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No More Negotiating With Donald Trump and All the Other Elite 1% Rabble

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Do you believe that all our troubles will end by simply sprucing up the global gulag? Are you ready to just suffice with ameliorating the exploitative, dictatorial corporate domination within this dysfunctional 1% elite ruled society? By electing a U.S. President or any number of other People’s Movement candidates planetary-wide we only lesson the blows of the capitalist society. The underlying problem that will continually confound all our victories are the fat cat tentacles sunk deep into every facet of this planet’s societal superstructure. Without eradicating all the manipulative contrivances that amplify the leaching of all wealth by the economic kingpins we will have just reformed our prison.

If we are satisfied with only lessening the pain of being dominated as we race to the bottom of this real-income pit then leaving our crisis plagued, lobbyist infested, big-money trashed capitalist system of spherical domination in place makes sense. Otherwise, our only choice is to embrace universal suffrage, an unfettered expansive democracy. The elimination of all vestiges of corporate hierarchical domination and autocratic rule, illusory democracy rift with constituent exclusions, the whole plethora of billionaire tyranny must be jettisoned like any other flotsam. This means we must completely raze the existing societal edifice dominated by a few well-connected CEO type elitist sociopaths. Nothing short of a refreshing societal enema will rid us of this poisonous waste from a defecating bunch of blueblood tyrants.

Pure democracy not short-circuited by mammoth corporations interested in intensifying Economic Apartheid with legions of lobbyists subverting real constituent voices can only be realized by first excising the capitalist cancer. Regardless of its form, capitalism, the scourge of unabated injustice, exploitation, and perpetuator of feudal relations must be sunk back into the abys from whence it originated. Liberty cannot coexist in a world where workers are treated like chattel without any right to self-determination, participation, control, and especially the ownership of the fruits of their labor – the surplus that is currently pilfered away by corporate executives and their fellow pirates.

For genuine freedom to be comprehensively spread across this beautiful blue planet every element of our lives must be infused with egalitarianism. There can be no exceptions, exclusions, or barriers that inhibit the free flowing lubricant that is democratic expression. No hindering of social equality should be condoned. Regardless of the source, hierarchical domination not authorized through direct citizen plebiscites is fundamentally unjust. With a tiny sliver of the population living in castles, blowing money on frivolous luxuries, destroying the environment to support their greed addiction, and hiring executive slave masters to push us to work harder for fewer pennies is it not time we raised our fists in revolt. All of us who produce the products and services of our rulers’ corporate mirages, their legal justification for an entity designed to poach our creations must fight for what is ours. We alone are the essence of our industrious lives that makes us the rightful beneficiaries of our productivity, not remote elite plunderers. We the workers are the only human beings who have the inalienable right to control and determine our destinies, not the state, some private trust, individual bandit capitalist, or any other ranting tyrant that decides it is time to expand an empire.

State socialism of the former Soviet Union was really nothing more than state capitalism. Private capitalism, the other form of privileged elite exploitation, uses bogus democracy to camouflage its counterfeit neo-feudal institutions. Recently, in a U.S. Presidential debate the elite 1% Republican candidate Donald Trump brazenly admitted that his fellow castle-dwellers ‘donate’ millions of dollars to public office seekers so that they may influence legislation in their favor. How much longer are we going to allow this rude bought-and-paid-for feudalism to degrade, punish, disrespect, pillage, destroy, and conquer all that it touches?

Wake up from the delusion that you are in control. The power structure of this world is not energized by democratic institutions but instead a hoax that is really autocratic rule by a princely crowd of thieves. When their anointed system of capitalism failed in 2008 because those of us in the underclass majority were buried in debt from decades of declining real-income falling wages did these marauders suffer the consequences of promoting a failed economic system? Absolutely not, the elite 1% simply instructed their puppet legislators to milk the nation-state treasuries to prop up their too big-to-fail supersized zombie banks, insurance, and other well-connected giant companies. Now who do you suppose is on tap to pay for the trillions of dollars that was funneled into corporate coffers so that the bandit crowd could continue to buy islands, yachts, lobster, prostitutes, drugs, private jets, thousands of gallons of booze, body-snatched politicians, and have innumerable weird parties? You guessed it, all of us hardworking stiffs at the bottom of the rung of the rusty ladder. Those of us who should be receiving the surplus from corporate revenue after operating costs are subtracted and democratically running all daily operations of our firms but instead are the suckers forced to pay higher taxes from our falling real wages to keep these decadent sociopaths drenched in power and wealth. We will always be the go to paymasters for the royal spoiled brats.

Now is the time to castoff this exploitative societal construct. Support Bernie Sanders for President of the United States. This is the first step among many that we in the People’s Movement must take to rid ourselves of the dishonesty that is masquerading as democracy but is nothing more than autocratic capitalism. In conjunction with our political revolution to create honest liberty we need to also take what is rightfully ours from the investors, the elite gaggle. Every corporation that feeds upon the productive efforts of laborers needs to experience the insurgency that will result in the emancipation of former human widgets. The creation of Workers’ Self Directed Enterprises (WSDEs) that respect the organized universal suffrage of laborers’ for their exclusive benefit will be the undeterred goal of every single citizen of this world. There will no longer be free riding blood suckers who can destroy our governments by buying them out and extinguish our dreams by soaking up all income and resources into their crystal palaces. We are finished negotiating terms with this rabble.