Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Proposed Non-Exploitative Humanized Fully Democratic Economic System

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Let us rip out all the exploitative features of our current society. How else will we create a human civilization where every individual planetary citizen is an active contributing member of a universal collective? Equality and equity can only exist in a cultural environment that respects freedom of expression, effusive unfettered democracy, and worker ownership of every productive entity. This equates to an economic system that has been fully democratized from the bottom-up - a society that empowers everyone to advance not just a chosen few 1% elite parasites. To achieve this lofty goal first requires that we vaporize capitalism and create an entirely new economic system that melds nicely with a self-determinative non-exploitative society.

Once capitalism is gone what do we replace it with, how do we organize the productive activities of an entire planet so that all citizens are empowered to control, create, and receive the undiluted fruits of their labor? After the 1% income leaches have been removed and a free-flowing economy not stagnated by insufficient income streams has unleashed the full potential of every planetary citizen what will be the underpinning of this entirely new economic system - this yet unnamed liberty infused replacement?

Not dissimilar to any other humanly envisioned societal transformation or creative discovery we tend to build upon our existing knowledge adding and taking away elements until we have constituted an entirely new or revolutionary reformulation. This new 'ism' that is not socialism, capitalism, communism, feudalism, or any other derivative elemental type will be no different from its predecessors in how it was derived. It is an attempt to better the human condition. A way to free the majority of this planet's citizens from marginalization on the path to slavery instituted by transnational corporations, CEOs, executive gangsters, mega investors, corrupt politicians, and the rest of the 1% bloodsucking establishment bent upon total world domination.

All along our journey to reinventing the human experience we are continually confronted with those who believe any change is elementarily impossible. These are your fellow labor slaves that have become accustomed to the rhythms and surroundings of their prison. Most but not all will be of an advanced age. Some will even be relatively young, new corporate slave conscripts enlisted to enrich the offspring of the elite class with even greater riches than their fathers' or mothers' measly island, private jet, and castle collections. Whatever the spectrum of ages, socio-ethnic, and lifestyle combinations there is always going to be this group of overworked, real-income declining, stressed-out, and debt buried underclass serfs who've deluded themselves into believing that they love their jailers, the sovereigns, and their deviant unstable degenerative society. However unusual this may seem psychologists recognized long ago that this is a way we all coop with an unbearable loss of liberty. We imbue our enslavers with common traits of decency. The slivers of humanity that are undoubtedly not present in sociopath autocratic rulers. That is typically why the old belief in things having to get rock-bottom bad before dramatic societal changes are instituted from below rings true in most dysfunctional exploitative cultures.

So our first challenge is to awaken the majority of exploited worker droids to their true unfiltered condition. Let our fellows know that a better world can be envisioned and instituted - a society that is not based upon the stealing from the most productive just so that a 1% least mentally, intellectually, and emotionally stable and capable of our human family can live like royalty. This means we need to confront the age old axiom that our current state of societal affairs is an eternal constant, unalterable by any known force. We must present the continuum of historical cultural change that is the evolution of the human experience as evidence that this is a fallacy perpetuated by those who wish to maintain their exulted positions of power within a patently unjust system of income theft. Unfortunates on the wrong end of slavery and feudalism were led to believe their condition was permanent, unchangeable, a fact of life. The same is true of the 99% under the heel of this capitalist dictatorship. Those of us in the exploited majority are propagandized into cherishing the illusory benefits of our daily existence. Also, a touch of nationalism never hurts to spur the irrational juices of division from gumming up any thoughts of freedom or bettering one's condition.

Obviously this whole discourse on the feasibility of insurgency is leading up to a proposal - a replacement of this sociopath's dream come true that imprisons 99% of the world's population in an anti-human gulag. Let us vanquish this rulers' delight that exclusively benefits a 1% super-rich elite group of socially dysfunctional despots.

On to the new and out with the old.

What we really need are some completely novel base economic formulas to explain how a democratic economic system functions within an egalitarian society. Let me first expand upon that elusive term called capital. The following formulas can be used to describe an aggregate at any level or unit....

Where, c = capital, fc = fixed capital, m = raw materials, mh = machinery, br = building rent, v = labor wages, e = power and water and other miscellaneous expenses, s = surplus/profit, and p = selling price or value of a product or service.

Now with these variables defined let us build up how my envisioned amalgamation of a socialist and capitalist economic system embedded within our new society would operate at the most basic level.

General formula…s = p - c - v - e… so what we make in surplus/profit is dependent upon the selling price minus the spread of a portion (or all if in the aggregate) of the incurred cost of capital minus labor wages minus the general expenses (like power, water, etc.) proportionally spread across a portion (or all if in the aggregate) of the product(s) or service(s) produced or offered.

Now we may delve deeper into this general formula.

Therefore, c = fc + m; where fc = mh + br, infinitum

For those with a penchant for painful detail… fc = mh + br, infinitum. This is because mh + br are generally created from many more previous years. A year over year infinity of capital buildup - at least from the standpoint of how far back is logically relevant from an historical perspective.

Alright, hold tight because here is the clincher. What the Capitalists through their taker society resting firmly upon their exploitative capitalist economy have done is nothing short of amazing. They have led us all to believe that they alone - the CEOs, board of directors, major investors, and all the other pirates who make up the 1% sultans have an exclusive right to "s", the surplus/profit or for that matter whatever is left over after paying all the labor slaves and the general operating expenses. This is pure nonsense. The surplus/profit or whatever we deem an appropriate additional remuneration over and above our basic wages represents value that we the workers have added to the product or service transforming it into something useful - it is ours! No higher 'authority' has the right to superimpose themselves in an exalted position just so they may steal that value (surplus/profit) from us to shove into overflowing Swiss bank accounts, payoff lobbyists, buy-out legislators, purchase media time to propagandize the beauty of their global system of exploitation, buy islands, prostitutes, drugs, gallons of booze, over-the-top parties, private jets, and castles. We the workers have transformed products and services of little inherent value into creations that are valuable to many perspective customers on an open and fair market. This value (surplus/profit), the entire operation of the company, its control, and ownership of all its assets is the workers' to do with what they please without any interference from lazy tyrants.

Our People's Movement is the transformative purple force that is marginalizing and compartmentalizing the elite into an indefensible position. Their time is ending - ours is just beginning - an age of pure liberty not polluted by lords, kings, queens, capitalists and assorted royalists wanting to enslave us so that they can saturate themselves in luxury. Around the next turn is freedom.