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Nation-State Arbitrage Latest Weapon of Corporatist Rulers

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Oligarchs in their respective industries are bolting across the U.S. border for cheaper tax havens. Not only do these gigantic income sucking monstrosities want to stab hardworking global citizens in the back by not giving them decent raises and instead pump every penny into bulging elite kingpin Swiss bank accounts they’re now starting to cut off their government patrons. With income in short supply because the economic swamp is finally drying up the filthy rich 1% are screaming that they still expect an increasing flood of cash in the form of profits translated into higher dividends and executive salaries.

Legal teams of the leading oligarchic players within every industry have been pressed into action to identify tax loopholes and any place where they can save a farthing. The mad scramble is on; these ultra-capitalist dinosaurs will even sell their mothers for the right price. This is especially the case since they’ve just about exhausted their first choice – labor slaves around the planet are all tapped out.

Only supplied credit when we needed real income those of us in the plutocratic gulag are buried in debt. Banks funding mergers, corporate debt, and any number of crony business transactions with only a meager steady drop reaching the general economy in the form of car and mortgage loans leaves the real economy continuing its slide towards its eventual extinction.

New sources of pillage therefore needed to be identified pronto. For it is a grand fallacy the capitalist system magically grows from thin air, those profits don’t rocket steadily upwards. The alligators are abandoning the swamp – the income stream feeding it is now a dry ditch. Disposable income the fuel of consumer demand has been snuffed out. Those legal gurus on corporate retainers along with the accountants are now digging up the ground around the bayou. There must be some other bog the top slithers, the elite crocs can conquer.

Dripping drool from pearly white incisors the plutocratic crocs hissed to their fellow underworld horde that the government swamp fed by slime leaching from theirs could be partially cut off. All the lowlife of the marsh cackled hideously; “But how will we maintain control of the governments if we stop paying our lobbyist enablers?”

A blood curdling laugh came from the executives, the crocs that although operating on a pea-sized brain were marvelous twisters of logic. Their response was spine-chilling; “We’ll just move our corporate headquarters to countries with lower corporate taxes. Poison this former swamp by unloading truckloads of salt making it incapable of ever sustaining life once we’ve left for better digs.”

Operating for the exclusive benefit of the party hardy castle dwelling royalty demands a sociopath’s outlook. So don’t be surprised by the elite’s callous disregard for their country.

Anyway, all is not lost. Feeding all the lobbyist worms a bare minimum so that control can be maintained over the trashed country will set an example to all the other governments around the world that like labor don’t screw with the Corporatist rulers or you’ll be on the short end of a bludgeon, their latest weapon: nation-state arbitrage. That day the disposable country joined the ranks of the disposable citizenry.