Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Civilizationism is a Democratic Systems-Linked Modern Minimalist Oriented Civilization

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There is a misconception that by freeing workers at their businesses from CEO executive office tyrants, and other self-anointed 'takers' that somehow Civilizationism is nothing more than Socialism all prettied up for a new generation. Nothing can be further from the truth. What the People's Movement alternative societal framework called Civilizationism proposes to do is to finally empower workers, give them their self-determination, freedom from arbitrary petty dictatorial regimes, let them own and run their businesses how they see fit. This in no way has anything to do with Socialism or Communism. We have never suggested that the 99% who work for a living trade in their private slave camps for government run public prisons where the CEO jailer is replaced by a government Commissar slave-master. Nowhere does it say that your status as a worker slave will remain the same with just the titles of the jailers changing.

Under Civilizationism the only significant difference between the current economic facet that is a part of Capitalism and Civilizationism's equivalent would be that laborers - everyone has a direct say in how their lives are ordered and receives undiluted, all the income that they generate. Essentially, what the People's Movement is proposing would be this planet's first bottom-up democracy whereby all decisions on every facet of business and public life would be made by everyone through an advanced Societal Social Network. That's right; we are proposing the creation of a modern 21st Century technologically advanced civilization that empowers everyone in the decisions that have thus far been relegated to 1% lobbyist-snatched political hacks, and an army of 1% enablers of this elaborate societal parasitism.

1% propagandist spin, or however the misinformation was started that describes Civilizationism as some stepchild of Socialism or worse yet the close sibling of Communism is just dead wrong. Civilizationism is essentially about giving the 99% who have been the slaves of a degenerate 1% societal system of extortion and victimization absolute freedom to order their lives the way they want, without greedy scam artists siphoning off all the planetary income and wealth. The entire stream of income generated by the 99% will be theirs to do with what they desire. Bloated blue-veined hands will no longer snatch away all the big-bills leaving only spare change for the 99% to fight over.

All of the income generated by workers at their firms will be dispersed through a democratic process within their business level Societal Social Networks. The workers will apportion the income they receive from the sale of their firm's products or services between salaries, reinvestment back into the business, and other uses that will be entirely dependent upon the final workforce vote based on analyzing a multitude of operational and functional issues presented within their local business Societal Social Networks. The information about the health of the worker owned business, it's financial statements, balance sheet, cash on hand, condition of its fixed assets (heavy-duty machines and equipment), all that constitutes the nuts-and-bolts of a business operation will be presented inside a business Societal Social Network. An administrative layer of accountants, financial analysts, and marketers, those workers who manage the quarterly health of a business will feed the firm's Societal Social Network with metrics and information that the system will then present in an easily understandable format to the entire workforce who will then make the necessary decisions related to the operation of the business.

Civilizationism will be the first technologically oriented societal framework for a 21st Century that sorely needs to replace the 1% scheme of 99% societal exploitation called Capitalism. Instead of a Hodge Podge of misaligned, maladjusted, non-complementary, poorly integrated thrown together contrivances bubbling up from a cauldron of dishonesty, arrogance, and a general sociological world-view that relegates the majority population to a place of subservience Civilizationism is the well thought out modern democratically organized civilization that will finally place Capitalism and all its feudal relics in the dumpster labeled: "Societal Failures." Contrary to the current 1% Corporate Dictatorship that cleaves to Capitalism like a theological imperative blessing all aspects of a system of pillage that keeps the loot coming in from down below the 99% who follow the teachings of the People's Movement will embrace modernism, a scientific approach towards solving problems that joins the concept of stability, an understanding that all interconnected systems must not destabilize or negatively perturb their counterparts into chaos. Slip-shot slapping together of societal facets like an economy, media, government, and the social fabric conducive to maintaining a 1% parasitic extraction of income, resources, and wealth from the majority population - this diseased dinosaur that is teetering on the brink of collapse - this Capitalist system of exploitation is exactly what we do not need to haphazardly recreate.

All of us deserve better than a society organized over time not to work together for the entire citizenry of this planet but instead to only work for a few well-connected 1% bandits who use the military, police, and laws to keep us slaving in their businesses and cowering meekly in our bank-owned housing. There is no real reason why the 99% cannot and should not revolt against the yoke of a Capitalist system only designed to look after the exclusive interests of a sliver of this world's population. The entire edifice of this societal abomination needs to be burned on a bonfire for all its parts only perpetuate the 1% system of exploitation generated by the whole Capitalist contrivance.

If and when the 99% of this world's population finally comprehend the state of their existence within a forced labor Gulag that is only contrived to benefit a tiny minority of rich gangsters they will also come to realize that to truly build something free upon the ashes of this monster will require that they dump many long held fallacious beliefs. First among these primitive beliefs is an adherence to religion - the primal need to put happenstance, chance occurrences into a spiritual context that 'explains' nature's indeterminism. Our new societal framework will be firmly rooted in science, a minimalist's interpretation of life merged with modernism, an embrace of the future that is only possible when everyone shares in the fruits of their labors and benefits from the investments made across an entire societal foundation's many facets.

So to fully understand and appreciate the new civilization that we need to build on the ashes of this feudal beast that has drained away all opportunities for the majority of this world's citizenry to advance - to successfully comprehend what it will mean to be enjoying the benefits of a truly modern egalitarian society will require all of us to toss out the paganism that has been promoted within this neo-feudal societal relic called Capitalism. We must purge ourselves of the "backward-thinking" contaminants, a fatalist's view of our lives and move forward towards a modernist's optimistic outlook toward life where anything is possible. This is a monumental task that most primitive cultures are unable to achieve but it is the first step towards moving from a primitive to a modern societal construct that will engender scientific not pagan oriented belief facets. Children always fear what they do not understand concocting many myths, games brought down through the generations that pass on truisms, stereotypes, dishonest situational assessments, and a litany of worthless guiding principles that adults cling to for guidance. Only science, the unabashed acceptance of what the facts are and the actionable transformations taken by the majority of a planet's population to move beyond mysticism will determine whether this blue planet and its primitive inhabitants will survive to reach an enlightened communal civilization.

If we finally reach a conscious state of futurism untarnished by spiritualism or falsities promoted by those with a vested interest to keep the majority licking off their shoes, somehow if this rare but possible awareness is attained in the general population of this planet with its richly diverse sentient population, then maybe, just maybe, Earth will move towards full-scope democracy in a Civilizationist civilization that empowers everyone in a modernist yet minimalist culture that embraces investing in the general population.

In such an expansive cultural orientation, a relevant civilization where democracy is infused into every nook-and-cranny of a citizen's life not only will there be a need for advanced Business Societal Social Networks integrating entire workplaces into the organizational template of every aspect of daily life. But within a Civilizationist Society their must also be a link or system that joins with the many Business Societal Social Networks to form a Political Societal Social Network more along the lines of a Cloud system bringing all the disjointed pieces together to solve issues that are important to a broader base of a greater community of human beings.

Citizens interacting in Political Societal Social Networks at the regional, national, and international level will consider issues affecting a more expansive set of communities joined together through shared interest in advancing not just their small part of the world but entire swaths of humanity. This is where communities will come together and link into various other community segments to decide legislation and taxation issues that ultimately benefit whole segments of the population. Since the entire social contract, legislation, taxation, even the business level Societal Social Networks will link into this giant Cloud nation-state and/or planetary system the citizenry has no need to elect lawmakers. Given how easily corruptible a mere mortal human being is a light and lean self-governing structure is an option taken by many sentient beings over an organized governmental regime that has legislators. This is completely up to the majority population whether they want to have lawmakers that carry out their democratic will or reject the caretaker government approach and opt to have their Political Societal Social Networks' Cloud system(s) be the sole agent(s) of their intent.

What Civilizationism will achieve is the elimination of looters, parasites, and all the 'takers' who feel entitled to what they had no hand in creating or generating. CEOs, investors, managers, supervisors, lobbyists, and yes, maybe even lawmakers, a whole cadre of greed 'conveyors' and their 1% masters will be washed away. Only the producers, those who provide a service or make something either tangible or intangible will have a voice in how their firms are organized and the revenue generated by their hard work is distributed. All the groping hands stealing away trillions of dollars in income and wealth in the 1% Corporate Dictatorship's capitalist flimflam will now either be molding something of value to be sold on the open market or typing away to create a piece of software. No idle hands will be found in a Civilizationist society for it is the soul of a full-scope democracy that empowers the 99% to achieve the impossible, create the beautiful, and supercharge prosperity through massive investments across a multitude of communities all united and linked together in a modern minimalist culture of self-determination.