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Goodbye, Next Stop - Societal Self-Destruction

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Popularity does not translate into intellectual savvy or common sense. Someone who is popular has just had luck provide all the ingredients necessary to place their name in the spotlight. Now if this person could use this notoriety to benefit humankind by pulling together all the fractured communities then we may be able to positively advance the human condition. Unfortunately most streams of notoriety are wasted on actors, musicians, and assorted sensationalists. Having so much to say, devoting close to a decade deciphering the inner-workings of this planet's societal constructs but having no platform sufficient to disseminate the information across a broad swath of the populous is frustrating. But this presupposes that most people want to change the course of events, move from self-destruction to an egalitarian 24/7 democracy that empowers everyone in a stream of positive change. This is not the case. Most people just want to glide along into slavery. It is impossible to enlighten those who do not want to be informed. Also, with most of this world's 'information' transmitted in short spurts, blurbs coming from corporate news/propaganda media outlets and in tabloids meant to titillate - the happy unconscious hordes will continue to grow, the amorphous mass of simpletons will swell. Getting out anything of substance to the majority of this sheltered and locked-down population under the stranglehold that is enforced by the big-business dominated media channels would take the expertise of a top-notch marketer and the money of a billionaire. Remind you of anyone? Obviously, not the substance but the flimflam artistry is what is so similar.

Looking down the barrel of obscurity why would any rational person continue to beat the motionless hunk of flesh on the floor. My labors can be summed up by a single word. They were clearly futile. My many solutions never reached brains capable of firing even a few neurons. If a good portion of the people around the world took the time to sift through the static until they reached the intellectual core of creative ideas we could at least have had a chance at getting the ball rolling towards substantive and permanent societal change. But so many voices are wrestling for a place across the Internet and within the mainstream media, most devoid of information. Only the mindless drivel, the slime circulates freely. Moving truly stimulating first-rate content up through the dung pile is impossible. Not that anyone would care to disturb their masterfully crafted world of illusion with harsh reality.

Pressing up against the horizon is a cloud bank that cannot be penetrated without expert trail guides able to navigate through the obscurity. The battle that is getting the message out has worn me down? There are days that it seems no matter what you do, how persuasive your sweated over arguments are, nobody has noticed their existence or cares about their future enough to give a damn. Grinding away, wearing down my virtual pencil, pecking at these computer keys for so many years with no response from the clowns who drag their obese bodies to the grave with value pack giant meals in hand was like a punishment - an abominable waste that produced nothing substantive. Pretending that there were actually people who gave a hoot about building a better society was the delusion my life revolved around. Instead, most people find the ranting ignorant billionaire or crafty career politician a comforting reminder of normal. In an upside down top-heavy culture any ideas that break the autocratic chains dangling down to snug shackle clasps is a threat to placid conformity. Done, ever so finished, let the saw clank onto the floor, no one is willing to pick it up. The manacles can stay firmly latched to the 1% masters.

Presenting real solutions to this global mess called capitalist society on this website only to have them ignored makes me certain that humanity is destined for the dust bin of galactic failure. The dominate species of this blue sphere will devolve into anarchy and chaos never looking over their shoulder for the lost opportunities they frittered away. How do we ignite an intellectual discourse among a population that has given up a long time ago? Is there some special ingredient, secret sauce, incantation, combination of phrases that will wake this amorphous blob of degenerating humanity? No, not a chance, the primate is reasserting itself turning the species into club carrying beasts. Gigantic mushroom clouds will be the last memories most cherish before their insecurity, decadence, stupidity, factionalism, racism, and hatred flickers out.

All this absurdity, the rule of the misinformed, maladjusted, this age of the gutter rat with gelatinous lumps screwing up twisted lips perfectly fits the mosaic that is this caustic societal construct. Reading, the soaking up of stimulating ideas is now reserved for the few who value knowledge. In a world brimming with sensationalism, reality TV shows, loud raucous libraries, and legions of mindless carefree blobs of flesh should we be so surprised that a Donald Trump is the new messiah? After all, this vulgar, ignorant, and bigoted personification of the 1% billionaire class is a brother ignoramus. That is how he is able to capture the hearts and speak the lingo of his fellow rats. He is a heathen, incapable of reasoning beyond an elementary level, but he is a known commodity no different than the other fancy suits strutting around in ignorant bliss, parroting the gospel of self-indulgence.

Is this why there is no respect given to those who have genuine answers to problems?

The planet is reverting back to a primal state. The morons have taken over and they will yield no ground in there rise to absolute supremacy. Those of us who still believe in the sanctity of intellectual discourse, the quiet library where we can go to read without hordes of troubadours whaling to their ridiculous melodies are in the minority, a dying breed who the librarian scolds: "Libraries are no longer quiet. We do not have to 'lisen' to the complaints of your kind."

If the United States or for that matter the entire world does not give a damn about changing anything why should this humble author/activist fight the onrush of stupidity. After finishing this shortened essay my efforts will be focused on writing for myself. I am very tired of giving, giving, giving, only to see dumb vacant eyes looking back. Go ahead and move to the rhythm of your own destruction. Keep those slobber encrusted lips quivering to the farcicality flashing across the zombie box. Goodbye. I already feel released from an impossible task.