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Lobbyist Rule Must End: Storm the Castle

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Tax tweaks, short-term stimulus, all the bones thrown down at the people by the castle dwellers will not fundamentally alter a dysfunctional mega-business controlled government dead-set upon transforming us all into sweatshop labor slaves.

Below are the demands of the people…

If the below actions are not taken within 3 months from now the installation of a new government may be necessary…

  • Roundup all the 70,000 plus lobbyists that infest Washington, D.C., revoke their citizenship, ship them to a remote town in Alaska, and let them reside there until they can find a country willing or stupid enough to grant them access.
  • Make it a crime to lobby any member of government punishable by 35 years in prison with no chance of parole.
  • Direct all financial institutions to write down all mortgage loans to their current market value.
  • Scan the IRS tax records (retroactively) for corporations that didn't pay any taxes or evaded their fair share. Appropriate their assets for this tax due adding this amount to the government treasury.
  • Any corporation that directly or indirectly engaged in hiring laborers for less than a living wage and/or supported sweatshop labor conditions anywhere around the world appropriate the assets of the firm for an amount that compensates for their contributing to the destabilization of the global economy. Add this amount to the government treasury.
  • Eliminate all government programs that do not contribute to the wellbeing of the general citizenry. Concentrate on the three central responsibilities of all governments - education, health, and the security of every citizen.
  • Enact a comprehensive government national healthcare program paid for by every citizen out of his or her federal taxes.
  • Enact a comprehensive government educational program covering K - 16 (citizen tuition free undergraduate university degree) paid for by every citizen out of their federal taxes.
  • Scale down military spending to cover only the defense of our country. Close all foreign bases and disengaged from all current wars.
  • Institute a simple tax code that is a couple pages in detail specifying what percentage all citizens and businesses are obligated to pay - no deductions or loopholes. Only those not earning a living wage would be exempted from federal taxes.
  • Eliminate all burdensome government regulations that do not negatively impact the wellbeing of the citizenry.

If the current government by the end of the 3-month period hasn't taken the above actions the people should consider the following steps…

  • Massively protest in every major city.
  • Call for a Constitutional Convention per the outline specified in our current Constitution.
  • Dissolve our current federal union after the new Constitution has been democratically ratified.
  • Take the above actions within the legal bounds of the new governmental framework.
  • Write the new laws.