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People's Movement Is Not Listening to The Establishment Media Nonsense

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Once more the U.S. political circus is producing candidates that fail to promote the toppling of the great American plutocracy. In this land of the Corporate Dictatorship where the touted democracy never seems to materialize for workers subjected to autocratic rule, the marginalized millions of homeless, minorities, and income poor citizens' there are still a few general electorate zombies who punch their ballots for Establishment jailers. This time around they are Marco Rubio and Hilary Clinton with the jury still out on Ted Cruz and the bombastic sometimes on/off bigot, that jumbo private plane flying showman: "The Donald". Why is it so hard to come to grips with the fact that the world's general population is viewed by the 1% as expendable widgets that they wring more and more productivity out of so that they can cart more loot to financial industry casinos and offshore accounts. So how much brainpower do you believe it takes to make an informed decision of who to vote for instead of going all-gut, putting it all on the chopping block based solely upon primal instinct? Used, abused, ignored, and canned it takes an insightful labor droid sinking deeper into debt without wage raises, benefits cut to the bone, health insurance premiums headed into outer space, and that oft "America never stopped being great" honey dew coming from bought-and-paid for lobbyist snatched political stoolies to realize that horrible does not even begin to describe this slave masters paradise.

Why is it so hard to fathom that all we have been told about living in a democracy is a farcical lie?

Fifty percent or more of your waking day is spent in the most dictatorial of regimes ever created by any version of sociopathic control freak ever to grace this rock of despair. It is a veritable autocratic nest with layers of petty dictators. Your workplace is a prime example. That joyous, rewarding, and equitable bosom of liberty that you spend navigating torturous back currents in cutthroat politics just so you can earn that raise deficient paycheck is brimming with petty dictators ready to berate or shove you down the chute. Is it any wonder you just want to party down, slurp champagne, gobble lobster, and throw newly minted crisp thousand dollar bills out skyscraper windows with your billionaire buddies in the upper crust who are just about ready to break into a tear-rousing rendition of "America the Beautiful".

Hilarious is the only word that comes close to describing the madness of anyone who actually believes that their twirling down into the financial sewer is even remotely pleasant. Snap out of it, pull yourself together. This is a slave ship, a gulag, the worst kind of deceit masked in illusion, an indecent theft of reality, income, and wealth on the grandest of scales. Nothing even approaches the slander perpetuated by this global pillage machine that each day buries more innocents deeper into destitution in a tyranny of obedient dependency. Our ranks of the disenchanted, dispossessed, and abused are growing. Why then are some mindlessly sleepwalking over to those with the blank lifeless eyes who enjoy being screwed out of every last cent? Can you hear the singing merrymakers proclaiming the virtues of a 'democracy' that lets them be scalped by CEO executive corporate henchmen? Happiness does not even begin to describe the ecstasy of the working minions. We are permitted to zip our mouths shut as our lords of the realm rake away billions of dollars leaving us to revel in our plummeting wages and obscene taxation. Hum that catchy little ditty. Make sure you have that drool rage handy.

Yep, the greatest puppet of the Wall Street financiers - the illustrious Hilary Clinton said "We don't need to make America again". That's right, why rework the perfect system of extortion. Can you feel your heart fluttering from the anticipation of watching your measly pay being eaten up by insurance premiums, meds, taxes, rent, medical bills, and all the other costs that are always rising to cover the billion dollar salaries, perks, and annual raises of those goons in the executive offices who munch away at corporate income like it was a bag of chips? How terribly inconsiderate of me, you cannot feel anything but numbness after having most of your paycheck siphoned off. If gangs of capitalist thieves' are intent upon taking up to their palaces anything that is not bolted down - including all your future pay raises - by golly raise that flag up high and let them go at it. Stop daydreaming about the days when you received a raise or decent benefits. Make your life bearable again, something to look forward too, not a daily grind in a prison counting off each day to those fewer and fewer days off. Do something....

  • Take to the streets

  • Join work slowdowns

  • Engage in a national all worker's strike week

  • Swarm Washington D.C.'s mall with millions of other protesters refusing to leave until the government is yanked from the lobbyists and returned to the people

  • Organize around a global People's Movement Party that can become a real alternative to the status quo bought-and-paid-for Establishment big-business funded political parties

  • Stand up and be counted in your own unique way - creatively devise new modes of protest

What matters most is that we do not let "The Establishment" believe for a second that it will ever again be business as usual.

Spread the belief system of real transformative change across the globe by freely using and reproducing the below People's Movement insignia for suit and shirt pins, flags, on leaflets, anywhere you feel the urge to push our message beyond the imposed limits of a Corporate Dictatorship that shuts out our voice....

Also, link back to any web page that is of interest or helps to get our message to the many subjugated slaves in corporate labor camps. Let us awaken anyone toiling faithfully towards death in a cataleptic slumber. Wrap your arms around comrades, buddies, citizens, or that stranger who still believes they are abnormal for not buying into "The Establishment" hoopla that all is splendid and their Corporate Dictatorship is just a club of happy go-lucky fun-loving people who treasure democracy. Our fellow bottom-scrappers need to know they are not alone. Almost all of us had our doubts. We just would not accept that what we called democracy was a sham never experienced at jobsites ruled like fiefdoms and inside countries controlled by 1% elite shadow governments. Once you comprehend the depths of tyranny you are forced to conform too, know that the CEO executive elite pirates are out to bleed you dry and chuck your used up husk overboard when you get too old and feeble to meet their ever increasing productivity requirements you feel like an oppressive weight has been lifted, for the first time you understand the true meaning of tyranny. That their only long term objective is to give you less and less money so they can buy more and more of the luxuries you can only fantasize about in your wildest dreams. When all this finally hits you like a ton of bricks, hopefully you are not homeless because that next cheapest young labor slave in the que has taken your job.

Let us shape our own objectives not to be confused with "The Establishment" handouts, demands, and all the rest of their arrogant insults to our dignity. We the people, all of us in this diverse pool of humanity are the shapers and custodians of all that we survey including the societal institutions that should be organized around serving the citizens not pampering a select cabal of 1% income and wealth vultures. We need to embrace a psychological paradigm shift from a general posture of sniveling subservience to empowered control over our lives. Dictatorial regimes are chock-full of subversive traps used to ensnare those who do not bow down to their demands. Tell the control freaks to take a hike. It is time we put the whole degenerate society on notice - at least those who believe they can lord us around on a short leash.

Elites tout the benefits of this supposed democracy. They cherish their role as plebiscite cheerleaders never missing a chance to let us bottom-scrapers know how thankful we should be that our lords extended to us the right to vote for government representatives that are approved by "The Establishment" godfathers. But, you had better quickly step aside when the vote does not go the way "The Establishment" intended. They instantly have their favor stuffed flunkies jump into action envisaging ways they can subvert the will of the people.

Real democracy is not a conditional concept that can be withdrawn when a ruling royalty does not get their way. But that presupposes that we enjoy the benefits of a genuine democracy enshrining a 24/7 liberty experienced both at work and at home. The majority of our time is spent taking orders from every odd corporate manager in an ever steeper prickly pointed hierarchical Corporate Dictatorship pyramid that is tightly woven into the fabric of the 1% shadow government. It should come has no surprise that all the forces of the big-business kingdom, every elite enforcer of the dungeon is hard at work trying to steal the nomination from the voters in both political parties by manipulating the delegate counts. Those of us who know these delegates should let them know that when the People's Movement eventually revolts against this camp's prison conditions we will be coming to put them on trial if they deviated from the express wishes of the voters.

Obviously, not all of us share the enthusiasm that our more conservative rightward leaning comrades have for their chosen candidates but that does not mean we should stand idly by if and when the filthy rich order their goons to burn the votes of millions. On the left in the land of 'liberalism' the other ordained U.S. party is in the process of anointing Hilary Clinton by distorting the primary electoral process. Even before the start of the primary process she already had her Establishment cronies in the halls of government corruption load her deck with a whole slew of 'super delegate' lobbyist-snatched political hacks. These stoolies just happened to be clamoring to reach Hilary's camp eager to sell out their fellow citizens for a chance at a juicy appointment or maybe a bag of loot from her friends at Goldman Sachs. So no, it does not matter the flavor of your ideology. What should be crystal clear is that when your candidate starts talking about shipping all the lobbyists off to a remote tribal village on an island about the size of Pitcairn the bought-and-paid for vermin come at you in swarms with their jagged fangs ready to rip at your exposed flesh. Call the exterminator, fumigate and cleanup the pestilent society. Replace it with a genuine democracy that fuses what works in capitalism with those aspects of socialism that impart a kinder-gentler egalitarian hue. This sinister malevolence is only concerned with syphoning off from the general population all the income and wealth. These deviant despots care for nothing or no one except amassing many more trillions from the spoils of their income and wealth raids carried out against a voiceless, locked down general population that is just now breaking out of their shackles.

In order to accomplish many of our transformative objectives - the vaporizing of this anti-democratic Corporate Dictatorship, and all the changes leading up to establishing a civilizationist fully democratic egalitarian society our People's Movement must move from a loosely knit belief system to an organization that also has a wing that is a political party. Being global in our orientation we should start forming local councils, within regional sectors, that are inside national zones that aggregate to an international office. If this is to work we must mirror the democratic bottom-up organic organizational structure that is to be our hallmark achievement. Every step of the way must be imbued with a free-flowing cooperative, inclusive, and vibrant expressive social equality. Contact whomever you know is a follower of our belief system and start evolving from this nebulous to a more substantive organizational structure.

I would now like to get personal, something that I rarely do because our People's Movement is never centered around a leader but focused upon the exertions of all of us working together to bring about positive changes. In the United States we are locked in a fight against an entrenched Establishment that is not going to go down without a fight. Please lend us your support if you happen to be viewing this tragic circus called a Presidential campaign from the sidelines. Who do you believe will be the best transitional President of the United States? A transitional leader is a guide from capitalist absolutism to egalitarian civilizationism. This cerebral leader may not be able to deliver all that a People's Movement nation aspires too during this transition phase but will definitely try to smooth our progression to a civilizationist civilization that will meet or exceed our wildest expectations....

  • Maglev-superfast 350+ MPH train system running down the median of the entire interstate highway system - construction of this massive project will employ millions

  • Solar collectors, arrays, and other alternate energy generation sources linked to maglev-train and modern electric grid moving us to 100% renewable energy within 10 years

  • Midwest renewable energy factory sector building solar collectors, arrays, and other alternate energy generation sources that employs many more millions

  • Building Mars colonization launch centers that will employ many hundreds of thousands and make colonists out of millions more of our fellow planetary citizens

  • Social security benefits at age 60 that pay 85% of a worker's highest yearly salary until death

  • Universal healthcare for all covering all medical, dental, eye, and mental health costs

  • Insurance company profit oriented intermediaries will be eliminated

  • Exploitative corporate entities will cease to exist

  • Democratically owned and controlled worker organizations will replace the corporate entity

  • Living-breathing human beings will be preeminent under the law - no entity either business, government, or any other yet to be created societal construct will have equal or greater rights than a sentient living citizen

  • Fully paid for and funded education for every qualified citizen from K-18 (maxing out at a Master's level university degree)

  • Locally operated and public owned healthcare providers like the "General Hospital" will replace the multitude of for-profit scalpers that currently bleed us dry

  • Wealth and income will be more equitably spread across the population so we will no longer have a super-wealthy upper crust paying less taxes than 99% of the citizenry

  • Lobbying of any elected official in any form or fashion will be a felony punishable by anywhere from 20 years to life in prison

  • Legalize all recreational drugs putting drug dealers out of business and taxing there sale to raise money for a national network of treatment centers

  • Inner-city community trust fund with hundreds of billions of dollars will be used by residents to jump-start their standard-of-living. No gentrification will be allowed!

  • Elected government officeholders will be limited to a maximum number of terms. No career politicians need apply!

  • Pave all unpaved roads especially in rural areas where the dust from this ditch covered 'treasures' contribute to lung ailments, expensive vehicle repairs, slower commerce in farming areas, and a host of other problems

  • The perpetrators of the "financial crisis", all those happy-go-lucky swashbuckler CEO executive, board-member, banker type thieves mostly found on Wall Street but also infesting other corners of this influence peddlers paradise will be brought to trial for their crimes against humanity. If found guilty they will be exiled to the Amazonian rainforest or the remotest spec of Arctic ice near Nome, Alaska.

  • Prison will be changed from a dehumanizing warehouse into rehabilitative centers with the mandate to transform criminals into productive members of our rapidly expanding and energetic civilization. All privatized correctional institutions will become public run and the direct responsibility of our democratic governments answerable to the electorate.

  • Dare to be happy again! Why do you suppose there are so many dejected looking people walking around? Could it be that they have given up on having any kind of decent, equitable, amazing future? We will be dancing in the streets when all of us are in control of our collective destiny - not just a sliver of elites who leave us to scamper around like dogs in their compulsory system of economic apartheid.

You knew it was coming. Here comes my personal pitch. Please just grit your teeth. Let me convey what has been on my mind for a few weeks....

I understand that our People's Movement is supposed to be a non-partisan global organization but with such a sparse field of U.S. Presidential candidates that could conceivably transition us from this Corporate Absolutism with its embedded shadow government I feel obligated to suggest a candidate that I believe to be a decent, caring, honest, strong, and inclusive leader. This is someone who may not get everything that we want done but will work tirelessly to make the lives of those struggling in the United States substantially better. Keep in mind this U.S. President will be more of a transitional leader paving the way out of the Capitalist Dictatorship and casino capitalism into a People's Movement bottom-up democracy and civilizationism. Our People's Movement is and always has been a resonating voice for economic justice and freedom, a diverse, inclusive, and pro-liberty force to be reckoned with by those wanting to strong-arm us into 'behaving' appropriately, like good convicts adhering to every rule in their prison camp. A status quo dependent bunch of groveling capitalist loving dervishes is what our rulers want us to be - hardworking and quiet slaves that are easily intimidated back into line. The big-money interests who leave us high-and-dry without sufficient wages or wealth to cover even a frugal barebones work, eat, sleep, no joy existence would love us to waste our vote in their delegate rigged process on a candidate that they endorse because then these control freaks would not have to justify a clearly slanted and evil electoral system that was always manipulated so that their bought-and-paid-for candidate would win the nomination of either of the two elite blessed political parties.

Alright, let me cut to the chase on this personal appeal to your senses.

I would like to personally endorse Bernie Sanders for President of the United States not because he will accomplish all of what our People's Movement desires of their president but because he will achieve all that we need of a transitional leader.

Enough said from a personal standpoint. Let us all get back in the liberty trenches.

Can you imagine all that we may become? The dreams that may be realized that had been placed on indefinite hold. We are so acclimated to being subservient and expecting that all good things are given to us by a master class of tyrants instead of taking and demanding what we know is exclusively ours. This time let the media clowns try to persuade us to be obedient serfs and come back crawling on our hands and knees begging forgiveness! They can either join our People's Movement or suffer the consequences when we gain power and put all those on trial who aided and abetted the enemy. There is nothing worse than traitors who betray their own people for a few pieces of gold. Our time is near....