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Manipulation of Essential Societal Systems Risks Civilization’s Demise

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Talking about income inequality has accomplished nothing other than give the professional Economists a new area to confound the logical by making it incomprehensible. There is even a six-hundred plus page book by a French economic ‘expert’ that is now the essential text of the ‘enlightened’ educated class. Maybe, they all gather for a party in extreme minutia each attempting to isolate aspects of the contrived economic system that corresponds to this or that element described in the book.

Let’s drop down to crystal clear reality for a moment. Income inequality, the declining share of the income that is the lifeblood of the global economy is mercilessly pumped up to the manipulators – those who make up the top 1% of all income thieves.

Draining the economy of its vitality by not allowing a significant portion of the income to flow freely from the majority of citizens wallets stifles any potential multiplicative dynamism that is essential to a healthy growing global economy.

There is really know reason other than unquenchable greed that drives the oligarchs to dam up income only to allow a trickle to flow down the dried up income streams. Debt extended from the economic dictators to the majority of citizens is reaching a critical mass – available real income that doesn’t grow can’t sustain ever increasing debt loads. At some point the debt that is substituted for income can no longer increase – servicing the debt is the only plausible end result of unsustainable infusions of easy credit.

Knowing the maximum sustainable income drain would be very useful. For business executives, top investors, and others in the oligarchic club to just assume they can distort the economy – evacuate it of all essential income – leave it withering without any effect to the overall socio-economic system – this is an idiot’s fantasy.

Worse yet is to equate low-wage job growth with a healthy pulsating economy that is vigorously alive with surging income flowing freely across all actively participating economic players. Driving wages into the dirt only reduces the relevance of the income already horded up top. With the entire economy dying a slow death all members of the planetary family will suffer. Those in the nose-bleed high-life rarified stratosphere of billions and trillions of dollars are not immune from or safely quarantined from the effects of their income manipulation – a distorted, disjointed, contrived destabilized system.

An economy is a naturally occurring system of all sentient entities. Therefore, it operates inside well-defined rules that are inviolate not easily manipulated without infusing the whole system with uncontrollable perturbations that destabilize it to the point of leaving it dysfunctional.

Sufficient income must reach all participants. This is not socialism but an essential component of any system that derives its continued health from an energetic flow of an essential sustenance that is converted into energy.

Bringing some semblance of balance to any chaotic system devoid of any internal pattern usually resulting from the interplay of natural inorganic entities is achieved by maintaining the dynamic system within well understood states that don’t cause it to perturb to total anarchy. When this point is reached with a societal system the effects can be devastating with other essential sentient constructs also devolving into uncontrolled and undetermined future states – societal implosion is a short distance away.

We must not aggravate economic disorder by instituting contrivances into basic societal states – the result is systemic social collapse. The interplay of reflexive intelligent sentient responses to minority manipulation of primary societal systems will be sufficiently extreme to destroy a civilization.