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New Killing Fields Must Be Prevented

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Horror filled images of human beings gasping for air, mouths foaming with terrified pinpoint eyes; bodies shaking from a savage fight to feel, to live, and breathe are instantly flooding our electronic devices.

What monsters lurk among us who could order the execution of so many innocents? More to the point, why are there so many more monsters capable of extinguishing life?

Execution can take many forms from mass planned actions of a tyrannical state to individual psychopaths lashing out at some phantom menace. The most heinous is the state sanctioned murder of innocents because it is planned and carried out not by a single sick freak but by a multitude of sociopath deviants.

Children clutching dirty dolls, women with ripped cloths hanging precariously from slashed shoulders, men with listless death ready gazes all with their backs flush to a white washed wall or floor. The hundreds, thousands, or millions of sweat drenched human beings who've been executed by firing squads or the many other dreadful ways another can snuff out a soul. They all scream for justice, a wailing howl from the tomb - demanding a smidgen of relevance be given to all fellow brothers and sisters, a humanity not preached but instead acted upon!

Clearly, what is the difference between gassing human beings in the open air or within gas chambers? The numbers of defenseless men, women, and children plunged into eternal darkness is different but all still faced a horrible death.

The multifaceted tentacles of elaborate espionage can be used for good when trained against a tyrant bent upon adding to his killing fields. Global citizens can be proud of governments that stop building dossiers on millions of their own citizens and instead use the vast resources of intelligence services to expose tyrants' crimes against humanity.

Let's ready tangible actions that will slay the monsters among us. For if they continue to believe they can proliferate their killing fields, they'll shift too even more diabolical forms of mass murder. The scourge of the deviant psychopathic killer must be washed clean from our world.