Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

May 15th Deafening Howling Roar

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With momentum building behind the fast food workers global strike on May 15th let’s move the People’s Movement stay-at-home day from May 12th to May 15th in support of our fellow citizens. Also, if you feel more inclined to walk in a picket line in a more traditional planetary strike protesting poor wages and oligarchic controlled governments by all means link arms with laborers from whatever profession you prefer. Every organization that supports whatever segment of the unrepresented majority of global citizens should join in this strike.

Massive protests should rock every major city. Send a clear message that we will no longer accept the status quo. We’re tired of being treated like sharecroppers forced to buy on credit because our income/wages is pilfered to feed a gluttonous 1% of elite looters so they can live like kings. Tell the lobbyist controlled governments we demand real constituent representation not this shame bought and paid for by oligarchic mobsters.

March on every Capitol. Let the vibration of our approaching feet be heard around a blue planet infuriated at being treated like mere beasts of burden. Wave upon wave of citizens should transform every street on this sphere of injustice into a sea of humanity. Give these wicked gulag wardens that have stolen our future a scare. Shake these magnets of indecent greed from their perpetual state of illusion.

Make it perfectly clear that their intricate web of corrupt societal structures built upon economic contrivances will be blasted straight to hell from where they originate. The interlinked network of organizations that support this societal poisoning will be dismantled. Pour the poison back into the cesspool. Show them how mad we are at having our passionate souls sterilized by their machine, droid, zombie inspired processes that dehumanized and humiliate.

These sociopath inspired power mutants sole reason for living is to suck every drop of income straight to their Swiss accounts. Their entire edifice of evil is geared towards destroying an entire planet so that they can load their castles with mountains of booty. These modern day pirates will leave nothing but a wasteland if we don’t confront their tyranny.

Cover the landmasses in a rising tide of purple flooding over into seething tide ripping oceans.

Tired of being worked to death for the exclusive benefit of these greedy elite kingpins, the putrid party hardy Wall Street investors, CEO’s, and others ransacking the planet’s entire income stream – thunder your displeasure straight to the top of their skyscrapers.

Citizens of this despoiled planet will be wrenching our hard-earned income back from these monsters. The ultimate “claw-back” is in the works. Thousands, millions, no, billions of citizens will no longer be sacrificed for this private jet flying crowd of leaches.

Next week the people’s return to dominance commences. Our long awaited, patiently anticipated answer to being forgotten, dishonored, financially wrecked, and turned into penny pinching debtors crawling to lick up the income drops falling from the money oceans dammed up top will be heard in a deafening howling roar.