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Oligarchs Crave Fresh Harvest of Labor Slaves

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The United States and the European Union have been assisting the Ukrainian "People's Movement" government from falling prey to a horde of Russian invaders.

No longer classified as a democracy but instead an oligarchy the United States isn't our notion of a free society where the majority of citizens are the direct constituents in an open and inclusive governmental process.

Obviously, the United States since the mid 1970's under the direction of the oligarchic power block has been vanquishing the middle class. They've been draining the global economy of middle class productivity gains, crippling the economic engine, destroying its multiplicative dynamism. Obscene annual income outflows averaging 500% - 3000% have been pumped up to the top 1% of elite oligarchs. These are all very negative aspects of a dysfunctional societal economic construct met to enrich the planetary oligarchs at the expense of transforming the majority of citizens into paupers.

Transnational businesses, investors, all the financial tyrants, the oligarchic cartel prefer stability; they abhor turmoil that disrupts their greed induced pilfering of natural and human resources. It is therefore obvious that the elites have a vested interest in eradicating non-aligned tyrants. These deviants are a disruptive force that inhibits the depletion of a fresh harvest of labor slaves. Hard working supplicants continue to build mountains of loot. Fighting, dying, and suffering serfs are a counterproductive drag on the oligarchic kingdom.

So it really isn't all that unusual for the United States to support "People's Movement" rebellions and states that have the potential to 'bring online' millions more toiling laborers. Our capitalist slant is gospel to the oligarchs. It is interesting that these planetary manipulators aren't able to distinguish the fine nuances of our pure capitalism from their obtuse dogma of feudalism. Given their perpetual drug and alcohol induced stupor and party wasted bodies is it any wonder they are incapable of understanding the most basic reality based paradigms?

We all deserve better governments. Totalitarian cesspools, veiled oligarchic dictatorships - every form of deviant lawmaking body that destroys the potential of humanity must be vaporized.

To our friends in Ukraine, Venezuela, Turkey, India, and all those worldwide who are struggling to transform greed convulsed governments into majority ruled democracies that guarantee absolute freedom and pure capitalism your suffering is our collective pain.

Timeless are the ingredients for individual happiness - respect, dignity, and freedom. Even though our progress seems glacial, like we're moving mountains, it is the power of our principles that are dissolving the multitude of organizational barriers. In time, the walls erected by the present day feudal raiders will fall to the fiercest of all forces; a raging, furious, trampled human liberty.