Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Momentous Revitalization of the Human Spirit

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All the creative approaches focusing our Fifth-Column reorganization of the current mega-business society are very encouraging. Excellent move Ferguson, Missouri getting those 70,000 signatures on a petition to demand the disqualification of the prosecutor. Working with your local church leaders is also a good cooperative fusing of support from all quarters of the resistance. Though not new from a tactical standpoint it is the amalgamation of various methods at putting pressure on those not yet integrated into our People’s Movement Fifth-Column that will move us in the right direction.

Now let’s switch gears and focus our attention across the United States and end by encircling the globe. Don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression that Ferguson is a myopic all important outcome for the movement. There have been some very unique ways citizens have been exposing the hypocrisy, corruption, dysfunctional ultra-capitalist dogma, and the absurdity of this destabilized Corporatist society. Every individual action to discredit this exploitive system of superfluous wealth creation hammers another stake into the heart of a parasitic ideology that feeds upon our sweat and tears.

Words can’t express my joy at observing the palpable fear emanating from the elite underworld! Facing injustice head-on from Ferguson to the many rebellious acts of individuals we’re fighting back against the big-moneyed 1% pirates. All our unique ways of conveying a message, protesting, social networking, communicating media investigations, and many other original means of protest are disintegrating the legitimacy of this feudal incarnation.

Our purple is a wave of human ingenuity that implements brilliant responses to discredit this dysfunctional wealth sucking sociopathic kingdom of superrich oppressors.

It’s amazing how truly beautiful we all are deep down inside when we’re freed from an ideology of greed. Once we realize that we are the rightful heirs to a society that is under our control devoid of Leviathan manipulators it is transformative – our unconscious soul reawakens to a kaleidoscope of unlimited possibilities. Arousing a counter society from within the chains of a slave culture is invigorating. What we are flooding across the societal template that is ours to generate is a planetary viral wave. Utilizing all channels of communication we are vaporizing the plutocratic underpinning of this manipulative self-destructive society of unrestrained pillage.

Destabilizing an already teetering feudal contrivance isn’t all that difficult when our Fifth Column is continuing to expand exponentially. We are all blessed to participate in this momentous revitalization of the human spirit. Ours is a history evolving from a constellation of unbridled passions. Freedom escaping from the cloak of tyranny this is the glorious evolution of our civilization.