standard of living.

When we just brush off, condone the 'investment' of millions of our hard earned money blown by some parasite sultan on a picture that can be hung on the wall inside their castle - we deserve to have crumbling infrastructure, unaffordable healthcare raided by insurance companies, housing costs outstripping wages, falling real incomes, sky-high college tuition, and a lifetime of debt piled upon more debt.

When we just brush off, condone the sexual harassment by the powerful who stand over us like feudal lords then we deserve to be treated like objects to be utilized by this 1% for their personal pleasure and gratification of whatever disgusting deviance possesses them at the moment.

To free ourselves from an abnormal, unsustainable, anti-democratic, and overlord ruled grind requires that we no longer accept as acceptable the blatantly unacceptable society that allows sociopaths unrestricted reign to indulge their insatiable desires with our wealth and money. Our survival is contingent upon all of us storming the castles and throwing the kings and queens in the dungeon and establishing a global People-First Society - the first ever real democracy not owned by the few for the few but benefiting the many for the many.