Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Oligarchs Are Attempting to Shatter the Unity of the People's Movement

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This fractured blue planet does not socially advance through enhanced disunity. With the U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump yearning for a future free of Mexican-Americans inside Fortress America, Germany the undisputed financial kingpin of the Eurozone willing to crush Greece under a mountain of debt, and the gangrenous sore of U.S. racism busted open we are now careening towards a bottomless pit of hatred.

Ultra-capitalism breeds this type of self-destructive behavior by promoting a sociopathic ‘taker’ mentality. Supportive root-cause transformational measures that provide better outcomes for the majority of citizens are never given the opportunity to break free from the global vise of 1% elite corporatism. Regardless of the long-term costs short-term myopia prevails. All the opulent investors feeding on the governments and the general population demand a decent return on their investment even if it requires keeping large segments of this planet’s population at each other’s throats.

Cooperative efforts are dissuaded. Turmoil is encouraged. Disunity purges the oligarchic culture of community. Better to have billions of lone-wolf individuals drooling in front of a glowing glass flat screen every night than pondering their fate. Let the flames lick the rapidly boiling caldron so that the slime oozes down the rusty sides. Keep the slaves at each other’s throats. That way they will not have time to objectively scrutinize their lowly status. This ensures the master’s court is not overrun by a throng of awakened peasants.

Forcing the trampled serfs off-center means that the important issues get buried in the muck of sensationalist drama. Castle dwellers get to keep their booty from the many income raiding parties legally sanctioned by their puppet lobbyist infested governments. The more barriers the elite pirates can erect between us and our fellow serfs the easier it is for them to maintain the global status quo of legally sanctioned pillage. While we are fighting amongst ourselves the feudal lords will be amassing ever larger mountains of loot.

So you should not be surprised when the ‘feeders’ who gorge themselves into blue-veined corpulence start devouring not just individuals but also countries. For logic does not prevail in a social system manipulated under ultra-capitalism. Unbounded greed is the Opiate that masquerades for unity of purpose and clarity of thought. In the end everything that the oligarchs engage in is driven by a lust for money and power regardless of the outcome. These looters will ultimately devour nation-states, proud cultures, each other, and eventually the entire planet, like a frenzied swarm of locusts.

This is why all of us, the billions that comprise the People’s Movement across this benighted sphere must stick together regardless of our perceived differences. Our purple hue cannot be allowed to be extinguished under a shroud of darkness. Because if we are cleaved apart bit-by-bit eventually we will no longer be a cohesive opposition able to thwart the 1% leaches goal of absolute global domination. If this day ever dawns we will see its dim light through the bars of our cage.