Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Nothing but Happy Placid Thoughts

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Massive NSA computer silos deep in Nebraska store our most intimate secrets.

Polls suggest that Americans don't like the NSA spying on them. Then why are so many unwilling or unable to contemplate changing a government that is light-years more intrusive than even George Orwell could have imagined when he wrote 1984? At least the central characters in 1984 had a semblance of humanity left. Today most citizens are content to be complacent, pliable, and servile droids that would rather bow down to a lobbyist-snatched government than take a stand and risk losing the few pennies thrown over the wall.

Tonight is a chance for our legislators in the House of Representatives to turn the tide of corruption and favoritism - insist the voices of their constituents won't be drowned out by the delirious chants of the looting faithful.

Let's digress, wasn't it simply a beautiful day. Cool temperatures at least in Texas have finally brought us down from the mid-eighties. There also must be some sports team out in the vast expanse of this grand and prosperous nation that you're all worked up in a lather over. Wonder if they're also having a blissful peachy day? Bet your employer, that is your CEO or executives are pretty damn excited that all those rebel rabble-rousers are being brought under control? Go ahead and turn on your favorite TV show. The outlook calls for more of the same.

Where are we? That's right, back at square one if a majority in the House of Representatives doesn't develop a spine and stand up against corporate socialism. We are all knee deep in a planned Ponzi economy. Don't get all flustered, you know that there is a kernel of truth in calling this global abuse of power - the linkage of our political institutions to the super-rich; this contrivance, a planned economy - state capitalism. How else would you describe the governmental support shoveled into the castle vaults of the private jet and lobster eating crowd?

Alright, sorry for pushing the limits of good taste! Back to the TV show.

No not just yet! Do you have the latest in governmental spy gear covertly installed in your home? No? It's not the "360 Degree Scannorama" but instead the "China Product Dumper Detector". It seems this little marvel of NSA look under the sheets electronic wizardry is capable of alerting the federal authorities when you aren't doing your part propping up our trillions in federal debt. It sends out a 911 type call to your local NSA spy den notifying them you haven't purchased your allotment - bought your required legal quota of poisonous lead filled crap from your favorite communist dictatorship.

Tired now, guess it's time to turn on my favorite TV show.

Tomorrow's another day, wouldn't want to waste anymore good brain cells on words few will even care to comprehend. Good night, sweet dreams. Be careful, watch those fantasies for they may also be monitored by your friendly, fun loving, happy-go-lucky 'democracy'.