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Nation-State Leaders Meet to Forge Elite Promoted Feudal Global Gulag

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Global governments are now on a trajectory that has little time or concern for the general citizenry.  Addressing the desires of their elite sponsors, the true constituents, is the only objective of modern nation-states. Mega-business rules the roost shutting out all diverse opinions and concerns bubbling up from below. Without any truly representative planetary democracy where every citizen has a voice how can the majority ever hope to build a borderless ubiquitous legal framework that protects labor rights and encourages pure unobstructed capitalism?

All current efforts to open markets across nation-state boundaries are promoted by the entrenched oligarchy so that it may expand its grip outside existing governmental legalities. The best interests of the majority worker, student, lower and middle class citizen is never considered by the minority ruling elite. All they seek to do is expand markets and eradicate all labor rights so that the least cost worker can be sourced regardless of geographical region. Building the ultimate labor gulag the perpetuates the existing two-tier Apartheid economic structure with the elites raking in all the income on the backs of the low-wage majority is the dream of our disconnected governmental leaders and their elite masters.

Our nation-state leaders only serve their plutocrat masters who have no desire to expand democracy planetary-wide. Rising from the ashes is a feudalism that will dwarf the small authoritarian manor tracts from the bleak past. Enlightenment, the betterment of humanity, advancing the public-good, and democratic ideals permeating every organization are diametrically opposed to the new feudal blue-planet caged society envisioned by the sociopath megalomaniac elite bosses. Absolute power is their narcotic. Channeling all globally generated income into their bulging Swiss bank accounts is their greed addicted compulsion. Make no mistake; the entire under class majority of this benighted planet is in jeopardy of becoming obedient serfs to a master class of elites that control the banks, major businesses, and governments through their lobbyist interlopers.

Borderless free trade with guaranteed labor rights can only be realized under a single democratic planetary government envisioned by the People’s Movement and outlined in many of my previous essays. We must short-circuit through our Fifth-Column all these abominations that the big-business royalty is promoting under the misleading label of “expanding markets and free-trade” for this is nothing more than cover for their real objective of ruling the world. These bleeders of our planetary resources and income are Neanderthals clothed in the finery of the business suit uniform. They will come at us with clubs raised, ready to strike anyone who crosses their path. Time is short. Disrupt their plans now or suffer the dire consequences.