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Oligarchic Slavers Build New Economic Monstrosity

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With the U.S. housing market sinking it’s now time to bring back easy money and credit in order to pump up a moribund economy suffocating from insufficient income flowing down in the form of wage increases and adequate job growth. A slave mentality is the dominant trait of our elite oligarchic masters. Coming right out of the playbook from the deep-south is an economic contrivance that shackles workers to a system of exploitation. The oligarchic rulers are devising the next level of hell for us to visit on our way down into the abyss. Instead of empowering all of us bottom-scrappers by freeing up some of the trillions of income going to CEO’s and their mega-corporatist controller brethren the Masters-of-the-Universe would rather tie us to a sharecroppers existence.

This past week Mel Watt who is the head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) declared that the new goal of this government body that directs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was to reduce obstacles to mortgage loans. Simply put instead of hard working citizens being paid decent wages the Oligarchic business/government entity has decided it makes more sense to throw money into a whole slew of bad loans to blow up a new bubble that will once again explode in a future financial catastrophe.

This mess called an economy is nothing more than a contrivance that directs the maximum income generated by global businesses into the super-sized pockets of the mega-rich. No disputing this fact after this many years under the yoke of feudalist masters. Now the trick is to keep this monstrosity from imploding upon itself. How do they get much needed income circulating in an income-starved economy? Simple, construct another contrivance that is more a conveyance, a deviant circular scheme of taking from your left federal taxes paid pocket and moving to your right pocket cash from Uncle Sam that is to be used to buy a house.

Before you get all giddy let’s examine this ingenious insanity. First of all, where do you think this money that will back up this new crop of worthless loans comes from – you’ve guessed it – the taxpaying citizens? Why are the elite 1% controllers applauding this marvelous creation? Simply put, they can thieve the socio-economic system for a little longer. Being the short-term oriented fools that they are and definitely not giving a damn about their fellow marauders they’re rubbing their greedy hands together in anticipation of all the second mortgage loot flowing from this blob growing into a gigantic bubble. Like crazed Vegas gamblers they’re anticipating a major payoff – feeling confident that they’ll exit just before the next financial implosion hits. Why should they worry, the governments that they control will just bail them out once more with more phantom tax dollars created from thin air.

Getting back to the sharecropper nation-state that our feudal lords are creating let’s examine its brilliant design. How best to keep all us labor slaves in line by further tying us down to mortgages that we can never hope to pay off – so much better to also lure us into taking out second mortgages to cover living expenses. When we’ve built up sufficient equity from an accelerating housing market we’ll tap into the equity of ‘our’ homes to float the income-less ‘economy’.  A marvelous scheme if you’re a short-term elite mobster because you can continue to keep the bulk of the income generated from your sharecroppers.

You must comprehend where we’re headed? This enormous pile of crap we call a global economy is nothing more than a giant roulette wheel that these demons spin on a whim. Never mind we’re the ones flying around the wheel landing in eventual financial ruin just before they turn the lights out on this taker world. The financial kings will just fly off in their private jets to their islands after they’ve raided our government treasuries leaving us to hold the bag. Sound familiar, of course, nothing has changed except the screws will be tightened down snug allowing no wiggle room. They may even opt for a more secure form of bondage.

These filthy pirates are already conniving with their lobbyist henchmen to have our governments take away our Internet (Net Neutrality) by limiting access to only those who can pay. This will obviously contain dissent because income starved bottom-scrappers have a hard enough time just paying the bills let alone paying for freely exchanging ideas on the Internet.

A supremely grand system of thievery if you’re among the anointed crowd of castle dwellers but heaven help you if you’re a bottom-scrapping sharecropper chained to a house that will eventually have two mortgages that will be foreclosed upon when the bottom falls out. Once again, you’ll start over but next time why should the elite leaches even have a pretext of maintaining a shred of democracy and capitalism. Our last stop once we’ve fallen clear to the bottom of the abyss will be absolute slavery – a new feudal world without the illusory trappings of democracy.

Once we’ve reached the bottom we’re the devil lives with his fellow enslavers we will have no ability to cry out. The injustice will be complete. Just look at how Turkey has reacted to peaceful protestors. They allow absolutely no dissent. Spraying unarmed citizens with hard marbles shot from guns and blowing them down with water cannons they are showing the rest of us the kind of world we’re soon to inhabit. A world we’re dissent by citizens protesting big-business bought out government will be met with the harshest means possible. Also, how will we organize when these beasts take away our free access to the Internet and the social media that is essential to creating a totally free world not operated for the exclusive benefit of a few Machiavellian leaches?

It is self-evident that the sociopaths who control our world are slavers at heart. They’ve studied the deep-south plantation system of slavery that existed under the U.S. Confederacy. These masters of illusion who rake every penny of income off the top have a genetic disposition that predisposes them to relish being slave masters. They even pen up intelligent sea mammals like Orcas and dolphins for money. Ultimately, it is all about the money. Their motto is obvious – to hell with it all – it’s all ours – the environment that we’re trashing, and the lives that we’re destroying. Weld those damn shackles to that bolt in the floorboard.