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People's Movement Declares No Christmas without Real Income

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Prescription drug prices are going through the roof, medical insurance premiums on average have increased 130% over the past ten years, health insurance deductibles what you pay out of pocket for most policies are in the thousands of dollars, rent is astronomical, prices on a whole host of services like medical and dental are now so high you have to make payments, college debt requires an 'extra life' to pay in full, our own personal lists of sky-high exorbitant prices would stretch this meager sampling out towards infinity. Worse yet, our real-wages have been falling since around 1976. When was the last time you received a decent raise from the blueblood hoarders that rule your peasant district or corporate ghetto? Why do we year after year continue to bow-down to a 1% CEO class of pirates that keep shoveling us further and further into financial ruin so they can amass obscene fortunes? Isn't it time that we take a stand. Let's tell these bandits that we are not going to meekly accept the indignities they keep piling upon us. We will no longer cower peering out afraid of the next shovel of dirt they rain upon our ruined lives. This dysfunctional 'taker' society must go. It is time to send the lobbyists, corrupt politicians, Wall Street bankers, and corporate monarchy packing. Shove the exulted out the door on their collective asses. Let's resolve never again to have mobsters demanding we eat their dust so they can stuff themselves on lobster, parade around in fleets of private jets, blow wads of money we could use to buy necessities, and talk down to the rest of us like we were vermin. Our next purple wave should deal a death blow to this twisted vulture society.

What gives these elitists the right to steal from our year-over-year productivity, pocket every last dime that this global economy generates just so they can pad already bloated Swiss bank accounts?

Granted these are well known humiliations that we suffer within an undemocratic big business dictatorship. If our society was founded upon the principles of a genuine democracy you would be experiencing liberty 24/7 and not just when you were away from your autocratic work environment. You would also have meaningful recourse to address extreme indignities like the rampant inequality, lobbyist directed government corruption, oligarchic predatory pricing, and a whole plethora of issues. Even your mundane concerns could be addressed. But instead we live a daily nightmare turned reality where a spoiled rotten class of Neanderthals clubs us into submission so they can rule with abandon and pillage at will.

Admit it to yourself. Deep down, you know that all of us booted into the 99% are the roadkill that the mega-business/financial royalty runs over without even a sidewise look in their rearview mirror. That out of this massive universe with billions of galaxies and trillions upon trillions of stars with an almost infinite number of planets circling them that we are the unfortunates falling into abject poverty, voices silenced, and dreams nullified.

The next phase of the looting of our dignity, spirit, freedom, and financial wellbeing will end in pure tyranny, a French police state that will be the model for all other black boot ruled corporate dictatorships, our very own locked-down stockade, with a steel rack to collapse on inside a six-by-six cell with a number that matches the one burned onto your forearm.

You are just about now furious at reading the truth, having your fantasy land shattered. Just continue to believe in the fallacy called liberty that we all cling to with twisted fingers and watch how fast it grinds you up into fodder for the executive class. Some will say it is much better to believe in a boldfaced lie for it eases the pain and suffering of our tormented existence. Or better yet, why not fight back? Surely, we have the numbers to eradicate this vulture's pleasure camp. Peaceful, intelligent revolution, the final stake that we can drive through the heart of this 'destroy everything capitalism' is what is required. We must make the spoiled class of billionaires who prance over our graves sink into the muck, experience the 'joys' of squirming in the quicksand. They need to feel the pain of our daily displeasure with the state of worldly affairs.

So how can we destroy this abomination that is eating us alive? Thrust a hot dagger into their financial hearts - obstruct the flow of wealth to their offshore accounts. This will stop the booty filled trains from reaching their castles. Today is the day that we take action to cleanse our planet of these aristocratic cannibals who have turned us into their personal slaves. Tell these common criminals that we will no longer use the easy credit that they have substituted for real-wage increases.

Who do you think keeps this looting-festival chockfull of ransacked goodies? That flash of light must have come from the collective brains of billions of 99% consumers'. That's it. Turn their Christmas serf spending spree into a tightwad's convention. Return all your Christmas presents and do not purchase any more of the overpriced Chinese crap made for pennies on the dollar by itinerate peasants. The accumulated markup that is the profit margin that sustains this capitalist looter's camp will just be restocked or sitting on merchants shelves. This serf-to-lord form of feudalism will be doomed if we do not spend. Buy your children a present but send the rest back to stockrooms.

After the fall of this degenerate society we will have our moment to build a real democracy not rooted in the exploitation of the many by the few. Never again will we allow our environment to be destroyed and our communities to be fractured for an ideology of greed. Collectively each of us will create a humane global community that does not condition its existence on the cannibalism of a disenfranchised majority. This is our ultimate goal - the freedom of the many so the selfish few will never again use us and our planet as cannon fodder to advance their deranged agenda. Our brethren who arrive in this world with an unquenchable voraciousness to rule and devour, the sick locusts among us, will be identified early. These future sociopaths will be treated instead of crowned.