Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Message to Our Children

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Tomorrow will come in many splendid colors: blues, greens, and a brilliant white cascading in many directions across your border. My fear is that we've failed you miserably leaving you only darkness; the remnants of our civilization probably rest peacefully throughout what is now a divided continent. This is my message from a past that could have averted your painful future.

You've probably asked yourself more than once whether we knew that our politically motivated, selfish, egotistical, and arrogant actions would lead to the demise of civilization. The sad truth is - we knew. But our leaders were more interested in meeting some obscure dogma encrusted agenda than taking the necessary steps to save you from a future of hopelessness. Simply put no one cared whether they were perpetuating lies or disfiguring an already hideous economic model (ultra-capitalism) it was all justified to ensure their preeminent positions. That is why you've been 'blessed' with a tyrannical government that is comprised of ex-bankers. Any mistruth or boldfaced lie that could be used to explain why trillions of dollars should be carted monthly to the corporate headquarters of zombie banks was skillfully employed. You'll probably not believe this but the political puppets of the business elite even went so far as to suggest that what we needed more than a paycheck or deceit wages was more credit. In fact, they justified their draining of every last available dollar in support of these gluttonous pigs on the grounds that keeping them well fed would allow them to offer more credit to the credit needy population.

You must keep in mind when you're reading my writing of this time that logic never played prominently is any decision at any level in government, business, or in the lives of everyday citizens. No one ever cared to ask what the real ramifications would be of this or that action - all that mattered was who would benefit and if it was you so much the better. We were truly living in an uncivilized civilization resting on the haunches of an anointed self-serving ultra-capitalist religious caste that would stop at nothing to maintain their unobstructed thievery of income from the most productive citizens on the planet. The farcical propaganda of our time was skillfully bent by lobbyist minds (42,000) who worked endlessly to churn out rational explanations for this or that irrational action taken by their bought political stooges. When you're living day to day under a canopy of suffocating lies you become accustomed to the onslaught; in some unexplainable way their insanely idiotic premises begin making you numb. Every newly devised strategy for justifying why we should be pleased to live within a corrupt society geared to the exclusive service of the powerful only added more muck to their deluded incoherent worldview. It became so top heavy with propaganda that those of us who were the average citizen serfs started to realize that the political, business, and ivy tower holders of the truth started to contradict one another. Only our "ground truth" facts - those understood by the average man, woman, and child forced to live without adequate healthcare, education, labor rights, political power, decent wages, and respect remained solid under this shifting sludge of perpetual lies. We knew the truth even though they believed they were deceiving us.

The special purveyors of their distorted truth would fly off to G7 meeting or other forums to meet others of their misguided religious ultra-capitalist faith. They would extol the benefits to those who upheld and faithfully followed the precepts of the ultra-capitalist system but the only problem was none of us ever realized any benefit from their contorted, contrived economic system. We did experience endless Recessions, layoffs, outsourcing, declining real wages (over the past 32 years), leaner & meaner governments, deteriorating healthcare, a self-serving governmental elite, labor slavery, and the establishment of a class of business royalists that lived better than any 18th Century French king. It seems what is construed, as a benefit is wholly dependent upon whether you're living in the plantation or working in the fields. Obviously having you're every wish granted by your personal ultra-capitalist Jennie would be construed as being a benefit worth protecting at any cost even if it meant destroying the very society that others depended upon for their survival. Of course you can't get hung up on little details like that when you're living life in a constant stream of decadence (sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll) at the expense of your fellow human beings. That was the mindset of those who destroyed the future you're now being forced to suffer in under a tyrannical government.

These now extinct governments of our past failed you by embracing half measures rooted in distorted conformist dogma that was only meant to ever advance the interests of those who held power. If they could placate the general population into compliance a few million here or there didn't matter because the real money in the trillions would always be made available in an instant to those who really controlled the government - the corporate masters. Those of us who fought for your interests did the best we could given the sheer magnitude of corruption and control that these powerful elites exerted over the entire global society. Forgive us, we were but a few small voices arrayed against a colossal propaganda machine that worked night and day at distorting the truth.

Even given the onslaught of propaganda some eventually listened and that is why across your northern, and western border (if you can escape you're tyranny without getting shot) is a new country (the Central American States) that was founded upon the belief that every individual is relevant and that equity, equality, economic sustainability & balance, labor power, and a government directly answerable to the people not an entrenched elite is the foundation of good governance. To our children we at least bequeathed this gem in a rock bed of hell. This is all that we have to offer you for our inadequacy, acceptance, and foolish belief that we could make a difference in a land so completely overrun by greed and corruption. Take care for your life will be hard in the land of your fathers.