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Oil Spewing, Happy Banks, Lobbyists, and Change?

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Digging deep for that tiny bit of solace has been getting more difficult with every passing day. Even more trying has been my attempts to reconcile events into a logical, realistic context. Where's all this insanity headed?

Gulf oil erupts from the ocean depths unchecked, spreading fingers of slimy death on currents not visible from the 'tip of the iceberg'. The visible oily sheen floating up top doesn't begin to convey the destruction below the surface. Still gushing, choking, laying waste to an Earthly treasure, this is only the latest example of mega multi-national Corporatist incompetence, greed, and corruption spanning decades of labor & environmental abuse.

It's become an intractable nightmare.

Logical, coherent, reasonable sentient beings don't soil their bedding. Not even the least conscious animal will defecate in its nest, hole, and its home. This beautiful planet is a treasure in a universe devoid of such brilliant colors and diversity of life.

Why allow its destruction?

Could it be that we're riddled with deviant irrational behavior? Or maybe we just shield our riotous, destructive, incoherent emotions, behind a veil of pious dogma infused puffed up self-importance? Is it probable that a club wielding destructive tendency tortures our minds, rationalizes actions contrary to societal self-preservation.

From the crystal white poles, to the rich blue salt oceans brimming with sea life yet to be discovered, mountains coated in lush green vegetation, canyons not so deep but carved in breathtaking colored-patterns, rainforests teaming with natural diversity, horizons cobalt blue, and sunrises blazing with yellow radiance; this planet is a jewel among stones. We should cherish it! Let's not destroy it in the name of mindless greed - a disease that will lay waste to all that is good if left unchecked.

The time has come to acknowledge, understand, to comprehend that now is a defining moment in humanities evolution. Failing this test of collaborative community will be disastrous. We must once again respect the individual and jettison any assimilation founded in coercion or harshly exposed power.

Allowing destructive, irrational deviants filled with an unquenchable lust for supremacy, riches, and chest thumping recognition, contaminate, and poison in the name of riotous evil would be nothing short of reprehensible.

So many examples of rampant greed can be cited. The historical landscape is littered with firms like Bear Stearns, Lehman, Goldman Sucks and other raiding parties of grossly powerful financial kingdoms some still engaged in speculative strip mining. By condoning the disruptive practice of gambling on the future we're undermining the present, the real, the tangible, and those elements that provide stability in an otherwise tumultuous environment. We've been de-legitimizing reality in favor of illusion for far too long. The effect of this insane penchant for soothsaying has decimated our ability to envision grand long-term proactive changes.

Our corporations in their short-term profit fever engage in ecologically destructive practices like drilling for oil, strip mining that lays waste to vast tracks of land, the cutting of old growth forests. We continue to pump tons of fossil fuel carbon emissions into our atmosphere not giving a hoot for our progeny who will be crispy fried by our callous insensitivity. Oceans die, leaving large swaths of colorful coral reefs brown and ugly. We allow businesses to dump dangerous poisons into our ever-dwindling supplies of fresh drinking water. Why? For profit, money, loot that only a handful of disgusting greedy elites can enjoy. Does this make any sense?

All the practices that have led to the criminal ecological genocide committed by a many tentacle multi-national corporation in the Gulf of Mexico are still in play. Lobbyists still roam the halls of our governments in search of their prey, government puppets that will exact any injustice in the name of their master's greed addiction. Nothing's changed! The same level of corruption, deviant behavior, mega-business funded favoritism that has led to the trashing of billions of lives around our globe still runs rampant like a raging virus slowly killing each organ of our wasted Corporatist society.

Recently, pushing a stick four inches into the sand on the coast where the Exxon Valdez oil spill occurred some 20 years ago in Alaska a courageous scientist underlined the disingenuousness of those who suggest we can ever cleanup oil damaged ecosystems. On the surface, it was a relatively pristine setting with the water lapping gently against the shore but when he extracted the oil covered stick it was apparent that the toxins still exacted a heavy toll underground.

Sound familiar, hidden but still very damaging toxins, not unlike our current governments, infested by Corporatist lobbyists that eat slowly, imperceptibly away at our freedoms. They stealthily convey the edicts of their Corporatist paymasters to body-snatched government scum who perpetuate a system of mega business globalization that trashes our environment, condones the low-wage labor outsourcing of jobs, egregious labor rights violations, and virtually every gross violation of basic morality.

Not acknowledging, wishing to face stark reality we plunge ahead. With our noses to our corporate master's grindstone we once again expend all our energies towards the here-and-now outcomes required to keep ahead of the pack. Falling back into the habit of forgetting, accepting, taking the abuse of our corporate jailers we allow them and their hired hands in government to comfortably settle back into their princely rule over us 'little people'.

Over time even the vacations that we once had fishing, snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, or just enjoying the rare beauty of unspoiled places like the waters of the Gulf are forgotten.

Why wouldn't it be erased from our memories over the passage of time? Numb, we slide back into our routine of faithfully building the 'Pyramids' for our corporate pharaohs. Jobs become ever scarcer to find, those who do have jobs are constantly threatened by their managers to work harder or they'll be replaced by cheaper lower-cost labor slaves brought into the country on government sanctioned Temporary Work Visas, or worse yet the corporate monstrosity will outsource their entire operation to someplace like India, or China.

So the grinding down of the global citizenry continues unabated, non-stop, without interruption. In the meantime, the anointed rulers in the Corporatist kingdom buy ever-larger castles, private jets, and add to their mountains of goodies.

But keep in mind fundamental change is explosive, and it has occurred occasionally when the powerful forget the first rule of governing. It's a basic rule of decency that has brought down kingdoms from time immemorial. Never ever push your people up against a wall, into a dark alley without the slightest chance of escape. Essentially, to vanquish their dreams, aspirations, and desires is to invite your downfall.

Does that mean fundamental change, the restructuring of our entire global society into a pure democracy will never transpire until every global citizen has a representative voice in their governments and every facet of their lives - beyond any doubt that is exactly the case? We are at the crossroads of a cataclysmic change but how it plays out is anyone's guess.

On Wednesday, June 16, 2010 President Barrack Obama insisted that Biggest Polluter (BP) set aside 20 billion to compensate the Gulf businesses and affected families. Amazingly, by not capping this third party independently administered fund, Biggest Polluter has an open-ended commitment to pay untold billions of dollars to the victims of their malfeasance. More unbelievable, was the revelation that this corporation will not be given any form of immunity from ongoing prosecution either criminal or civil. This means that civil and criminal damages could also be significant.

Showing true leadership, President Obama may be able to make this renegade polluter of the Gulf of Mexico pay for their misdeeds; this is if they don't play the bankruptcy card. Even then, he may be able to take some extra, outside the box, barely legal measures, to extract untold billions of dollars from this arrogant corporate gangster. Whether he was forced out of public indignation to punish this renegade polluter, or was honestly acting on some deep-seated moral obligation in an attempt to address the terrible wrong committed by this corporate demon, we might never know.

But does this single shining ray of hope for decency fundamentally change the Corporatist dynamic that crushes untold numbers of laborers in its troll for cheap labor resources? Absolutely not!

Will the President's actions change a government/business mob that is occasionally forced to crucify one of their own in order to maintain their system of global extortion, their swashbuckling pirate colony? You must be kidding!

Don't forget under whose watch the infamous Minerals Management Service operated for over a year-and-a-half giving the oil industry carte blanche to do exactly what they wanted, unimpeded, and unsupervised.

Of course, still raw, like meat rotting on the ground; is the 'smell', the noxious odor drifting from that cesspool of federal government. We all have vivid memories of this smiling peoples president handing Wall Street bankers untold billions of dollars to pay for their bonuses and parties?

Let's also not forget the much-needed 'universal' healthcare plan that will probably never be fully implemented because most of it won't take effect until 2013. This bonus time gives all the corrupt Republicans & Democratic legislative vultures' ample time to pick at it either directly, or through other Corporatist channels. Legions of lawyers are already sharpening their barbs, and legal arguments in anticipation of all the court filings that will shred this legislation to pieces.

A little tiny pinpoint of light can be seen in a crack in our dead end ally wall. That hardly visible emission of photon energy takes the form of an energy policy. Granted, President Obama suggested (never really articulated) his plan for leap 'frogging' the U.S. into a Green Economy that has the potential to fuel massive employment gains well beyond the 21st Century. So we need to be attentive. When we're not looking this little peach may get sidelined, buried, or somehow sunk to the bottom of the oily lobbyist depths.

With the trillions of dollars necessary to meaningfully transform our economy from a fossil fuel-eating beast into a sustainable, healthy, growing, prosperous society you can bet all the Corporatists will be in full fighting form. Investing even a single penny in a better quality of life for us lowly citizen workers instead of diverting that thin penny into the bloated hands of their greedy elite masters is just a travesty beyond words.

Agreed, they're sick and warped beyond belief!

Maybe we have a friend of the people occupying the White House but we shouldn't let our guard down for even a second given this President's slippery record. We'll just have to wait and see? Hopefully, we'll experience more pleasant surprises, other breezes of clean air not tainted by the acrid smell of corruption. But let's face the facts, without an entire reconstruction, cleansing, and lobbyist eradication effort, our governments around the world are probably not going to be changed by any mere mortal. Not unless that mortal takes some extraordinary actions to break up this nest of greed infused Corporatism.