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Not Receiving Decent Wages Is Driving Our Societal Collapse

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Our movement needs to demystify the uninterrupted good economic news overflowing from every propaganda edifice. Specifically the increasing numbers of U.S. citizens finding employment – an increasing abundance of poorly paid positions. With all societal variables so directly impacted by the economy it isn’t unusual for the focal point of all the government feel-good propaganda to parrot the wonderfully ‘expanding’ economy. But why is it we feel poorer? Why haven’t the 99% of the general citizenry benefited from this business ‘expansion’ in an economy pushing investment stock market speculative capital to new heights?

Typical of plutocrat lobbyist infested governing bodies around the globe they distort, discount, and bury facts all too deemphasize the negative. Especially the impact of a dearth of good paying jobs on worsening externalities like inequality and opportunity – we see the effects of little-to-no opportunity and decent jobs on a subjugated population like Ferguson, Missouri boiling over into street riots after being shocked back into reality when society’s enforcers strike out. A permanent underclass engineered by the mega-rich elite is rapidly expanding to include all of us in the 99%; we’re the future slaves irrespective of race. So in order to pacify us into inaction the ultra-capitalist businesses, members of the crony capitalist royalty, create a multitude of poor paying jobs industry-wide. Their wealthy brethren in the bought-and-paid-for government can now extol how rapidly the economy is expanding.

How does this affect all of us from a pocket book standpoint?

Real-wages, what you can buy with a dollar today compared to some previous past period have been falling. When translated into an increasing cost-of-living measurement how well off you are currently has been tumbling year-after-year for many years. We are all acutely aware that the reason our take-home real-wages have been dropping precipitately are because CEOs, bankers, corporate investors, and all the rest of the power-elite establishment have been siphoning from our potential wages (what we should have made) precious income/money to feed their greed addiction.

The Masters-of-the-Universe, all the parasites living off of our sweat and hard work are depriving the economy of required income ‘fuel’ in the form of increasing disposable-income expenditures that we would have made purchasing many more items had we not had our paychecks raided by these Swiss bank account holding swindlers. This potential income stimulating demand energy is instead being transferred into the already bulging pockets of idle elite leaches that have taken the form of human beings but are nothing more than gluttonous fat pigs. What is so sad is these porkers aren’t even blessed with a pig’s intellect but instead have pea-sized brains that makes them incapable of long-term macro conceptual consequence analysis.

These sociopath mutations of the human species are ecstatic that they’ve successfully deluded the general citizenry into believing their contrived economic theories that are nothing more than over simplifications of their short-term myopic dreams of plenty realized by depriving an entire world of a bright future.

The People’s Movement should understand this ‘income starvation’ – the effects of not receiving a decent real wage every year – how fundamentally connected the distorted elite contrived economy is to our current societal problems – the destruction of our hopes and aspirations. When we don’t have enough money to pay bills, put away for retirement, live in decent housing, afford sky-high medical insurance premiums with deductibles that are thousands of dollars, and all the other rapidly rising essentials it is time to ask why we allow such a clearly unsustainable theft based society to continue to steal us blind so a few well-placed rich royalty can pilfer us into oblivion?