Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Night Attack

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Blazing across the night sky the flames kept coming in an endless swell of pain. In the distance our fighter base was under attack, distant rumblings, and brilliant bursts of light flashed against a coal black sky. This was the same neighborhood that we walked through on cool evenings, often visiting many of the shops walking past each shop in their endless expanse of crystal glass windows. It was the first of many nights, days, months, and years that would wrap themselves across our insecure tenuous lives thrashed in a pitiless attack of murderous rage that was exacted upon us from an enemy has yet unseen.

Since I was in command of our military it was imperative that I reach the base that was currently under attack. But within minutes one of our fighters blasted through the enemy fire accompanied by an escort of about 6 Trilian fighters – our most advanced saucers. These were truly magnificent works of art reflecting the bright blasts off of their silvery reflective outer hull. The “Dilone Cannon” was hurtling deadly pulse after deadly pulse of plasma energy towards the advancing enemy fighters – each accurately striking the underside of their triangular craft. Each strike resulted in a visible cracking of their hull with fissures of liquid molten glowing ooze radiating across the entire craft before it exploded in a deafening torch light of vaporization.

I was hurriedly escorted onto the fighter with an expectant air heavy once inside. All my top advisors were now at my side ready to assist in first a fight to break free to our base at “Qorim 1”. It was from this base that we would assemble our forces for a counter attack. We were gradually clearing from the enemy and debris that was constantly being propelled against our hull in an endless pelting rain of dark metal. Moving around the interior of this saucer I was amazed at the level of intelligence that must have been utilized in order to seamlessly mold away all corners. There wasn’t a distinct edge anywhere inside, 3 sub-system holographs continuously displayed an images of the ship or its subsystems pin pointing any processes that had activated with status information.

We were moving through the enemy conflagration with no difficulty – this was not how the war would progress from this point forward for it would be bloody - mostly running freely on our side. It was difficult to imagine a more ruthless destructive enemy.