Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Oligarchs Anti-Freedom Crusade

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In the face of daunting pressure coming from powerful lobbyists, businesses, and governments aligned with the destruction of democracy citizens are unswervingly advancing the cause of freedom. Our united Fifth Column that has imbedded itself in every sector of the planet’s societal infrastructure is comprised of billions. Citizens who daily put at risk all that they hold dear.

Heroically we all contribute in our own special way to a belief system that is founded upon liberty. We firmly believe in a world untainted by oligarchic influences, a planet devoid of the legions of big business lobbyists. These messengers of the elite, along with their elite masters, who have been molding a societal imprint that enslaves the majority of citizens, must be stopped from exercising authority that marginalizes the majority of constituents.

But it is a dangerous proposition to oppose the powerful. Those who speak out against the spread of this oligarchic dictatorship pay dearly for the exercise of what free speech rights still exist. Often the vocal adherents to our cause are refused employment, fired from jobs or worse yet permanently blackballed.

In increasingly mega-business dominated industries propaganda is disseminated in the form of ‘good’ business practices. Elite manipulators in many guises transform the lives of freethinkers into a living hell. Ostracizing the most troublesome individuals’ organizations aligned to the destruction of our basic rights from both the business and governmental spheres make it their priority to crush anyone who questions the finely honed knife’s edge of corporate totalitarianism.

Those who attempt to stimulate cogent discourse over the din of feel-good advertisements and mass-media drivel disrupt the order of the stockyard. Mustn’t have the livestock questioning the motives of their herders this tends to increase production costs. Better to insulate the docile majority from the troublemakers who are genetically inclined to look past the fence of the pen to the wide open horizon. How this is accomplished is immaterial when you control all the levers of society.

Small business entities essential to capitalism are the underpinnings of democracy but they’re also snuffed out by industry dominant oligarchies before their able to reach a financial critical mass. It is the rare small business that survives the oligarchic structured societal environment.

In essence, multinational mega-corporations that have oligarchic power over an entire industry are the antithesis of democratic institutions, they are basically authoritarian cesspools. These deviant sociopath oriented organizations subvert for their own gain, extinguish creative impulses, and distort society to adhere to their despicable policies.

The privileged corporate royalty, all the crown princes of the corporation are especially suited to being absolute rulers, lords of the realm, and dictators than the custodians of freedom they’re portrayed as in media folklore. That is why their lobbyist henchmen having descended upon our governments like a swarm of locust are reshaping the world’s societal structures to mirror their masters’ megalomania.

Surveyed from the castle throne, a CEO’s worse nightmare, more frightening than any dark-ages plague are subjects that have been awakened from their happy stupor. When this situation occurs the ringleaders must be vilified and vanquished from the kingdom. All good tyrants know that dumb misinformed serfs are the most pliable – the more easily squeezed dry. In order to maintain the status quo of unperturbed leaching of all income from every societal edifice these monstrous thieves of our future make it their mission to vaporize all thinkers from their kingdom.

What separates our movement from all others that were easily extinguished by eons of power hungry masters is our Fifth Column approach – a direct fusing to the existing societal entities. There isn’t any identifiable organizational structure to attack, we are a mutable transformation. We are an amalgam of ideas and concepts that at its core define us but don’t identify individual participants. Only those who take a lead in the formulation of these ideas and concepts become direct targets of the oligarchy.

The mission of the People’s Movement is to unite humankind under direct constituent democracy shielded from the vagaries of ill-conceived elite enrichment schemes. The type of arrangements that distort capitalism changing it into this nepotistic malignancy that ensures the dominant position of the oligarchs. This power centric aberration of the oligarchs must be identified for what it is an anti-freedom crusade that seeks to permanently destroy all forms of democracy.

We will not yield to a power grab by the few. History is replete with autocrats forcefully suppressing the dreams of the many. This will not be another reminder of a future’s promise wiped out by the uncontrollable greed and lust for power by a tiny fraction of the worst representatives of the human race.