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Oily Commission – Yet Another Report to Shelve

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Aren’t you all just over the top enthralled, thrilled, and extremely excited about the commissioning of yet another federal government commission.

We must take a causal ramble down the corridors of power.

Our journey into the bowels of evil will take us past federal legislators hard at work crafting the mandates of their corporate masters. The buzz of corporate inspired action can be heard filling these halls of big business power. Hearings held to the left and right in chamber after chamber, rooms galore adorn this lobbyist-infested labyrinth of obscene corruption. In this chamber of horrors, in the kingdom of authoritarian corporatism, it’s easy to succumb to the overpowering odor of musty officialdom – smells like oil covered fish rotting on a beach.

We’ll now travel from the Capitol building over to the Library of Congress. Usually it’s an arduous trek for those tasked with transporting the excretions of Commissions. After months of mind numbing testimony each Commission is finally able to put the entire charade to rest.

In every hall of the palace of the business empire the moldy upper crust wipe their sweat-covered brows. A collective sigh of relief is heard; “Whew, that was close, shelve the dam thing quick!”

A big dump of proceedings and recommendations is plopped with gusto onto the white pages of endless reams of paper. These encyclopedic tomes have at last been lugged over to their final resting place.

The general citizenry having succumbed to the continuous drawl of high almighty types rambling endlessly for hours, days, weeks, and months before well-connected Pharisees are also thankful the farce has ended.

Forgotten, still chained to the corporate machine, life drags on for us laborers; the insignificant bent spokes twirling on a gigantic deformed wheel. The air is still stale, the dust chokes, the oily sea remains but is no longer noticed because everyone’s “learned from their mistakes” – comforting conclusion.

“Move the great corporatist machine back to full throttle.”

Out in the hinterland all is well.

“Dad, remember that Uncle Tim had to bring those new all purpose leak proof environmental boots, non-stick plastic beach towel, and a fume eliminator nose guard on his trip to the Gulf this year.”

“We’ll have a wonderful time even if we do have to take this extra stuff. Just think, we’ll have two weeks this year because I’ve been with the company for five years. Finally, two weeks vacation a year; we’re not going to let a little thing like toxic oil ruin our vacation!”

Meanwhile, ever-larger sharks gobble up more small firms, the government stooges grow fatter, and many more lose their jobs in a low-wage race to the bottom. All is fine, no need to change direction, that brick wall up ahead is just a mirage.

Back in the slow motion, decaying, corruption riddled Capitol the government was running out of room in the vault where Commission reports are stored. An extension of this vault in the Library of Congress is finally authorized. More space will now be allotted to these pearls of infinite ‘wisdom’.