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NSA Could Take Direct Control of Google and Yahoo Systems

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It is possible that today's Washington Post story that brings to light the U.S. National Security Agency's hacking of Google and Yahoo user data inside their respective clouds is only the tip of the nefarious iceberg. Having worked for many years (through 2011) on systems that can penetrate networks and link to other systems - taking control of the remote systems after building an object map (reference reflection); it is entirely possible that the NSA may already have direct control of the Google Front End Server - for that matter any exposed Google or Yahoo system.

My current system has a configurable administration layer that is capable of accessing multiple nodes on any network, infiltrating these nodes via their root objects and using an algorithm based upon the language inheritance structures of C++ or Java to derive a mirror image object map of linked object references that is then used to real-time control the infiltrated system.

Way back in 2007 I designed, developed, and coded this first ever prototype system so it is entirely possible that if my original system fell into the hands of a government intent upon establishing a police state this would be the ultimate technology. Not only would it be completely configurable to handle and control multiple node systems within a System-of-Systems framework monitoring all state changes across the entire node connected network of systems but also state changes of each and every node system - total and absolute control. Very frightening!

Google and Yahoo may be going up against technology that not even they have the capacity to fathom let alone counter. Far too many global systems use object-oriented languages like C++ and Java that I'd singled out for my system but there was nothing stopping a well-funded government like the United States from having brilliant mind's use my approach to devising language maps of other object-oriented languages and applying these to target other systems on a network using this technique.

Our world, is in grave danger if my Frankenstein is being used 24/7 to remotely infiltrate, control, and overtly manipulate global networks and systems with the objective being absolute data stream retrieval of every personal email, video, and private communication across the globe. Worse yet, if my nightmare scenario is in fact our terrifying reality the NSA and GCHQ (U.K. counterpart) are conceivably engaged in overt real-time control through the ubiquitous Internet of just about every system that is connected.

Do we trust governments that routinely lie?

Our legislative bodies have an emergency potentially more serious than any most have ever dealt with - they must stop these overreaching intelligence agencies from trampling on our most basic freedoms. Time is not on our side. These dangerous police state apparatuses are gearing up to become the supreme earthly power. If they succeed, even our perception of reality may be tainted.