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National Intelligence Priorities Framework - Obama Knows All

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Are we to believe President Obama when he says he wasn't told of the ongoing NSA - Special Collection Services (SCS) spy-ring bugging the German Chancellor Angela Merkel's cell phone? This just doesn't hold water, which is how President Obama could not have been notified of the bugging of the head of the German state? Doesn't the NSA directly report to the President?

The President periodically approves a matrix of surveillance, including the unscrupulous espionage of heads of state like Angela Merkel as part of the National Intelligence Priorities Framework.

None of the President's recent denials washes with the facts. The National Security Agency (NSA) with a multitude of special branches and Directorate's including the Signals Intelligence Directorate are routinely engaged in mind-boggling spying on a scale surpassing even a tyrannical government like the former Soviet Union's KGB that spent a good portion of their limited resources on spying activities.

With a collection hub on the top floor of the U.S. Embassy in Berlin and another similar hub in Frankfurt the NSA's Special Collection Service (SCS - a team effort involving an elite gang of NSA and CIA peeping eavesdroppers) have been intercepting all forms of data from satellites, cellular, and wireless networks within the German state. Surely the President of the United States in his regular National Intelligence Priorities Framework briefings must have been told on numerous occasions of the continuing success in data point capture - more specifically information retrieval pertinent to not only the supposed confidential conversations of the German head of state but many of the other 35 world leaders, many friends of the United States.

All these revelations highlight the serious nature of how we view the United States. Is the U.S. a democracy that is guided by the rule of law - a Constitution that guarantees fundamental rights like freedom from unreasonable searches and seizure and invasion of privacy or are we to view the U.S. in a more objective realistic light as a nation that has already crossed the threshold of decency into the black abyss of totalitarianism? For if we can't reasonably expect the law-of-the-land to overrule the actions of our government how can we be certain that our most basic freedoms will be protected? Some would even argue that privacy from a government's overreaching secret police squad is one of our most basic demands as citizens of any country.

Trust is front-and-center, the trust that our leaders will protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States. If laws have been enacted that make it impossible to adhere to the central trust The People expect from their government then they should be speedily repealed. Right now, the world is watching, and waiting for the United States to step back away from the police state precipice.

Make no mistake, this is no minor issue. This isn't a game. What is involved is the confirmation or contradiction that the United States has become or is a short distance from becoming a rogue nation that will use any rationalization to justify its actions no matter how despicable.

With all that has transpired on the global economic front, the paid-off lobbyist bound legislators, and the total disregard for the well-being of the general citizenry most governments shoulder blame for drifting further from their constituents into elite special interest appeasement. This beautiful blue planet, a jewel of creation in a mostly desolate solar system must take control of the most precious of innate intellectual resources - rational cognition. We must throw off the chains of superficiality craftily shackling our objective view of events. Once we realize that our enslavement is a distinct possibility then we are finally viewing recent global developments through the razor sharp edge of reality. We may then conclude that the citizens of this world deserve better governments than the ones that we currently have breathing down our backs.