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Vote for Bernie Sanders - Make Way for Real Democracy, Not This Cheap Substitute

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Political machines have been fully mobilized in the 2016 U.S. Presidential primaries to ensure that citizens do not place their votes for candidates who have not been approved by "The Establishment". Voters are starting to realize that they are only temporarily released from their corporate slave cages every few years to do their duty to ensure the prolongation of this mockery of liberty that is propped up by the Corporate Dictatorship. Their role is to be the faithful fury pet that walks placidly next to their leash tugging master never dragging or pulling on their collar and tether. Just wad in your hand a few extra drool rags so you can intercept those long stringy saliva gobs that make rivulets down the side of your neck when your eyes glaze over from this round of voting for your 'favorite' sanctioned candidate.

Going through the motions in the polling booth you will yet again pull a lever or push a button to validate to the world that the U.S. is a 'democracy'. Beware, you have well defined parameters, boundaries that you had better not cross, because the propaganda organ that is mega-business media has drilled into our heads that smart voters do not 'waste' their votes on all those unapproved, unknown, poorly supported 'other' political parties not properly bought out by "The Establishment" pirates. Keep it simple, only vote for Democratic or Republican Party flunkies. Most important to the entire charade is to not forget to snuggly secure your blinders to your face so you do not see all those other political parties like the Green Party, Socialist Party, Libertarian Party, and many others who have office seekers that never get any mainstream media coverage. Odd that our first inkling these 'others' exist is when we get to the polling booth to perform our duty for the supreme gods of business.

Keep this little tidbit of information in your lead poisoned memory. Those subversives who do not follow the edicts of the rut worn status quo that is the unquestioning blob of homogenous capitalist society will pay dearly for their transgressions. Straying from the holiest of holies that is our 1% masters' gospel will lead you to destitution without employment, failing brakes, or a car that mysteriously blows up. That is the price you will pay for waking your cellmates from their capitalist love fest. So whatever you do, never let your hand sway from the big-business 1% approved parties whose candidates have a long history of selling out the American people. Deviating from the prescribed plan of big-business socialism ensured by "The Establishment" two-party machine should never make you feel dirty, like an abnormal deviant on the verge of questioning this insanity, for it is not your place to question, just to keep those drops of drool out of your ruler's caviar. If you do start having your doubts about this almighty parasitism then maybe you had better see a shrink.

How inconsiderate of me, your Obamacare health insurance plan with that $5,000 plus deductible means you will probably have to foot the bill for the head doctor. Your skinny salary that each year drags you further into poverty cannot be used to pay for your treatment because there is nothing left after covering what you fork out for subsistence products and services that mysteriously jump in price annually. Double digit spikes in basic commodity costs not supported by rising wages but instead with credit are funneled straight up to the gluttonous CEOs, executives, and other anointed upper class vultures. Those of us working at the rock pit never see any extra money. Each day is the same as the last, all interwoven into a continuous crawl to the slag heap.

Vigilance is called for at all levels of the prison population. How else are we to identify the troublemakers not satisfied with their generally declining standard of living? Know the signs. Independent thoughts and actions could be an indication that you or someone you love has antiestablishment syndrome a very serious condition that turns you into an endlessly questioning investigator. Another non-status-quo disease that is often fatal triggers the call-up of a regiment of HR commandos set in to finish you off. Dredging the bottom of the Internet they look for anything writings where you express an opinion that is contrary to your business lords' corruption resplendent paradise. If these Human Resource sterilizers find anything objectionable, the slightest intellectual spark, they will turn you into an unemployable exile. There obtuse rational for blackballing you will center on their stilted conclusion that you may disturb the tranquil sheep laboring along without objection. You might contaminate the purified work environment where flat-lined robots just obey without question the edicts coming down from the royals. From that point on you will be flagged as a seditious deviant not suitable for regular employment.

So from a simple act of defiance or cogent introspection you could start thinking for yourself in a world that insists that all its labor slaves just follow commands without question. Our lords' demand that we select a candidate that they in their "Establishment" wisdom have already determined would make a flexible puppet who can do somersaults when they move the strings just so - a very limber frequently prostrate luxury hound hooked to the hips of the impressionable general population that faithfully elects and reelects this do-nothing seat warmer. We all have our responsibilities to our most-high income bleeders. Perpetuation of the fa├žade that is the fraud of majority constituent democracy is our most solemn of duties that we exercise for our shadow government kings and queens. You would not want them to waste a good labor slave who still has the potential to be bled out by assessing your true condition.

Remember, all bought-and-paid-for transnational corporate approved candidates have already been vetted for essential skills like rolling over, or barking like a dog, these are some of the most essential characteristics of obedient super marionette backstabbers. Try not to let it ruin your sentence in the stockades. Do not get all teary eyed for the 'good ole days'. Just hunker down and crank out more services, products, or software programs for your masters who must have the extra money they get from selling these goodies so they can invest in Wall Street to make a bundle to buy evermore extravagant luxuries. Don't worry; given time all that loot carted in from your hours of toil will be lent back to you at usury interest rates by those same banksters who also service the elite cronies. This easy credit will be extended to all valley dwellers so they can get further in debt to the 'company store' for purchases they make in this vaporous circle of fraud. The only one loosing big-time on all this graft that is only possible because of your intellectual prowess, brawn, or special skills is you the toiler - the future all-time gulag slave whose only possession will be a bunk bed inside a dirt floor prison complex. Our People's Movement has blown this charade wide-open. Exposing the big-money interests who control every facet of a corrupt and generally degenerate capitalist society designed exclusively to benefit a 1% elite kingdom of absolute rulers it is now high-time we hauled these decadent sociopaths from their palaces forcing them to exist on our scrimpy paychecks while we seized their toys, vacation homes, and other over-the-top luxuries for the use of the citizenry on a communal basis.

Most of us do not know the meaning of luxury. We live out our days in dingy apartments, houses in need of repair, travel trailers, or under bridges. While "The Establishment" is playing their games manipulating public opinion for this or that candidate the rest of us in the 99% are struggling to put food on the table, not fall further into debt, pay our bills, and kiss-up to managers so that we are not canned in the next round of corporate downsizings. That is what we mean by an out-of-touch power base, an elite cabal that has lost touch with the mass of labor slaves who they believe are just content to just bow down like in the past but who are really aligning themselves behind any candidate who echoes their pent up frustrations. Valley dwellers, all of us in the slave gang working harder and harder for less and less money, falling further behind with each passing day not only want a candidate who will sympathize with us but also a leader who will coordinate the storming of "The Establishment" castles so that we may take back what is rightfully ours - all the money the corporate mafia stole from those of us who labored so they could spend like sultans.

Purple Power is the driving force, our coordinated attack on the elite con-artists. These manipulative fairy tale weavers may believe they have found the perfect "marks" in a majority that in the past has bowed down to them but now we are plotting to sack their castles. Our combined actions reflect an egalitarian, respect, and dignity based belief system that we have internalized. Our bond represents a wave of purple that through our Fifth Column is the actual society that we are objectifying in our unique transformative process - an egalitarian purely democratic civilizationist culture that invites and includes everyone regardless of religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or any other individual characteristic.

Uniting an entire planet across this diabolical capitalist cultural abstraction layer that rests atop a whole host of divisive ideologies, religions, and especially artificial borders that separate all of us from the rest of humankind is the central goal of our People's Movement. Our central credo that separates and clarifies who we are and what we represent is the conviction that all sentient beings have a natural right to democratically control their own destiny not just in short spurts outside work but throughout their entire day. There should be no constraints or roadblocks that inhibit the continuous stream of 24/7 individual democratic actions across the full-scope of a society. Anything other than total and complete liberty is nothing more than an illusion designed by a ruling class to obfuscate the true autocratic conditions they imposed upon subjugated lower classes. If a hierarchical power structure with a supreme class of Establishment one percenters is not exploiting the majority population so they can acquire unfathomable wealth then why do they need to control the outcome of political primaries by front-loading the Democratic Party elite favorite Hilary Clinton with more than two-thirds of the 'super' delegates or back-loading the Republican Party convention process with elite boss bigwigs that could buy and sell delegates regardless of who the primary voters selected.

Building a genuine democracy that is not a sham orchestrated by millionaire lobbyists who are the surrogates of big-business executives and upper-class billionaires ruling the entire house of cards in a shadow government can only be achieved once we transfer ownership, control, and receipt of all corporate revenue to the workers. Power that is now in the hands of a tiny too-rich-to-give-a-damn gang of CEOs, executives, and major investors will pass into the purple ocean that is the general population gradually assuming control. Let us take control from all the self-anointed sociopaths who believe they have a right to rule over the general population. Once we gain power we will toss out all the unjust laws that countervail our indelible right to collectively chart our own future free from manipulative superpacs, mindless CEO braggarts, and all the rest of the financial institution casino playboys and playgirls. Ours will be a voyage into the heart of unblemished democracy. Collectively our diverse community will construct the first modern civilization that respects the individual voice of each and every contributing member of People's Movement nation-states that gradually will envelope the planet to give rise to a borderless Earth Planetary Parliament.

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First and foremost prior to activating our planetary-wide purple sweep of all the current Corporate Dictatorship controlled nation-states we must secure a transitional government with Bernie Sanders at the helm as President of the United States. Without replacing the gerrymandered capitalist society that props up the 1% elite rulers and their shadow government global nucleus in the United States our emancipation of the remaining capitalist big-business autocracies will be seriously imperiled. Voters in the United States must come out in droves for Bernie if we are to carry the mandate of a people demanding to be free not just at home but also at work to the unresponsive elite controlled Democratic Convention.

There just is not any more time left to get the revolution moving forward in a progressive purple wave of democratic change. Osmosis will not break our chains of labor servitude only decisive actions by an energized general population. To brush off this singular opportunity to determine our collective destiny in an all-inclusive liberty and instead settle for a bought-out business puppet like Hilary Clinton or a power hungry sociopath, sexist, and racist want-a-be Emperor like Donald Trump would be a tragic turn of events that would set our cause back decades. These paragons of status quo want you to believe that dreams are a thing of the past that we should instead hunker down, dial back our inspirations, stop chasing a better future, and just accept our fate. A more of the same, day-in-day-out drudgery where we brake our cars in endless bumper-to-bumper traffic on dirty crumbling roads, with less money in our pockets all so these superrich parasites' can laugh at us while they stuff their offshore and Swiss bank accounts with billions to trillions of dollars in loot.

Why not aspire to build a better society that is not a sexist feudal lords' holdback but instead a first of its kind civilizationist civilization that empowers everyone not just those who happen to be good at being scoundrels. Sitting in hours long traffic jams going to and coming from work you must have dreamed the big dreams that all of us have about how nice it would be to fly down the median of the interstate highway in an elevated maglev-train traveling 350 plus mph comfortably waiting for your arrival at the exit ramp parking garage downtown or in the suburbs.

What is stopping us from building this comprehensive nationwide interstate transportation system that anyone could take free-of-charge to any destination. It surely is not limited financial resources that are now being fritted away by a filthy-rich lobbyist empowering big-business mafia. The United States of America has the money to invest in many nationwide community improvements if income went to the general working population who would in turn dramatically stimulate our income suffocating economy out of its upper leach bled stagnation. A real economy humming along with plentiful income fuel instead of this financial casino vapor economy that only generates insubstantial paper assets for a tiny well-connect gang of robber-barons would exponentially expand government coffers with tax revenue and grow citizen bank accounts. So do not let anyone tell you we do not have the resources to build the western state alternative energy powered national superfast maglev-train gridlock eradicator.

Let's not stop there. Keep those dreams coming - let us aspire to create a genuine democracy. Tell "The Establishment" through your actions that you are sick-in-tired of existing in a manipulative ruse that milks all workers of money so an upper-class can live like sultans and send their kids to the best Ivy League universities. Give these inconsiderate sociopaths a message that is loud and clear. Broadcast across every electronic network, social media site, Twitter, Facebook, using paper notes, with every voice in our People's Movement Fifth Column speaking out in a deafening unison that:

"We have lost confidence in all the self-anointed leaders in the Corporate Dictatorship and governments and therefore no longer recognize their authority. We the community of people in the general population have the right to chart our own destiny. Today is our Independence Day. Our futures' will no longer be determined by disconnected blobs giving orders to all us underlings to row the slave galley faster so they can stuff more loot in their bulging pockets."

Below is a recap of the platform for the first 24/7 fully democratic People's Movement government in the United States that we can also use as a template for investing in the entire world....

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We now have our work cut out for us. First, we need to elect Bernie Sanders who will be our transitional leader out of vulture capitalism into civilizationism. He will pave the road to liberty in a new civilizationist society within a complementary People's Movement 24/7 worker and citizen empowered democracy. No other opportunity will present itself. Tune out the distractions coming from a destabilized capitalist world that is collapsing under an exploitative form of feudalism. Once we replace this global 'taker' society with our egalitarian civilization that does not hold back a single person but provides unlimited opportunities for all to advance it will become abundantly clear that it was the degenerate capitalist society that was perpetuating all the turmoil on the planet - a fractured place with too little opportunity. When we look back ten years from now we will shake our heads in amazement at how we let these extortionists have free rein for so many years without even questioning their legitimacy. Knock the prison fences down. Make way for a real democracy, not the sham we have been forced to pretend is freedom.