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NSA's Daily Collection of 200 Million Text Messages

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The BBC and the Guardian are reporting that the NSA is using a system called "Dishfire" to collect over 200 million text messages, location, contacts, financial transactions, and travel plans in a wide sweep of global communications. This daily arbitrary collection did not involve targeted espionage aimed at thwarting the activities of 'bad guys' but a trolling of all forms of electronic communication networks for every conceivable Short Message Service (SMS) transaction. Included in this dragnet were all forms of auto-generated geolocation data that was fed into a system for the derivation of a multitude of other private information.

Tied directly to each SMS transaction were specific phone numbers linked to individual names. A separate derivative process yields a treasure trove of additional personal information like credit card numbers, bank transactions, social network connections, travel itineraries, and a multitude of other data points. Actual text messages are readily available by querying the system but the intelligence police state operative is instructed to use a special process so they won't see these extra special personal treats. Given that we can be 100% certain that every single black-booted brown shirt spy is guided by an impeccable untarnished morality we can be assured our entire personal text based dialog is in the best of dirty hands.

All this data mining, this gorging of our most private lives would make a Soviet era secret police spy blush in envy. The NSA has far outstripped the pathetic capabilities of any past or future Orwellian state. They also have one additional Ace-in-the-Hole, an overt propaganda swamp that exists to justify or more precisely to rationalize their every action. This bog channels public opinion by weaving justifications throughput into its extensive and refined intertwined serpentine global connections network that twists throughout governmental, semi-governmental, and select mainstream media organizations.

Start perfecting your boot-clicking so you'll be ready for the annual military parade hosted by our glorious leaders.