Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Nonstop October like Surprises Until 1% Surrenders

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Regenerative forces are at work among the citizens of the world torn apart by sectarian, religious, political, ethnic, and nationalist elements. People everywhere are pitching overboard the worn-out euphemisms spun by media pundits, religious fundamentalists, and political puppets all of whom are dragging their tattered 1% payoff hoses behind their lobbyist-snatched bodies. Amoral degeneration is being recognized as the underlying societal problem affecting our 1% global corporate dictatorship. In a culture that values nothing but the dollar bill and numero uno where all means justify the end result of personal aggrandizement a widespread cultural destabilization is now blasting the foundation of this corporate hellhole to smithereens.

Most rational people may be distancing themselves from the insanity of this big-money pit careening into oblivion but even infernos have pyromaniac cheerleaders. There are always deranged and disturbed types who enjoy the dirty work, always seeking to satisfy the sadism that flows from their sick minds.

Government approved torture and murder by drones are enthusiastically supported by a chorus of righteous who declare that their evil actions are righteous because of their unquestioning devotion to an almighty jealous god. Not easily discernible in this netherworld of mental illness there is a tectonic shift occurring. Some call it a cultural revolt, a gradual transformation, a "purple" referendum in favor of tossing out the religious, capitalist, and patriotic inspired jingoisms that have promoted hatred and disunity. Many are now realizing that by sacrificing cohesive community for individual preeminence we have unintentionally given a tiny minority of wealthy master rulers' free rein to pillage our planet and use us like galley slaves.

For too long we have turned a blind eye to the endemic corruption and criminality that has plagued our planetary society and its associated governmental, economic, and judicial facets. Now after a long hibernation the citizens of this blue planet are finally realizing that this capitalist labor-slave society where the rich get richer and everyone else is handed a tin cup with a few jingling coins is headed straight for an early extinction - that is if we in the 99% do not pull hard on the emergency brake.

Finally, after many decades languishing in their individual corporate cells the citizens of the United States are now engaging in a societal wide response to promote their collective needs. Citizens across this giant country are finally rebelling against the insatiable greed of a bunch of ruby encrusted bandits. Tired of dragging themselves to polling booths to elect the lessor of two evils they are waking up to the fact that no matter whom they place in the Oval Office of the Presidency nothing will change the direction set by 1% lobbyist enablers. The conscience of the society essentially brain dead for so long is at last showing some sparks of syn-wave activity. Obscene effete elite criminal activities inside the beltway of Washington and across a vast network of billionaire pay for play castles is now making the general public cringe with utter contempt and disgust. These run amok criminals are crossing all boundaries of decency into an uncharted evil that suggests to the general population that these sociopaths are capable of any depravity and therefore must be locked up.

All of us forced to exist in this corporate fiefdom are constantly reminded that the 1% leaches view any infringement of their 'right' to pillage a sacrilegious infraction of the highest order. There impunity and arrogance knows no bounds. Robber barons and their enablers are always thumbing their noses at the laws meant to keep an honest society from careening into anarchy. Even their enablers - a horde of slovenly savants swimming in dishonesty and corruption have for the longest time been given a free pass to engage in any debauchery or criminal activity. All we have to do is look back on the tainted history of CIA killings, torture, summary executions, and the recent military push button drone murders of human beings not even afforded the basic legal rights of a kangaroo courtroom to understand how a society rotten to the core could vomit up two of the most vile presidential candidates.

Do you really believe that the reason the Democratic control freak of this 1% anointed electioneering couplet daily shoved down our throats by the propagandists withheld over 30,000 emails from FBI investigators simply because of a few easily swept under the rung classified infractions? Or is this just the tip of the iceberg of significant deviant criminality that may ensnare her and many others in the Washington playpen?

No matter where the stink takes us in this dumpster society run by a few half-wit sick sociopaths we can be sure that the good majority of the castle dwellers implicated in wrongdoing will be cleared by their friends in high places who are paid handsomely to maintain the status quo state of corruption. Or is this guarantee of immunity from prosecution for those up top - the media propagated belief system that our blue-blood leaders can do no wrong - could the mangled contraption be running into some strong headwinds from a few higher level enablers of power who are getting tired of bailing out the power-brokers? Maybe the rusty screw of everyone but those up top is no longer well-greased? We might be experiencing the reawakening of conscience, a belief that no one should be above the law, an understanding that a society only works best when a modicum of fairness is enforced?

Whatever is transpiring, we can be certain that it is the result of all of our individual activities in a People's Movement that refuses to be dragged down into the gutter by this capitalist abomination that soils all that it touches. There are an increasing number of us who will not throw away our moral code turning into mere husks of skin-and-bone devoid of empathy, decency, and self-respect. Decadence may be the currency of the motley crew of elite vultures who would love nothing more than to mold all of us in the 99% labor slave class into automatons at their beck-and-call but we are not letting this happen because each day many more beaten-down souls are joining our revolution.

No longer confined to a silent disenfranchised majority of Fifth-Column adherents our People's Movement is also expanding into the upper-echelon of the cultural establishment. Our purple revolution is capturing the hearts-and-minds of everyone across a broad breadth of ideological viewpoints and socio-economic classes - we are now becoming a single entity devoted to profound revolutionary change - a sustainable empowerment of all who wish to excel within reasonable community first boundaries that do not sacrifice the majority on the altar of business profitability and superclass supremacy.

Sickened by the daily media spin trying to turn wrongs into rights, and the continual pandering of the maligned miscreants in our society we are ready for change. Those of us in the general population - the workers who produce but receive peanuts for our efforts and little to no recognition for our accomplishments - are through with being ruled by lordly parasites. Even some high-ranking citizens are coming forward proclaiming their allegiance to our cause of revolutionary progressive change to a 21st Century 24/7 democratic civilization. They are finally realizing their unsupportable position, cognizant of a paradigm shift that they can either endorse or be swept away into a waiting dungeon.

Many are just disheartened by the continual corruption of the existing society that focuses all power and wealth up top but leaves those of us in the valley to suffer the consequences. Some who have recently joined our ranks from the upper crust have expressed dismay at how low their fellow superclass buddies have sunk. They are terrified at the rapidity of degeneration polluting society. Many are reiterating what we in the 99% have been witnessing and experiencing for years - the disintegration of the entire social fabric.

What is abundantly clear is that we are on the cusp of a brutal Orwellian dictatorship that is lawless, amoral, anti-democratic, and corruption-riddled. A corporate ruled planetary gulag where using others to attain one's objectives is accepted behavior. Where lawlessness is the standard currency to achieve personal goals and rules are always broken in the interest of expediency and profits. This abyss we are falling into is fast becoming the sanctuary of petty dictators at all levels up-and-down the hierarchy of command. These sociopaths are using their unlimited power at every level of control to destroy the self-respect of their labor slaves by creating an upside-down culture that obliterates all the former community bonds that existed across society.

Demons of corporate holiness, the managers, supervisors, all the middle level bosses are fracturing workplace teams into ultra-competitive individuals ready to 'take-out' their fellow workers to get ahead. In a divide and conquer scheme that they are implementing sometimes on orders from above they are vaporizing all norms of corporate behavior and accentuating the anxiety of labor slaves already reeling from corporate arbitrariness. A favorite tactic used by the slave masters is to promote only those with the least seniority and knowledge. This sends a message to the toiling slaves that they are of trivial concern to their corporate lords, a worthless mass of interchangeable galley hands.

To break this cycle of disrespect pummeling down from the exulted feudal courts all of us must resolve to join the purple wave of discontent - the People's Movement that is tearing down the ramparts of the all-powerful by exposing the wicked inner-workings the prison-camp that lay hidden behind false truisms.

Our "October Surprise" was the first of many coming out parties that will continue to expose the previously concealed underhanded dealings of the powerful. By disseminating this nefarious back-room corruption to the entire world all of us are assisting in unmasking the phony global democracy. Underneath all the euphemisms that promote the rough and tough individual is a corporate autocracy bent upon destroying our communities and making each of us slaves to a 1% superclass system of exploitation and income confiscation.

Those who have cleaved to our purple spiritualism will in the coming months continue to uncloak this monstrous leach that is destroying our creativity, decency, economic vitality, social cohesion, and respect for each other. We will yield no quarter to a rapacious enemy that proclaims its right to keep us enslaved to their manipulated contrivance of greed. This 1% locust will not be given a blank check to shackle us into perpetual slavery and destroy the very planet we depend upon for our survival just so they can become unimaginably rich.