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Corporate Media-Machine Decouples Economy from Destabilized Society

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Establishment media, the big-business propaganda machine is trying to decouple the economy from the destabilized society. Our interests, those of the civilized world are supposedly exclusively focused upon keeping terrorists at bay and ultimately atomizing their organizations to a fine dust. Once again the illusion shifters are obscuring the underlying reason why savagery in the form of inhuman mass killing psychopaths are crashing that huge battering ram against the gates of the Corporatist castle. Blanketing the oligarchic media channels is a blitzkrieg of fear that places the blame not on the buccaneer economy that ravages the underclass but on an aberration called religious radicalization in the form of terrorists who are comparable to mindless zombies. This is absurd, we have reached this point because a tangled web of elite corruption has supported dictators, rigged the gigantic societal leach so that millions fall or remain in abject poverty. Our upheaval is the result of a diabolical big-money society that leaves everyone in a 99% pit of destitution grasping at rarified fleeting income puffs. Too say that we are no longer focused upon the precipitating cause of all our problems, this 1% elite lobbyist infested mess called capitalist society, particularly the economic feudal underpinning that subverts and perverts humanity, is to liken the general population to a pack of slobbering morons.

If everywhere you turn, your entire experience in society is a screwed up mess would you not be convinced that most of those running the show are a bunch of bozos? How can the ruling elite and their bought-and-paid-for media parrots believe they can disconnect the global rich-take-all economy from the corrupt governments, and parasitic societal contrivance that has evolved over their reign? Even if they weave a tangled web that has the terrorist barbarians just sprouting up like so many weeds. Where to you suppose the weeds grew? They cannot be disconnected from their environment. What we are witnessing in all the convolutions rippling across this planetary big-business dictatorship are therefore not disconnected from a planet that is ecologically dying, an economy that leaves most in poverty, and governments that do not represent the will of the people. This societal abomination that funnels all wealth up to a class of privileged billionaires who have been looting potential prosperity over many decades has finally hit rock bottom, the vipers in the pit are ready to strike.

So when you hear someone droning on about how people could care less about the economy when terrorists are striking at this 'blessed civilization'. Ask them if equity, equality, justice, and freedom have always been a part of this global 'paradise'? If there answer is "yes" your response should be: then why has it been a breeding ground for such extreme hate and discontent? Wars proliferate; violent death is becoming the norm, impoverishment an accepted condition of a sinking working class, opulence the expected state of our elite rulers, factionalism promoted, and environmental destruction that leaves many without adequate clean water or farm land. But somehow the ruling 1% would have us believe all these problems are disconnected from how they have administered this global gulag.

Given what we know of our 1% rulers that they are incompetent jackasses' intent upon lounging like couch potatoes or partying themselves into a mindless stupor we should not be shocked at the outcome of the society that they concocted. Global capitalism that has propped up 'friendly' capitalist tyrants and spat on laborers all along refusing to acknowledge the injustices committed against the general citizenry is clearly collapsing. What we are experiencing are the symptoms of a dying system. A culture that devalues humanity, thrones sociopaths, promotes deviants, grooms torture loving despots, worships money, and covets power can never be expected to endure, it will devolve into obscurity. This is the only plausible outcome for such a despicable religion of absolute dominance that subjugates the individual, and abolishes community.

Just like the environment the interconnectedness of society can perturb events either positively or negatively. How rational the culture is will determine the magnitude of the positive perturbations. The more irrational the cultural template the greater the negative outcomes experienced by all members of the society. For once the destabilization terminus has been crossed within a dehumanized irrational social construction organized around the aggrandizement of a ruling class there is not a force in the universe that can inhibit the society's eventual downfall.

After the fall, when we survey the ruins of the society that enslaved millions so a tiny fraction of humanity could live like sultans will we shed a tear? Or will we resolve to build a global democratic society where all have an equal chance at prospering - a united blue planet under three-diagonal stripes of purple.