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New Civilizationist Party

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The only way "The Establishment" can maintain their grip on power is to rig all the capitalist societal processes so that they can always come out on top. A perfect example of their sly behind the scenes manipulation can be found in the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton the preferred fully vetted candidate of the superrich Establishment banksters already had the deck stacked in her favor even before the first primary vote was counted by nabbing 400 plus super delegates. Bernie Sanders a Democratic Socialist has never been able to surpass Hillary's substantial overall delegate lead because even when he would win a state Democratic primary or caucus Hillary would still receive most of the delegates from the state if you add the resident super delegates to the total. This disparity between actual and fictional fairness is why our Movement is not interested in negotiating with the capitalist 1% elite rulers and instead has determined that a completely new Civilizationist Society meticulously created from a Civilizationist Party whose members are a majority of this planet's general citizenry is the only viable path to achieving an egalitarian, diverse, 24/7 democratically based civilization that respects and empowers every individual.

Disrespect for fair play openly portrayed by the power elite's unscrupulous delegate math calculations miss the central point. In a real democracy there would be no delegate or electorate meddlers to subvert the will of the people, only a simple tally of votes for or against the candidates running for office would matter. Fairness is the operative word. How can we say that we are a democracy, a Federalist liberty that is supposed to uphold the highest virtues of a free people when those in the upper echelon of power and wealth do everything they can to subvert the will of the people.

This is why this weekend our People's Movement the purple wave of citizens' just like you have a new Civilizationist Party presence on Facebook. Sick and tired of being pushed around by gluttonous sociopaths who have no qualms against using the capitalist society the way it was intended to be used as an agent to ensure they enhance their power and wealth at the expense of the general citizenry. By moving our Movement from an organic unstructured belief system that grants individuals the latitude to take actions on their own without the need for any coordination from below to an organized but still bottom-up control structure our actions will be more coordinated, effective, and goal based. We will be better able to deal with this degenerate capitalist society that orchestrates its inherent anti-democratic ideals in support of the enslavement of the world's citizenry. Taking a page from international political party politics we will permeate our Fifth Column, our many comrades, the billion plus embedded like-minded individuals who follow our creed across every artificial barrier by deploying advanced technologies across the Internet to form a fusion of goals and actions.

Mimicking our Movement's proposed political social networks that will empower citizens at their workplace, local, regional, national, and international spheres of influence our Civilizationist Party will utilize and enhance existing social network technology to mold a bottom-up party control structure within model networks. Our international Civilizationist Party website that is currently on Facebook will be the nexus for all local, regional, and national Civilizationist Party sites. It will be an implementation of system intelligence that we propose fusing across the entire societal template.

From a system perspective we will move from fallible human executors of power to impartial systems that are just the repositories of election results, information, and actionable suggestions fed into these systems by administrative workers. Supreme power would no longer be within the domain of human beings. It would instead move across the entire society and be applied in diffused tiny insignificant nonexclusive ways that could never threaten the society's independence and interdependence. No single individual would be more powerful than any other individual in a purely democratic society. Each individual would act in accordance with the business, local, regional, national, and international goals set forth by various segments' democratic deliberations and votes.

Democratic governance, not the sham that is capitalist societal distortions of the term, mere kinder-gentler business autocracies, but instead genuine liberty that have no limitations can only be achieved by disbursing tiny bits of power equally across the entire citizenry.

Using intelligent social cloud type systems that are a technological interface between the electorate that determines its own destiny and the wrap around from inside these systems back to the same electorate allows the society to ultimately take actions to reach the desired goals originally fixed by their majority decisions. Effectively, the power is so disbursed that it is insignificant when compared to the accumulated whole and therefore never a threat to societal freedom. Amalgamations of power by sociopaths could never be achieved because such miniscule amounts of power would be dispersed across the society in the achievement of any number of objectives that it would make accumulating meaningful power agglomerations unfeasible.

Systems could collate, inform, and promulgate the 24/7 democratic wishes of the broad based electorate replacing all hierarchically top heavy bloated leadership control structures. These systems would be just the means to accomplish the ends - a conduit of majority decisions that would be acted upon by all the participants in the society.

Alongside the virtual world of systems that support the realization of our liberty there should also be a fully empowered political force that can exist and thrive, if the need arises, outside any system framework. Our Civilizationist Party should therefore build a ground based people first community of activists and party members who will propel us beyond our infant stage into a blossoming political powerhouse. Remaining in touch with all party members so they never feel disconnected from the Movement means we will need to empower individuals at the lowest collective level within groups that are extremely small. Moving control down to the bottommost common denominator across a broad horizontal plane that have "coordinators" or "coaches" who are just the conveyors of the democratic desires of the people, merely representatives where representation is needed to interface with legacy societal constructs like the skeletal vestiges of capitalist society ensures that no single individual will have the influence or resources to take power.

Conceptually this means our party structure will be finer grained than any that preceded it except the African National Congress that Nelson Mandela used to bring about the downfall of the South African Apartheid minority dictatorship. Structurally, from an organizational perspective we might have block coaches who would be the elected central points of contact, information, and representation for this the lowest level segment of our organization. A block could be a street or group of streets or any other mutually agreed upon sublevel designation that is smaller than a town or city. All blocks for a particular area would feed into a local entity that links into a region until we make our way up to the International that is the Civilizationist Party's highest designated democratically organized entity that represents the entire planet.

Traversing the booby-trapped maze that is the global capitalist autocracy we will undoubtedly discover a myriad of ways to enhance and adapt our political organizations to the onslaught coming from the 1% elite shadow government. Disruptive salvos originating from all the capitalist bought-and-paid-for governments, big-money supported academia, large businesses, assorted lower level bootlicking supplicants, lobbyists, corporate media outlets, and the entire capitalist societal template will be hurled at us continuously. Capitalist society has sufficient safeguards with abundant rigged processes to keep us 'little people' in our place while the superrich cart off all the income and wealth. Our strategic advantages will originate from our ever increasing numbers and the nimbleness inherent in our organizational structure.