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1933 Lull In Our Demand Starved Depression

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Why all the talk about how the economy is continuing to grow? Aren’t all the high rolling caviar eating plant brains that’ve cultivated a taste for fairy tales been premature in suggesting that the short-term stimulated U.S. economy has been expanding? Let’s face facts. The success of the short-term federal stimulus infusion sparingly doled out over months is based upon a faulty premise.

The assumption made by all the anointed economic dogmatists is that our ultra capitalist system is structurally sound. There is absolutely no way this contrived income sucking elitist leech needs anything but a boost, a pump priming to get it’s wage-slave gears grinding merrily along their worn grooves. But this is an assumption based upon a faulty premise.

But credit is due where credit is earned.

By legislating a scattershot fiscal stimulation across a multitude of industries the Obama administration was able to temporarily arrest the slide of our economy into the abyss. This infusion of federal funds forestalled our day of reckoning by a few months. The Depression beast was just biding its time (like in 1933), licking its wounds, but this did give us a little time to catch our breath.

Therefore, credit must be given to the government for blunting the blow of this income crisis (demand starved) Depression. For without the propping up of various sectors of the U.S. economy that this short-term stimulus provided we would have fallen quickly into a demand plummeting deflationary death spiral.

But the orthodox planet brains mumble on, and on.

With their glazed eyes fixed on a whitewashed wall they hysterically slur a well-rehearsed chant; “We must take the righteous path of fiscal austerity. Make the ‘little people’ pay, pay, pay. Lower taxes on businesses, so they can continue to hire cheaper, and cheaper wage slaves so we’re not all doomed, doomed, doomed.”

This plant brain dribble is more entertaining than a Mel Brooks comedy.

These orthodox supply-side thumpers are now saying that they can detect no Keynesian mulitplier effect being generated by this short-term stimulus. This is the most ridiculous absurdity ever uttered by semi-cogent plant brains.

Afterall, we may be wrong about semi-cogent. You know they don’t call them vegetables for nothing.

Have these cucumbers stumbled onto a fertile piece of land?

Not really! With only a portion of the short-term federal stimulus being pumped into our country’s economic engine we were able to sputter along for months.

You’d have to have been living in a cave and been part of the mushroom crowd to adhere to this misguided conclusion that only a few crumbs of an already anemic short-term stimulus was able on its own to sustain an economy for a few months – that is through May of 2010.

Fact not fiction; the creating of an additional 600,000 jobs, the increase in the GDP, and the rise in consumer spending (even though brief) would never have been possible if it weren’t for the Keynesian mulitplier effect that took hold from the injection of the federal short-term stimulus funds.

But the problem remains. We are once again falling down the chute of this Depression. The short-term federal stimulus propping up our moribund economy (by the way, it’s globally tied) has been exhausted – at least this scroungy little penny-pinching phase.

What’s needed is not the poring in of more chlorine into a swimming pool that is terminally out of balance with levels of both chlorine and muriatic acid so high that the water itself is no longer capable of responding. No, what we absolutely can’t afford is the funneling of more U.S. taxpayer money into an unsustainable economic system. The whole damn thing needs to be reworked, or to use the analogy above; we need to drain the water from the pool and add fresh clean water that will favorably adjust, move towards a sustainable, stable state, once the right amounts of chlorine and muriatic acid have been added to achieve a balanced condition that will not burn the eyes of a swimmer.

Similarly, we must have targeted transformative long-term economic investment stimulation (TTLEIS), an international elected body of labor & business representatives that reach agreement on labor rights, minimum wage rates across professions, and other stabilizing legislation that brings labor (chlorine) and business (muriatic acid) in sync so income doesn’t all flow to the Corporatists creating a highly toxic destabilized planetary economic cesspool.

So in order to begin to effect meaningful change to our highly perturbed Corporatist society (that is geared towards the exclusive enrichment of elites) we must first drain our economic pool of it’s ionically dead water. Only then will we start creating good paying decent jobs in not only our country but across this blighted lowest cost labor hell.

Ruination is our shared destiny for none of us can ‘swim’ in this ultra capitalist economic pool unless we pull the plug on this abomination of privilege.