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NSA Quarterly Probe-A-Thon

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This constant questioning of established societal mores, laws, and every stinking degenerative action perpetrated by the supra-rationalizing governmental droids has really disturbed the 'love my shackles' crowd.

Never mind that my logic is oh so passe - a hold-out from the individualist era. Correct unification with that amorphous mass called the public or more rightfully classified the passive acceptors is the only 'just' outcome I can foresee.

Just yesterday the local NSA station - more precisely barracks #4598 issued Directive ZD234 auto-signed by the President instructing all residents of San Antonio, Texas to visit their Federal Citizen Registration Center for a full-body cavity probe. It seems that the underappreciated and disrespectful citizenry may have a few more terrorist types living in their closets than originally thought. Alright, in the interest of ferretting out all those sneaky freaks it is our duty, or more precisely our patriotic calling to let total strangers stick their fingers in places not normally violated by the righteous trooper types.

All that group rationalization that we engaged in back when Nazi type justifications were in vogue has swiftly brought us to this perpetually intrusive state. We have absolutely no secrets, privacy, and are constantly barraged by a steady stream of government propaganda insinuating that "No one is to be trusted" - "Not a single person is free from guilt" - "Frightful eye bulging zealot demons lurk in every corner".

It's probable that all this introspective reckoning will land me in a dungeon on some far away island patrolled by fighter helicopters, surrounded by barbed wire, and crawling with German Shepard's. Sorry, my mistake the vicious dog of choice in the modern age is now the Pit Bull. Guess those Terrier breads shine when it comes to blind ferocity. Although, blind blissfully ignorant is the condition of choice so why wouldn't the German Shepard a notoriously smart breed of dog be out of favor.

Well, better get all lubed up with Vaseline for my quarterly probe-a-thon.