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Movement's Liberty Congress and No Free Ride Features of Civilizationism

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Now the time has arrived to join in a grand unification, a "Liberty Congress", or "Movement Convention", a forum that will allow us to exchange ideas and compose a People's Movement constitution that reflects our aspirations for the new civilizationist society that we will create after being rid of this exploitative capitalist tumor. This means that all organizations who share the creed of "The Movement" from root to leaves and all unaffiliated individual adherents should come together so that we may chart our course of revolution, agree upon a "Declaration of Freedom" and "Movement Constitution" that will objectify and codify our primary core 24/7 democratic principles. There is talk around Movement circles that Bernie Sanders has picked up on my proposal from a few weeks ago. He has indicated an interest in having a "Liberty Congress". His idea is to gather all Movement organizations and individual contributors together sometime in June. However we arrange this grand gathering through his sponsorship or mine is immaterial. What is important is that we invite literally every group and individual who wishes to attend this magnificent convocation.

Inviting every individual from across a diverse spectrum of political, racial, socio-economic, generational, ethnic, and religious backgrounds to a People's Movement convention on reordering the societal template so that we can create an egalitarian global culture that empowers everyone ensures ideas will be explored that otherwise might never be entertained in a closed ideologically pure setting. But no matter how assorted the solution pool becomes we should never dilute the foundational keystone that supports a civilizationist society - 24/7 democracy. Let us make a promise to ourselves that when we organize the first "Liberty Congress" to discuss the principal documentation of our creed, that we do our best to adhere to the 24/7 bottom-up democracy that is activated across a social network. What this means is there should not be any hierarchical power structures that inhibit the free-flow of creative non-status-quo initiatives. Most important to the successful pollination of our philosophy is an all-inclusive uninhibited cooperative atmosphere that is not polluted with any capitalist societal contaminants. Using social networking technologies those at the event or linked in from across the world will be given full unfettered access to and an equal voice in all deliberations, votes, and any other events of the "Liberty Congress".

At the "Liberty Congress" we will also need to address whether we should overhaul the Democratic Party so that it aligns more closely with our Movement philosophy of civilizationism. Bernie has floated this idea to see if it will gain any traction - a trial balloon. Is it really worth the effort converting a capitalist political party that has always aligned itself with "The Establishment" into a more Movement enlightened party or might we better utilize our energies creating from scratch an entirely new political party like a Civilizationist or Movement Party? With so much dead wood in what is basically a hierarchically organized fossilized prehistoric relic of bygone U.S. preeminent capitalist supremacy why would we want to get our fingers sticky with corruptive influences when we can instead start fresh with a virgin party that is 100% behind our values and objectives? Of course that is the prerogative of our transitional leader to chart the course across the great divide separating our current enslavement in capitalism from our future freedom in a 24/7 egalitarian democracy called civilizationism. This transitional phase is a crucial piece of the puzzle that will determine whether we are successful or fail miserably. Playing devil's advocate making certain that Bernie and the others in the ground leadership understand the ramifications of actions they have taken or are proposing is just something my instinct tells me can only strengthen our strategic planning. Navigating this complex three-dimensional societal orchestration that keeps morphing with every second that passes means we must anticipate the outcome of a myriad of interrelated occurrences. Continuity of our creed's message stream must also be keep pure and uncontaminated by capitalist societal toxins. The best way to do this is to stay clear of all capitalist organizations like the Democratic Party. Reform of this megalithic holder of the status quo scrolls has too many potential negative externalities. Therefore, if you have not already guessed, my vote is to build up our entire civilizationist Movement's bottom-up citizen run structure on the ashes of capitalism. Do you really want to deal with all those bought-out party bosses and the gaggle of other super-delegates who feel they are owed a good position in the hierarchical party establishment just because they are "Grade A" sociopathic cheats, thieves, manipulators, and liars? At what point do we ourselves become corrupted by the anti-democratic elite power structures we are trying to disassemble? Better to keep our hands clean, free from all the Establishment snares that have been the downfall of many other well intentioned revolutionaries. There are just too many enticements used by "The Establishment" to lure the unsuspecting into compromising their principles. Stay clear of this devil's nest.

Even if we were to meet sometime in June like Bernie has suggested and remain uncontaminated by capitalism's deviant structures we would still need an outstanding technological capability to build the virtual bottom-up empowerment of all participants in our convention, especially if we want it to be a showcase of 24/7 civilizationist democracy in action. Fully aware that our computer professionals are very busy in subversive activities designed to hasten the downfall of this capitalist monster this new request that I am about to make primarily goes out to the open-source community. The Movement needs help developing a social networking platform that can be used by our many participants wanting to join in on the democratic discourse and the voting occurring almost continuously on a multitude of proposals from across the world. My vision is to empower every single individual in an example egalitarian bottom-up 24/7 democracy that is all infusive, a total assimilation of every societal micro-level institution all flowing into this system. If we can have a basic rudimentary fully functional democratic social network (DSN) up and running for our "Liberty Congress" so everyone can contribute ideas and vote on a multitude of issues relating to the creation of a "Movement Constitution" and "Declaration of Freedom" this would allow many voices to contribute and it would also provide a preview to the sceptics and the world of how a genuine democracy operates within a modern setting.

A good part of what we are proposing would not be possible without employing advanced computer technologies both hardware and software. Allowing everyone to exercise their right to be totally engaged in the democratic process without any inhibitors like hierarchically organized power structures is only possible when the technological foundation is sophisticated enough to handle millions in online traffic. With virtual networks, the Cloud, and of course the ultimate TCP/IP network called the Internet operational we are now in a position to bring to this socially backward planet the underpinnings of the advanced societal construct called civilizationism.

In many of my previous writings I have said this new civilizationist society will be the bedrock of a real democratic civilization. The capitalist big-business tyranny operating within a contrived financial house-of-cards that is manipulated so only those in the top most ruling class receive the lion's share of all the income and wealth generated by the economic illusion running on massive overleveraging across all socio-economic strata is a feudal anachronism destined to destabilize into anarchy. There is just no way to keep a phony economy running on income fumes functioning over the long-term with overleveraged individuals, businesses, and governments. What we are offering is a chance for this world to join the enlightened societal civilizations that do not base the success of their society's economic component upon how effectively it exploits the general population so that an upper crust can become filthy rich and all powerful. Through the use of advanced technologies humankind will for the first time enjoy the benefits of an unfettered 24/7 democracy called civilizationism. Sharing in the revenue and controlling all aspects of their businesses across millions of subnet business social networks that allow all workers to democratically determine and control every action taken by their business organizations that are linked into many other business subnets that tie into a larger political social network creates a platform for absolute empowerment at the citizen level. Where before only 1% elitists and executive level autocrats within Capitalist Dictatorships were the only voices having any authority especially in a corporate setting. Within our civilizationist society the only voices having any influence will be those emanating from below, the empowered laborers and others in the general citizenry. Essentially, what we propose to replace are the many petty autocracies that are integrated into this larger shadow government dictatorship. We envision a pure democracy made possible by integrally tying communities of interest that emanate from corporation, association, organization, local, regional, and national communities into an international amalgamation of liberty that will be the community of humankind.

Both Bernie and our entire organic Movement are pursuing a two tiered approach to victory. My suggestion is that we continue to move simultaneously down the two paths of pure revolution and political revolution. Political revolution is the switchback trail that Bernie is trekking down within the Democratic Party. Hiking down the other trail, called "Pure Revolution", we are moving through an unexplored forest of opportunities that takes us further from the Establishment capitalist society.

Charting our own course away from "The Establishment" fiasco that is this U.S. presidential election, to the land of opportunities, means that we will be free of the two anointed candidates despised by the general population. No longer concerned with whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump ascend to the throne of the shadow government's supreme bought-out puppet we can concentrate on starting afresh, making a new start, on building a better way of life than we could ever "hope" to achieve in this crazy rich boys and girls club.

All the worthless scum with their toothy smiles radiating from loose lips will become obsolete. Political operatives, managers, supervisors, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, many other executive office vampires, major investors, the entire self-anointed class of opportunists who feed off of our productive results, producing little or nothing of value, the 1% upper crust, all the deadweight that gorges itself on our income and wealth, each of these positions will become obsolete, fading into extinction. Orchestrators and coaches will replace all the blood gorged parasites of the capitalist shell game. All new positions will derive their limited power from all the people. Voting will take place online across and inside integrated secure social networks using selfie images to confirm real-time that a voter is authorized to vote and has not already voted. Remember, our Movement's overriding objective is to completely replace capitalist society and its hierarchical power structure. This top-down big-money robber baron system of obscene privilege disenfranchises millions of citizens by diluting their voices with delegates, super delegates, electors, and thousands of lobbyists who get their paychecks from the billionaire class. Moving into a bottom-up egalitarian 24/7 democracy and away from any hierarchically organized control structures will empower billions of planetary citizens but will require an extensive use of existing technology. Technically we have the knowhow to validate that each voter is legit with just a selfie that is transmitted to facial recognition software and/or with a password that is dynamically generated on-the-fly every time a citizen wants to cast a vote during an election or plebiscite on an issue. This is pretty much a day-in-day-out obligation of all citizens of civilizationist democracies. Single one time passwords would be created randomly for each electronic ballot cast per issue. For additional authentication that one-vote-per-person is adhered to without cheating the system will also take a selfie once the vote is cast and get the GPS coordinates of the voter to insure they are voting in the business, locale, region, or national jurisdiction that they are a part of or have their place of residence.

Under capitalist society the citizenry has been disrespected to the point of having their majority voice made null and void. There are many examples in the current U.S. two party make-believe political primaries where the majority voice of the electorate has been overruled by delegates, both of the super red cape and business attire wearing varieties. Going many years back to the U.S. Presidential general election in 2000 between George W. Bush and Al Gore we find the most striking example of shadow government subterfuge. Even though Al Gore won the election with the majority of the votes cast for him, the victory that should have been his was quashed by a lesser known group of Corporate Dictatorship henchmen called Electors. These interlopers, no different from the lobbyists representing big-business interests that have replaced everyday citizens as the real constituents of the U.S. government, a bunch of racketeers with marching orders to steal the election from the people for their 1% elite paymasters decided with the help from a bought-out Supreme Court that George Bush should be crowned the new business emperor, the President of the United States of Corporatism, over and above what the majority of the citizens desired. Once again the rigged capitalist societal processes guaranteed that the ruling elite would maintain their power over the general populous. Election by smoke filled room dirty politics would remain the barrier to real democracy. Yet another group of self-anointed racketeers doing the bidding of mega-business royalty could subvert at will the much ballyhooed liberties of 300 million plus citizens. Even Ted Cruz who recently just dropped out of the Republican primary had a hand in implementing the wishes of the lords of the corporate realm sixteen years ago. Being a lawyer on George Bush's team he assisted in this very American version of a Coup d'├ętat. Some even say he was instrumental in pushing the rusty wheels of subversion almost to the breaking point so that they would deliver corporate America's man, their favorite supreme puppet. Maybe that is why he was so versed in Establishment trickery during the current Republican primary because he has play the game of party boss rigged politics for so many years either on the sidelines or out front.

Why, then, do we continue to put up with the game that is presumed to be democracy? Freeing ourselves from the political poster children pretending to act like adults and moving to an egalitarian bottom-up civilizationist real democracy would empower every individual across the full spectrum of their daily lives. This would eliminate the need to elect any leaders. We would then be in complete control. We could finally tell the few spoiled brats to take a hike. Wincing over the bad choices "The Establishment" leaves us, the usual couple vetted puppet candidates - all this would become a bad experience we could let historians dissect - a blot on human history.

Terrible outcomes have been emanating from capitalist society for years so what is the rational for endlessly falling prey to billionaire predators who only want to cement their grip on power and drag to their castles all the wealth we sweat to produce? Pry their greedy hands from your throat. Together we can move to real freedom not this sham propped up by mainstream media propagandists with their wave after wave of "happy ads". This is the feel good marketing equivalent of the pills the pharma industry keeps us hooked on to beef up their bottom line and make us sufficiently docile when their royal buddies kick us in the teeth. Better to have all of us bottomscrapers drooling in front of the TV watching reality shows than reading insightful books, online material, or consulting any number of sources like this website that convey the true state of our imprisonment inside this big-business corporate autocracy.

Always trying to squelch any discontent that occasionally wells up from the general public the mainstream media per edicts that flow down from their hierarchical Corporate Dictatorship fiefdoms are continually on the lookout for malcontents like Bernie Sanders who stir up the slave gang. Once identified they typically target these rabble-rousers who have a knack at blasting through the dishonesty of this oligarchic nest of plutocrats. Bernie Sanders being the only decent human being to be running for President of the United States has become nothing more than a side note for the big-money media machine. This is a new tactic that these purveyors of corporate turned public wisdom are trying out. Being expert molders of dishonesty they are attempting to cut Bernie off entirely from even the little media coverage he has received to date. The oligarchs' propaganda arm is barely mentioning Bernie, acting as if Hillary Clinton is already nominated. Of course it does not hurt Hillary's chances when she can get every super delegate deadwood Establishment type in the Democratic Party to support her even before the first primary vote was cast. Obviously, these super-delegates all Establishment politicians, and assorted very 'special' people had an affinity to her probably because she is a sister of theirs', a handmaiden of big-business, a fellow puppet. Once again the marketing wizzes at propaganda central have sealed tight the distortions they are making to realty by telling Goldman Sach's favorite candidate, the one-and-only six-digit speaker for the Establishment bigwigs, her highness, Queen Clinton, to just ignore Bernie and focus entirely on the general election. They reason that if they cut him off entirely from the public eye all the voters within our People's Movement may come to believe he does not stand a chance of securing the nomination, or worse yet that Hillary has already been crowned the Establishments' chief contender to take on Donald Trump.

Speaking of Trump, this guy who is a nationalist middle of the road conservative billionaire capitalist should have his robber baron buddies in the Establishment jumping for joy that a one percent brother has duped the American public into believing he is their savior. Instead the reaction from the lobster gorging crowd of luxury hounds has been anything but a love feast. Most of the powerbrokers that control this capitalist economic strip mining pit are distancing themselves from this mouthy changeling. Maybe they feel that they will have no influence over him that "The Donald", is strictly out for himself and does not care to share anything with his too-rich-to-give-a-damn castle dwellers. So possibly that is why the superrich are starting to line-up behind the orator of Wall Street. Hillary is readying a slew of hugs-and-kisses for all her banker friends. George Clooney, Northern Kentucky University alum of mine, along with all his movie star friends has already thrown fund raising parties for her-highness. They must be elated that their fellow millionaire compadre is the shoe-in of the rotten big-business political machine.

All of my hundreds of ideas of how we can collectively move from a corrupt capitalist labor gulag to a functioning real economic system within an egalitarian 24/7 real democracy are to no avail inside this greasy wheel. The planetary gulag's gang of superrich manipulators does not expect or need a U.S. presidential candidate to have any imagination. All the millionaire and billionaire upper class want from their bought-and-paid for trick dogs is a few stunts to keep the citizenry amused, off kilter just a little so they can continue to cart away all the income and wealth right from under our noses. So the last thing the Establishment wants in a candidate is someone who has imagination and is willing to rock the boat sufficiently so that they and their ladies and lords of the realm fall into the water without a life vest. Hillary, the Establishment candidate, knows her place; she is to be a caretaker of the Corporate Dictatorship, a status quo enforcer who will not drastically change the good pillage that her master parasites plan on bleeding to the last drop. Let the powerbrokers make their plans. Not content to just sit back and let our lives be ruined we are devising our own plans to cast aside this yacht club Mafioso society. A few of these have already been discussed in this essay.

Now let us change the subject to conclude with an elaboration of a few finer points relating to how civilizationism will differ from capitalism. This is not a comprehensive summary but just some important differences and similarities between the societal models that have spawned many recent heated debates within our movement. That is why in my estimation it is important to at least provide a narrow overview of these differences. There is so much more that needs to be conveyed about my civilizationist societal model that can only be covered fully in many more future essays. But for now, let me try to put out the flames of a particularly spirited debate that is swirling endlessly across our creed.

First off, let me be succinct is stating that our civilizationist society will never allow anyone to be exploited just so someone else can reap all the benefits. Instead of leaching off of others in order to survive and prosper, every individual should be held accountable for their actions and understand that in an equitable society the outcomes will typically not deviate substantially from the effort that was expended to hit or miss the desired targets. Even though our new society will provide a free university education through a master's degree program to any qualified member of the society this does not mean that we will condone laziness - an endless stream of free university level classes continually repeated because of not receiving a passing grade will not be an option. You either pass the class with a passing grade the first time through or pay for the class yourself if you must take it again because you failed it. This is where civilizationism differs from socialism, for we believe that for a society to progress each and every member must be responsible for their actions. Any individual that takes advantage of an excellent opportunity to get a university education will have to work hard to earn the right to graduate.

What this implies is there are no free rides in civilizationism like there are in socialism and capitalism. You will be sorely mistaken if your conception of civilizationism is the same as socialism. That somehow all you will have to do is show up, never make the effort to learn or contribute to the society and still receive a check from the government or your business organization. So if you are looking for a party hardy society that requires nothing from you but to be present then just move on out to an island and create your own commune. Civilizationism is a responsibility based societal system that demands a significant amount of work from all who wish to belong to this enlightened bottom-up civilization. Freeloaders like CEOs, con artists, thieves, executive parasites, and socialist loving lounge lizards who just want to take without ever giving back to the larger community will find civilizationism unbearable. It is extremely hard work being a part of a 24/7 democracy. The voting, running, and determining the income dispersion within your employment, local, regional, national, and ultimately international social political networks takes time, thoughtful deliberation, and community engagement. The superset system-of-systems, the commonly referred to Cloud, in this case an amalgamation of various levels of social political networks that relate to your particular slice of the electorate environment is the bottom-up empowered set of communities you will belong to where you will either prosper or fail. Obviously, when all resources are equitably distributed within an egalitarian wholly democratic society there is more than enough to go around too create an expansive modern infrastructure and generous safety net. This is because all parasitic elements are eliminated from the society.

Only contributors who dream big dreams and enjoy the interplay with their fellow comrades in the shaping of their destiny will find this form of societal construct pleasing. If you are a 'taker' either of the executive office type or the couch potato variety who likes watching the world go by while you hold your drool rag strategically to catch those long streams of slobber just find yourself someplace else to call home where you can feed off of others, because we will not welcome your kind.

Hard work defines our new civilizationist society but the rewards are numerous. Like the satisfaction of taming an unforgiving planetary environment like Mars or just making commutes easier on bullet trains speeding down the medians of interstate highways. Regardless of what you contribute you will finally know the joy of receiving the full undiluted rewards from all the daily efforts you expend in maintaining your businesses in a competitive marketplace across a multitude of human communities. The societal political cross-network Cloud where we interact with each other in our business, local, regional, national, and international empowered social spheres will replace all the gangs of thieving power hungry filthy-rich executives and political hacks.

Most will find the next distinction between civilizationism and capitalism very pleasing. This is because unlike previous societal swaps, transformations, and reorganizations those of us in the bottom rungs of what was always a hierarchically organized control structure never really noticed a big difference in the quality of our lives. We still had rulers passing edicts from up high down to us valley rats. Nothing much changed; our productive efforts were exploited by the powerful self-anointed sociopaths. Here's the kicker, of course if you have been faithfully following along reading this essay you probably already know what "the kicker" is, that the control structure in a civilizationist society is not hierarchically but instead bottom-up, meaning that everyone is empowered to be an agent of change and receive the undiluted benefits or problems stemming from their decisions. What happens to all those sociopaths who want to be the rulers over all of us in the new system? Where do they fit into the scheme of things? Absolutely nowhere! The major difference between the previous 'taker' capitalist hierarchical and our new bottom-up control interface is that the Political Cloud will be powerless. All power will flow up from below. Our technological system will just be a tool that various administrative layers across the many employment, local, regional, national, and international levels feed with information so that we may make informed democratic decisions that will shape our collective futures. You the citizen will be immersed and empowered at a previously unfathomable level. Nothing will be beyond your power to change, stop, and create, for there will be no roadblocks to the successful implementation of your collective democratically determined desires.

Thriving communities that expend the effort will reach unlimited heights of educational, intellectual, and personal satisfaction. This is what is achievable when you release sentient beings into a societal environment that they alone shape and control without any interference from top-heavy hierarchically organized power hungry predators. People experience freedom at a level previously unknown, a jurisprudence not overwhelmed with suffocating laws but only acting upon base bare bones illegalities like robbery, murder, rape, and other common highly undesirable socially deviant behaviors. Almost everything else is legal so long as it does not harm, defame, or contribute to negative individual or societal outcomes and externalities. Suppose you want to turn your brain into mush by using large quantities of drugs. Go for it, your drug of choice will be freely available for purchase. It may cost you the same amount of money you paid that Mexican mafia drug dealer in the capitalist society but the difference is that if you do come to your senses and decide to come clean your civilizationist society will have drug treatment centers free of charge that will help you break your addiction. Once again, that is the beauty of a society that you control, it works for you not some tiny group of 1% superrich bloodsuckers that throw you overboard in their rush to strip you of all your income and wealth so they can luxuriate in island castles.

It is hard to overestimate the next point. Communists and pure Socialists need not apply. Our Movement's civilizationism is for those who know the meaning of hard work. The rewards are numerous, but the efforts expended will at times seem overwhelming. Having a hand in the building of a society at your workplaces, in the towns that you belong to, across the region that is a part of the nation and the world that you call home, all the day-to-day decisions that need to be made can be exhausting but all the rewards are yours alone to enjoy. Nothing compares to the exhilaration of knowing that you had a direct hand in shaping the outcome of every single filament of your society. Mars colonization, an interstate network of maglev-trains traveling at close to 400 mph, free universities, lean-laws that do not suffocate citizens, prisons that emphasize treatment over punishment, businesses that are yours to control and benefit from, parks that are adequately funded, an environment that is protected, a nationalized medical system that provides eye, dental, psychiatric, and medical services, all of these and many yet envisioned benefits are not gifts from some self-anointed upper class of looters that can be taken away in the next election cycle but the payback from all your efforts at collectively shaping and determining your own destiny with your fellow human beings.

An insightful human being told me that change is anathema to the species. That to gain acceptance of such a radical reorganization as a total societal swap our Movement would have to convince the majority population that each individual would be trained on the new Political Cloud systems and eased into the new civilizationist society. Presumably, change is hard to accept, it is far easier to 'cruise along' even in this autocratic top-heavy 'taker' capitalism. Probably it is the fear affixed to change, the result of not auto-piloting along a known trajectory that invokes hesitation to move boldly in a new direction even when it is overwhelmingly perceived to be far superior to the existing rut.

Let me interject this fact. Please do not take this the wrong way because it is not intended to be an insult but only meant to state a biologically noticed standard that somehow seemed to pass humanity up. Contrary to all the natural laws of logic, humanity is vacillating, most sane sentient beings would have run for the exits long ago welding them shut once safely through to keep from ever re-experiencing such a horrible state of affairs. Evidently, most citizens on this sphere would rather find the same rusty shackle to lock themselves into at the same Corporate Dictatorship, traveling down the same bumper-to-bumper highways, with the same political stooges running the show, than raise a finger to make their lives better. That is why at every step along the way we will all be helping each other, by assisting our brothers and sisters through this transition to an admittedly alien societal superstructure. Historically, there has never been a fully 24/7 bottom-up democratically oriented societal structure on this planet. Every single society has been an anachronistic derivation of feudalism in many an unusual form with a ruling class that takes more than they give. Therefore, it is obvious that our proposal to radically alter every known element of the societal template including but not exclusive to the economic, legal, and social elements is probably a bit frightening for a planet that cherishes routine. Fear not, all of us will use our special skillsets to ease the community of humankind into a modern democratic worldwide civilization.

Once we have moved from the primitive capitalist to the advanced civilizationist society we will look back in wonder at how we let so much of our potential happiness just slip away. For those who are young you will be the first to experience pure joy. Those of us who are older will have our remaining years filled with happiness without the overarching stresses that we could never escape in a 'taker' feudalist society like capitalism. Negativism will be abundant on our journey out of this primitive parasitic capitalism to our civilizationist diverse network of empowered communities. Fights will erupt across what is an already destabilized degenerate capitalist societal framework. Those in the self-anointed class, the billionaires who truly believe they have a right to economically strip-mine the planet just to line their pockets with more loot than any other feudal lords in history will try to destroy us and discredit our creed. Yet again, those who are not prepared to work to make this brighter egalitarian future a reality had better find themselves a cave to hide out in as this dramatic shift from authoritarianism to genuine democracy plays itself out. Starting with our "Liberty Congress" or some other convention, possibly even a few conventions, the framing of a "Declaration of Freedom", and a "Movement Constitution", we will all be struggling far and wide to release the looters tentacles from our backs. For too long, the 1% bloodsuckers have emaciated our spirits, bodies, and our imaginations turning us into mere shells of the human beings we have the ability to become. Now is our time to turn the tide on history, and from this point forward chart our own course - a future without barriers. Nothing will impede the progress of the many once we set our sights upon the colorful flowers that blossom in the hills beyond our prison walls.