Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

To Get to People-First Society We May Need To Use Enemy Bridge

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In a society that demands subservient adherence to a feudal state-of-affairs the concept of absolute empowerment is utterly alien. When you are raised to believe that your place is to be a dutifully compliant follower of edicts from above it is hard to comprehend having the freedom to shape your own destiny inside a completely democratic culture that has no hierarchical leadership chain. From the single leader kingdoms to our current business ruled autocracy shrouded in its make-believe democracy the society's humankind has been forced to live under although improvements over their former derivations have all required obedience across a hierarchical chain-of-command. The rigged societal template that enables the all-powerful vested interests to reap most of the benefits leaving the majority to fight over the leftovers in not worth saving.

Over many eons the general population has been the pawns of the wealthy and powerful. Stone-age organizational constructs shoved down our throats by sociopath con-artists determined to maintain their privileges are now doomed to extinction - threadbare vestiges of a non-connected past. Across a vast connected planetary network called the Internet - the majority now has the tools to eradicate all the useless upper-crust bosses who wrongfully view themselves as essential.

Problem is we have to be able to sustain ourselves to reach this glorious state of social nirvana. That means that the continued use of labor arbitrage - low wage labor in-sourcing and outsourcing that the businesses across the globe are engaged in must be immediately halted. The only winners from flooding national labor markets with cheap direct off the boat/plane workers holding visas entitling them to substandard wages with little to no benefits are the 1% crown princes of capitalist extortion.

When these big-business mobsters scour the planet in search of that next lowest paid worker hellhole to build a factory or an office building safe and secure from any regulations wiped clean by paid off politicians they are the beneficiaries because they can deposit billions more in offshore accounts. Leaving you in a sea of barely intelligible foreigners with poor writing skills that require a course in hieroglyphics to decipher is not progress but the next step off the plank before you fall into unemployment because you are costing your company more money than these itinerant laborers.

Do all these underhanded dealings to save the big-bosses a lot of money ever benefit the unrepresented citizens of countries struggling to earn a living? Have you gleefully come home to tell your spouse about a really good raise in your salary within the past 15 - 20 years? Probably not - this is because all the revenue generated by workers has been skimmed off the top by 1% parasites who would sell their own grandmother to a slave trader if it meant a little extra gold coin jingling in their pockets.

Before we start celebrating or planning for the future where all of humanity is holding hands working in businesses that they own and control we must deal with simple bread-and-butter issues like keeping our jobs secure from that next lowest paid labor-slave flown over the oceans by the capitalist pirates. Eating meager portions is far better than not eating. Generally speaking, it should be our short-term objective to stop or limit the downward spiral of wages that is a result of the global corporate autocracy's urge to race to the bottom - a middle class extinction. We must staunch the bleeding of jobs to low wage sinks - countries that are constantly lowering their worker rights to become that next least expensive source of pliable labor.

Once we have safely made it to the other side then we can start building our egalitarian and inclusive society. Until that time arrives we must play with the cards we are dealt and try to stay employed and earning a halfway decent wage that is free from downward pressure by labor markets being flooded with cheaper and cheaper labor-slaves. In a perfect world we would have cleanly transitioned to our people-friendly 24/7 democracy but this planet is a cesspool of contradictions and nasty actors ready to cut you to pieces for a few more flakes of gold dust.

We will reach our promised land of absolute self-determination and community spirit across a border-less humanity. A decent unity of communities free to chart their own course without meddling from above is our destiny! Every boss, CEO, politician, supervisor, and president - that entire layer of useless autocrats who gauge their self-worth on how many people they can control - this worthless excrescence will be vanquished. Communities linked into their own democratic social-network clouds will structure their organizations to meet their needs not those of anointed upper-crust royalists' intent upon maintaining all the power and wealth for themselves. This is democracy. This is liberty, not the sham passed off by 'free' traders' intent upon building the perfect labor prison.

Currently, organizations both political and corporate are designed to perpetuate a system of privilege for those fortunate enough to find themselves perched high above us unfortunates tasked with serving these elite royalists. What the People's Movement proposes is to cutout this useless layer of superclass rulers replacing them with social-networked cloud systems to record our democratic resolutions. Inside these entirely new communication spaces we will be continuously connected to our fellow community members running all our affairs in worker owned businesses, hamlets, towns, and regions, all across the planet.

What we desperately need now is to pass the contagion of genuine freedom on to the general population - convey the inherent logic of being proponents of unsullied cooperative unity. Nothing needs to be contrived or contorted beyond recognition like many of the constructs of capitalism. This is because unlike capitalism that is manipulated through the governmental and economic spheres to transfer the maximum wealth and power to the 1% elites a People-First society would ensure that no powerful vested interests hog the bounty of the earth for themselves.

When you scrub the top layer of dirt and favoritism leaving only the creators and makers of society you wrest control back where it belongs - in the hands of those doing all the work. Enlivening and invigorating an energetic future requires that we purge the cultural template of all superfluous layers that impede the progress of humanity. Ridding ourselves of all those who feel they can boss us around simply because they are the appointed regents of the castle dwellers is the first step towards enabling and empowering humanity to accomplished yet imagined greatness.

This has nothing to do with communism or socialism but everything to do with the elimination of a now useless layer that hinders the progress of humankind. Cultures that thrive are those that empower everyone. Those that fail keep power in the hands of the few who eventually abuse it to the point that they drag their entire society into extinction. Every culture reaches this defining moment when they must choose between remaining followers of a few or being the diviners of their own destiny. Survival of the species is at stake. One path leads to eventual self-destruction. The other less traveled trail takes you to spectacular accomplishments that engage a unified society across many communities. We have reached such an intersection the road we end up taking will determine whether we thrive in liberty or perish in tyranny.

Where does all this take us? Are we heading towards a better more inclusive equitable society that we control directly?

Most of us are not sure how far we have progressed on our trek out of the capitalist confrontational and dysfunctional insanity into an enlightened mindset of cooperative community egalitarianism. What we can say for sure is that every single day that we devote to moving closer to this goal has a cumulative effect by inspiring and convincing those we meet of the necessity of this journey. Slow deliberate steps are taken by all of us and it is these seemingly trivial moves in the right direction that are gradually transforming our cultural template.

Grinding along this gravel path is just another painful inequity all of us will have to endure. There is no perfect solution, or unfettered migration on the trek towards absolute freedom. We will all be called upon to make imperfect sometimes distasteful choices just to keep moving in the right direction. Building an entirely new society is an extremely difficult task fraught with many pitfalls.

Enemies will be made simply by the actions that we take where before there was only inaction and the status quo. Those who create something fresh that leaves behind all the preconceptions of the past are always hated by a good many of their fellow citizens. It is only when everyone is enjoying the new creations that praise for the inventors blossoms like flowers on a spring day. Let's at least clear the way and make the hard choices that will enable us to experience the beauty of the flowers that are only possible because of dark rainy days.