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On This Planet Everything in Its Entirety Is Yours - Turn This Mess Around

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"The Establishment" has their propaganda parrots squawking furiously about the utter impossibility of swapping out this degenerate pirate camp of a society for an equitable egalitarian democratic society like civilizationism. A cavalcade of 1% beholden candidates also stated that it was "absolutely impossible" to implement any of the "sweeping changes" to the current gulag labor prison. Proposals coming from Bernie Sanders our "transitional leader", the most liberal of the presidential candidates are mild reformulations of capitalism of the Democratic Socialist variety. They are hardly "sweeping" in scope, more mainstream European Democratic Socialist broad-based egalitarian reforms. Even so, they could stimulate a comprehensive refactoring to a new 24/7 democratic civilizationist society. After hearing Bernie Sanders this morning on the CBS network program "Face the Nation" my admiration for this great humanitarian leader only gets more profound. Give him all your support in the upcoming U.S. Democratic primaries for even though beaten down he is not whipped. We may still have a shot at instituting our first plan, the transitioning from capitalist society through a Bernie Sanders presidency to our 24/7 egalitarian civilizationism. All the other bought-and-paid-for candidates make it sound like we are trying to stop the Sun from rising, bring people back from the dead, or any other naturally impossible feat. Those who have been following along, reading the essays on this site, realize that burying this CEO and executive system of pillage in some deep dark recess and replacing it with an entirely new society is very doable and not some inviolable law of nature. Collectively we decide how we wish to structure our daily lives. So let us just tell the CEO and robber baron horde to climb a tree. We really do not care for their opinion. Only the opinions of the majority matter, not some fringe group who is milking us dry so they can be our modern day kings and queens.

Parasites require something to gorge themselves on, a stable supply of blood or in the case of capitalist pigs, income and wealth. That is why there is a chorus of self-anointed thieves in the executive office class, the billionaires' henchmen who feel the need to tell all us 'misinformed' bottomscrapers that "you just cannot change" this human socio-economic construct. If they can convince enough gullible people that all the capitalist societal institutions are carved in stone they just may save their kingdom from ransacking by all the valley dwellers that they are sending into poverty. Even the economic fairy dust throwers who are in the fully vetted club of 'taker' academia are getting in on the act. These sanctioned soothsayers of the global raiders' cabal have also been invoking a few extra shaman chants validating what their masters are saying - all humanly conceived societal constructs sunk deep into the muck of capitalism are beyond a mere moral's abilities to change. In fact, if we were to tinker with this grand theft contrivance, very bad outcomes would befall us. Evil spirits would arise out of the depths of hell devouring all that is beyond reproach, the purity of white linen that is the ultimate human achievement - the capitalist exploitation scheme. All that is bad and unjust would come crashing down on our heads. Great, let us be rid of this blood squeezing parasitic contraption.

Part of the capitalist societal vulture camp is the U.S. Presidential electoral process that degenerates in tandem with the rest of society, reaching new lows every four years. Watching "The Establishment" parrots claw and preen their way through the rigged presidential primary system, aping all their 'unique' capitalist refinements that will make this a more bearable economic strip mining pit is so pathetic you do not know whether to cry or laugh. Stop crying and laughing for just a moment, let me make a proposal. Let us show our love for 'our' Establishment presidential candidates by enshrining their every word in a temple. They are supposed to have immeasurable intellects. It is hard to believe anyone would question the worth of their utterances. Media spin doctors have been hard at work creating personas. For instance, Hillary Clinton the Goldman Sachs orator has her indecision and incompetence painted over with glowing colors of clarity and decisiveness. The societal screenplay, the media scripted narrative now tells us that we are not to question the personification of intellectual perfection that is "The Establishment" rooted in years of experience. Even though most of us only have memories of incompetent governments and businesses eager to enslave the entire planet in Corporate Dictatorships. On the pages we are now told to read it states: "America Never Stopped Being Great" that this screwed up world is a figment of our imagination. Therefore, if the paragon of human excellence say that such and such is impossible, who are we, the mere creators, and the fuel that keeps this miserable income extraction machine humming along to contradict our masters? Just keep your 'trap' shut and focused upon your grind stone. All you need to concern yourself with are the few meager pennies dropped into your cup at the end of your long day working for the lordly billionaire class. Leave the more weighty topics to the keepers of the status quo scrolls in academia. Vulture capitalism is all about knowing your place in the great income squeeze. Thinkers need not apply. Drooling followers who never question why they are being screwed are always welcome.

Contrary to the wishes of our lords in the executive offices we are not just meekly eating with brown lips smacking appreciatively all the shit they shovel in our cubicles. The beauty of this Movement is the spontaneous nature of responses made by laborers from across a wide spectrum of professions. Thousands of activist organizations have sprung up, all of them espousing the egalitarian belief system we have been championing in our People's Movement. Individual efforts are too numerous to mention. Everyday there are people who are demanding respect from their employers refusing to be treated as nonessential inanimate objects. Many realize that they are the companies, that without the laborers the business entity would not exist. So why not just take over the entire operation of all businesses in the name of the workers. Eliminate the executive office and management staff in favor of a bottom-up democracy implemented across organization social networks. You have the power to change the societal dynamics. When we speak of replacing vulture capitalism that feeds off of our efforts and leaches away all the fruits of our creations it is not like throwing a switch. Instead what we envision is a wave that ripples across the societal template, a purple surge of cumulative modification that eventually washes over society, building amplitude as it seeps into the very fabric of local, regional, and national communities until it finally reformulates the international gestalt.

Days, weeks, even months may pass without any personal recognition of your efforts. Many of us are lonely warriors. Trudging on, we uphold our belief system in many seemingly insignificant ways that aggregate across many countries producing shock waves that are pounding the castles of the superrich very gradually into a fine powder. Never before has there been such an outpouring of support for a creed like all of us have been experiencing over the last five years. Our People's Movement, all of us who have empowered each other, will continue to put front and center issues like income inequality and the injustice of a whole planet forced to march to the tune of a few self-anointed royalists in a 1% elite ruled world. None of us receives any kudos or pats on the back for a job well done. We all give our time and place our livelihoods and our health on the line every time we protest or speak our mind to advance the issues of our creed. Tiny steps, incremental movements, all of it adds up to a crescendo of change that pounds the mighty walls of Corporatism back into the filth from which it originated. Billions of people each injecting our People's Movement beliefs into many more billions of conversations each day shift viewpoints in a multiplicative way to our side. This marginalizes the fewer and fewer upper class capitalists and their supporters.

Similarly, when we turn super delegates, delegates, electors, political party bosses, and lobbyists into the most hated scum alive by voicing our individual opinions, this is aggregated into a collective anger at a rigged capitalist society that uses these anti-democratic vermin to steal the votes and voice away from the people. Mainstream media propagandists have cast us as political neophytes who are unaware of the 'rules' surrounding party politics. Rules imposed to secure the disenfranchisement of the general populous are not rules but a sham to keep a bunch of robber barons in total control of our world. Do not expend any time and energy analyzing a position that is patently undemocratic and evil. Instead we should focus our energies on overturning this capitalist autocratic state and removing all impediments to our free expression of our collective electoral voice. Let us shove these super delegate and run-of-the-mill delegate proxies who are no different from lobbyist intermediaries used by other more powerful interests in a dank dungeon. Who the hell do these people think they are, they need to throw away the cape - the days of the phone booth are gone, we do not need super heroes to decide our future.

In an empowered society meddlers like delegates and electors would not exist. This antidemocratic minded scum would never be allowed to gain a foothold in our purely democratic civilization where the will of the people is supreme. It does not take a libertarian to understand that crafty underhanded politics conducted in smoke filled rooms is not conducive to promoting liberty or the greater good. Anointed political party bosses pulling strings for a power elite does not belong in an enlightened 21st Century. Community values like equality, equity, diversity, egalitarianism, and 24/7 democracy unencumbered by a gamed system is our goal. Particularize the past, contrasting it with the present in your cognition of events. This parasitic societal construct has only become worse. Never condone the extortion of billions of dollars from billions of planetary citizens. If we do, we have degenerated to the level of the beast, no longer deserving to be classified as sentient beings.

Your society determines who you are and what you become. Degenerate societal constructs that revolve around confrontation provoke negative personal outcomes that ripple across the societal foundation generating enhanced negative externalities and consequences. All of us have been feeding off of each other in this massive Movement that is involving billions of global citizens dissatisfied with being lead around on a leash by a slick bunch of filthy rich robber barons. The difference between our Movement and capitalist society is we are provoking positive instead of negative synergies. This is our time. We are on the right side of history. Every single one of us is telling the status quo holders to take a hike. Now that we have awakened from our slumber we are fully capable of charting our own course and creating our own egalitarian 24/7 fully democratic society that does not end when we enter our workplaces. That is why none of us should be concerned with what the media splatters in their newspapers, on TV, or on the web, because we really do not need their advice for we are the sole agents of our own destiny. Tell the bought-out crowd spouting this or that 'fact' that just happens to be from some book of capitalist fairy-tale economics that their worldview is over, find a real job.

Realizing that we are the sole creators of our society, the organizational essence that structures our day to day existence is a profoundly liberating moment. Free from the constraints of thought placed upon us from childhood we are now able to cross many imaginary barriers that limited our actions. Like seeing for the first time after being blind for years we are capable of envisioning profound unrestricted societal frameworks that do not depend upon enslaving the majority population like this capitalist prison camp. Revolution is the byword that embodies the pulverizing of this unjust billionaires' privilege based extortion machine and replacing it with a 24/7 social networked democracy of civilizationism that empowers everyone in a bottom-up international community. After our less than stellar foray into the rigged system that is in the process of snuffing out our political-revolution, aided by the superrich power structure and their super-delegates, delegates, and all the rest of the gunk of this degenerate 'taker' society, we have opted to focus most of our efforts on getting the 1% elite monkey off of our backs.

That monkey keeps whispering in our ear telling us we are just the tools used by transnational business lords to acquire more wealth. Hillary Clinton in Indiana calls employees "assets", a demeaning term used by capitalist publicists to stimulate docility among workers. This is just the kind of Orwellian wordplay that has the general population believing they are just insignificant widgets to be used and abused by their corporate masters. Employees are not assets we are people! We are the company, what makes up this separate corporate person in our perverted legal framework. Without the people in a business organization there would be no productive output. The resulting revenue that the business bigwigs consider their reward for inhabiting the executive suite would not exist. Central to our whole realignment from Corporate Dictatorship to bottom-up egalitarian 24/7 democracy is the understanding that the people comprise the society and the business organizations that are our human footprint on this planet. Only sociopaths like corporate rulers who have a Stone Age 'taker' mentality would even conceive of propagandizing degenerate societal distortions designed to maintain their hegemony over the majority populous. Throw the executive office crowd out the windows. You are the innards of what makes a business a business - not some overstuffed welterweight halfwit with a title of CEO, CIO, CFO, and the other C…s who infest our companies.

Revolution is afoot. This is not your father's political revolution but an in your face gut wrenching give us our liberty power struggle against a class of filthy rich tyrants. These autocrats are determined to make us their personal jackasses, beasts of burden that they can wear down to bones and sinew. Without our blood-sweat-and-tears they could not buy this year's private jet the size of the flying cattle cars they stuff us into and their executive buddies in the airline business would be unable to secure many more billions of dollars in compensation.

Once we toss out the capitalist society what do we do with all the luxuries these rich con artists have stolen from all us marks? Seizing power from these petty dictators means we will get all the goodies they have squirreled away. Does anyone have a clue what to do with thousands of flying palaces? Maybe we can share them for use on vacations to exotic destinations we only dreamt about going on before the rebellion. Dividing up all the islands that these pirates have stolen with our money, complete with mansions on snowy white beaches will be our grandest of the wealth reclamations. Democracy, the genuine undistorted, unfiltered, bottom-up kind that we will be instituting in our civilizationist society is up to any task even handling the pleasantly vexing questions like what to do with all the spoiled boys and girls toys that we recoup.

Flagrant flamboyant waste will be the legacy that this despicable Establishment hellhole leaves us to ponder. In future museums our ancestors will gawk at holograms of mansions the size of luxury resorts, private planes needing runways only found at international airports, ships approaching the opulence and mass of ocean liners, and the main exhibit showing a mountain of green representing the accumulated wealth of these robber barons with a thin barely perceptible peak of snow representing what these monsters left to the rest of us to fight over.

Is my characterization of the elite thieves as monsters a tad bit harsh or could it be an accurate label? They have racked in trillions of dollars of wealth and income that could have been better used in a real economy building infrastructure like hospitals, schools, transportation systems like interstate maglev trains, paying for $300 per month nationalized healthcare, drug treatment centers, tuition free colleges, and generally providing all planetary citizens with a more rewarding and fulfilling life. Maybe given all the personal tragedies they instigated a far better characterization of these marauders needs to be conjured up. Let us therefore characterize these soulless villains as economic barbarians. Barbarians do come in many forms so it is fair to lump these heartless sociopaths with the likes of Kanjis Khan. The head choppers like ISIS have also been called barbarians. Why not call the 1% gang of thieves barbarians? For the sheer number of human beings they keep from reaching their potential and just callously cast out onto the streets to die they definitely deserve the title of barbarian. Their negative impact has been farther reaching over many decades than the paltry numbers of human beings killed, maimed, or left homeless by ISIS.

Do we have a plan for ridding the planet of the 1% elite gangsters? Can we all continue to come together organically to organize revolt across the United States and the rest of the world? Our People's Movement is not only comprised of individuals but also core and splinter activist organizations devoted to specific causes that align well with our philosophies. Now more than ever we need to congregate under an umbrella of revolution that is uncompromising. There can be no justification for negotiating with an enemy that has such an alien concept of society. Barbarians take many shapes and forms sometimes even resembling fat men and women in business attire who are just as ready to send their fellow human beings into an early grave as the knife wielding freaks of a caliphate.

Hillary Clinton and all the other Establishment lackeys only offer us a kinder-gentler prison camp. Our business wardens may refrain from whipping malcontents verbally and could even put that fresh coat of paint on the gulag walls. You might even get an extra bowl of gruel passed under the jail cell in a Clinton administration. Wow, more of the same big-business caliphate barbarians stuffing their pockets with loot they stole from our businesses but putting aside a couple coins every now and then to give us a measly, itsy bitsy little raise that would be eaten up by their buddies in the insurance dictatorships. Is this what you want, to fall further into the hole over the next four years? Absolutely not, we all want more than a few prison reforms proffered by a stingy Establishment that will use the next four years to exult themselves past the billionaire into the trillionaire range of conspicuous greed. We intend to break out of this capitalist societal prison. Tell these lackey reformers to cancel the plaster they ordered. We are done with their attempts to patch up the crumbling walls of this labor dungeon. Round the barbarians and their flunkies up and send the whole lot to the Amazon rain forest and the Arctic Circle to scrape out a living with the natives. Engines are revving up. Bulldozers with the labor inmates at the wheel are ready to advance on these walls that keep us from exploring and venturing beyond the status quo enforced poverty we have experienced for too many years. Plow down the gulag walls with the bulldozers.

So the next time you hear elite barbarians and their "Establishment" mindbenders in academia, the media, or the political cesspool tell you how they are going to institute reforms to what is essentially a prison planet run for the exclusive benefit of superrich petty dictators just toss them out the nearest window. Just picture a barbarian with a calculator instead of a knife but just as deadly. An ISIS barbarian may kill a few thousand but the calculator punching ogres stunt the prospects of millions destroying many more millions of families. From an impact standpoint it is obvious what group of barbarians is the most dangerous to the long-term survival of the human race. At least the ISIS wackos do not comprise a dominant cultural strain and we will ultimately eliminate their ideology of hate once our global civilizationist society spreads opportunity in the form of economic justice and pure 24/7 democracy across this fractured capitalist societal chaos. Our 1% elite jailers on the other hand are representatives of the 'accepted' capitalist society. They are evil incarnate, the personification of injustice and greed that is suffocating all cultures including Middle Eastern failed states led by autocrats that fit right in with the Capitalist Dictatorship sociopathic ideology. Citizens always suffer while power and wealth hungry hoarders drag us into their labor stockades. So why not have our People's Movement identify them as barbarians, the lever pullers of this degenerate society that trashes the many for the gain of the few.

There are still a few of our fellow citizens who do not get it, understand that they are living a lie. Meantime, this vaporware economy, more a financial shell game than anything else leaves a trail of victims unable to make ends meet just because they were unfortunate to find themselves among the working throngs that have their productive efforts leached away so that the business barbarians can be the new world sultans of this 21st Century of global Corporatism. Never apologize for actions taken to dethrone the business barbarians, no matter how lenient they may now seem to a starry eyed bunch of prisoners excited that they are now finding some lumpy meaty blubber with their nightly porridge. Let all the happy go lucky Orwellian drooling cogs of the machine state continue to serve their masters with ever bulging credit files, we on the other hand will raze the whole penitentiary to the ground. Democracy is the oasis we search for in this desert of authoritarianism. Every four years petty business dictatorships throw us a scrawny bone, they proffer pleasantries and petrified presidential change-shifters thrown in with preapproved slices of 'hope' cures no more beneficial than 18th century bloodletting; all of it intended to keep the most unruly inmates in line. My answer to you the people of this capitalist economically, environmentally, and socially trashed planet is to just take what you want, you already own it.

The land you walk on, the parks you play in, the businesses you work in, the sky that invites your dreams, the governments, and the society of this planet, everything in its entirety is yours to do with what you want. Genuine democracy is not some diluted contrivance that is parsed out at will by a tiny fraction of the population just to serve their exclusive interests. Get off of your duffs and turn this damn chain-gang of a planetary mess around.