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Lobbyists Love Vulture Capitalism

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Peering deeper into the economic caldron may reveal more serious structural problems. The global economy is teetering on the precipice of collapse. All the machinations associated with propping up this income starved demand constrained system of thievery within this degenerate society only reinforce the inherent economic instability. Wall Street flimflam artists' place bets for wealth thirsty capitalists. Using the flood of 'blood income' cut from workers lives the 1% gamers of this amoral society perpetuate a fiction that a farcical 'economy' can create something out of nothing.

Is it a delusion? That is what our leaders would like us to fall prey to that we are all brainless specs crawling around in an alternate reality, a pleasure filled, happy go-lucky world where all is possible. It must be the thin air that blows fairy dust across this 'blessed' planet. That has to be it. Somehow these twinkling juiced up particles have transformative properties. They are able to multiply all the sucked up income from this world's economy into many more millions, billions, and trillions of dollars. Wait! Do not give all the acclaim to the fairy dust. Many an expert will swear that it is the gambling vortex, all those stock markets like Wall Street that miraculously generate steaming hot helpings of wealth out of that thin air. No matter how we get from nothing to something is unimportant. What is crucial is we need to continue to allow our wages to be pilfered away so the elite vultures can complete their virtuous circle of income 'creation'. More incredulous than disbelieving in the Abominable Snowman would be if you questioned the 'logic' of this flawless capitalist society. A heartless citizen might even suggest that our 'dream exterminators', all the kings and queens of the capitalist super-duper class should forgo the love and affection of their adorable lobbyist pets. That is a surreal suggestion.

Already the drool rags are dripping all over the marble. Fear has a way of bringing out the worst in our island buying puppeteers. Mops are crisscrossing the floor frantically sopping up the saliva of these apprehensive intellectual giants. Ted Cruz may even pull out his iPad for a few extra hours of that zombie game he just cannot put down. This is the same "Non-Establishment" sage with the wife that flies the bacon home in B-52 sized cargo planes from the Goldman Sachs kingdom. She might even invite some of her Goldman Sacks pals over for a 'Buy off the Candidate Party'. Do you want a piece of that action? Maybe you could donate the couple of dollars left in your wallet to this truly needy holy water drinking savant who just happens to be a 'revolutionary' peoples' man.

Looking down even deeper into the lobbyist controlled shadow government we find legislative hacks mistaking their drool rags for weepy tissues. They are obviously heartbroken over the number of blue planet citizens who struggle to pay mounting bills. These happy corruptors who are the paragons of honesty would rather spread tall tales about how wonderful life is in the hinterlands. This helps perpetuate the essential fiction that it is your fault for not succeeding even though the entire society is rigged to exclusively enrich the upper class. Who needs purveyors of dishonesty like marketers when so many legislators already have a knack for this sort of illusion formulation?

A perfect example of this twisted form of indoctrination is the standard retort muttered by most of us. "That's just the way it is." What a useless excuse, a copout parroted automatically without the need to fire a single dormant neuron. We can then just sit back, prop our feet up on the rickety furniture that we are in hock to the bank for, in the house that the bank also owns, looking out the window at the car that is being towed off by another bank because we were hit with medical bills that striped our tiny savings account dry.

Let us add a dose of reality by providing a real life example of how a citizen in this land of economic apartheid can be financially buried by the rich-take-all society. Once targeted by elite vultures the lowly ninety-nine percenter is at the mercy of big-business, government, and a variety of other bloodsuckers. On this dangerous planet with its rigged system of extortion not even a hard working college-educated provider of a household can escape the dreaded puckering sound. The prelude to gigantic suckers draining away all income. This captured family had the misfortune of having a medical emergency. They were already left without any discretionary income because of apartment rent exceeding $1,500 per month, car payment of $294, health insurance premiums close to $800 per month, car insurance premiums more than $174 per month, $450 for a house in Iowa (after receiving rent) that needs repairs that cannot be sold, $1,200 or more for each semester of college for their son, credit card bills over $700 per month, and assorted other over the top bills due big-businesses. Thanks to Obama-Care, bandits from the medical 'industry' have now swooped down to finish them off.

By using a legal framework designed by lobbyists those of us in the 99% are being financially vaporized. Government sanctioned exploitation is destroying lives. In recent years the CEO executive crowd has had unprecedented leeway, leverage, and an unfettered ability to use abusive power to cart away more loot to offshore bank accounts, and buy more over-the-top toys. Most industries are controlled by this gang of thieves in our vulture capitalist society. They prey on those who do not have any political leverage or power to change the system. For it is a closed society ruled by a shadow government. A culture and place far removed from normalcy and the general population.

Being just one single tangled thread of a grotesque capitalism the medical industry is by far the most destructive because it can levy edicts that can kill by denying treatment or permanently ruin previously productive citizens by leaving them in financial tatters. Unable to pay the exorbitant prescription increases for much needed medicine some citizens are forced to skip or forgo taking their pills entirely. Others are left bankrupt or paying medical bills that in the past would have been a fraction of the cost. Just like the entire edifice of capitalism that is only built to enrich a tiny segment of the population the medical industry is a for profit scam that leaves a few driving home in luxury cars to gated castles while the rest of us take our in hock Chevrolets home to apartments, or houses that we will never be able to pay off.

The lobbyist inspired rip-off that provides the insurance industry with guaranteed customers who can be left in the lurch in a for-profit oligarchy is tearing apart a struggling family. This is a real-life example of how this capitalist society kicks the living-daylights out of the lower classes. We should expect no less an outcome from a society designed by CEO executive sociopaths who lockup all the levers of power for their exclusive use. Without a constituent voice in any government, either city, state, or federal, the 99%, general population, all the lower classes chained to a societal labor gulag, the law abiding members of what is effectively a degenerate feudal society, have no recourse, absolutely no avenue of escape except to join the People's Movement to upend the 'taker' planetary prison. Below are chilling reminders that most in the 99% will find all too familiar.

Medical health insurance information for representative family....

The following medical bills were incurred after this family's son was transported by a City of New Braunfels, Texas fire rescue to a hospital where they spent three hours of which no more than a little over 30 minutes was utilized by medical staff checking out their son....

Prior to this financially tragic day this family was already treading water from years of declining real-wages suffered by the sole breadwinner. What is so unforgivable is that this family's travails are minor compared to the horrors of some U.S. citizens forced to pay hundreds and millions of dollars to these modern day banditos. Excessive skyrocketing medical debt is destroying millions of individuals and families even less capable of enduring such a monetary hit than this representative family.

Couple this beyond-the-pale medical industry pilfering with a trillions in debt U.S. citizenry forced to exist on more credit extended by a financial industry that it rerouting income that should have gone to workers' paychecks but is instead 'invested' by the capitalist slavers and you have a worldwide economically structured system of extortion. A rouge of an economy that is collapsing under the weight of overextended consumers - a tapped out, income drained population no longer able to spend. Leaving any piece of this miserable excuse of a society intact is an abandonment of our responsibility to future generations. But fail it will, even if we do nothing to hasten its demise.