Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Memories of Life

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There was a moment when my life was exploding with a pulsing happiness of expectation. These reminisces come and go now that time has claimed its hold over my bright young past. I’m left with memories brilliantly colored with blue sky, expanses of brown dirt, mountains, a love once alive, cabins on a cheerful sweet morning, and many more possibilities sweep from my life dissipating in dust into the air. Time can be a painful reminder of promises unfulfilled. For if we were able to course through these long gone days we’d realize that foreknowledge would insist that we cherish these times - grasping them tightly only to release upon our certain death. Where not provided with wisdom until far to late to grasp the rock within the sparkling water – we just whimsically assume that opportunities missed, beauty taken for granted, and love ignored is just more pages to fill in our book not realizing that every story has its conclusion.

I once had a beautiful western experience cresting upon the dark blue skies and endless horizons experienced while traveling across our beautiful nation on a journey of life’s awakening. These reflections pass through my consciousness like silent ghosts seeking some sort of refuge from the futility of a life merged to a present fraught with stark hostility, exactness, and tumult. Wishing to be transported back to these days of clarity and simplicity I’m constantly tempted to attempt to strain through my daily activities in search of scarce bits of this happiness. Seldom do I find these elusive bits more precious than the light shining across my prairie fields.