Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Lives Are Electrified With Possibility

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Peace was all most generations had ever known.  They just never experienced death and destruction. That was a relic of the distant past when the world was awash in territorial disputes. Once the nation-state was vanquished and replaced with the single Earth Planetary Government there just wasn’t anything to fight over. Even the tiny municipalities had been eliminated; in fact all boundaries were gone. On a planet without borders or barriers disputes just never erupted into bloody conflicts. Hate was a vanishing emotion. With so much opportunity freed up after the planetary lockdown was suspended most citizens were absorbed in bountiful pursuits. Little idle time remained to explore evil so it was slowly dying.

That isn’t to say crime had ceased to exist or wars never shattered the tranquility. Every now and then some group of disaffected freaks would take up arms. They’d try to muscle their way into a region to set up a caliphate, fiefdom, or cult of like-minded degenerates. This eventuality is the only reason the Earth Planetary Government maintained military bases on all continents. It was nothing like the massive militarization of the Bad Time when the biggest territorial powers spread their might far and wide. Under the EPG Defense Ministry there was approximately twenty combined force bases that housed Army, Navy, and Air Force soldiers equipped with ultra-modern lethal and defensive weapons at the ready, just in case.

Not that anyone was expecting an attack from alien invaders but after the discovery of ruins of an advanced civilization on Mars we knew that at some point we could expect to meet up with other sentient beings so defense spending although modest compared to the Bad Time was still adequate to defend the planet against outside aggressors. Mostly, the firefights in the Second Renaissance were short-lived skirmishes that ended in the swift defeat of whatever evil decided to rear its ugly head.

New to this age of travel to the planets was the threat from an age old enemy with a modern spaceship swashbuckling twist. Pirates had made their home in the asteroid belt. Hiding among the thousands of asteroids it was tough hunting them down. A good portion of the EPG Defense Ministry budget was allocated to protecting the space lanes from these raiders and locating their bases. So the seeder element of society didn’t vanish in the more democratic rationally organized unity of humankind it just took a different form.

Crime was still a fact of life. Police had plenty of work to keep them busy. The courts never stopped hearing cases. Citizens still went afoul of the law. Paradise it wasn’t, but compared to the rampant crime of the Bad Time it was relatively safe. With so much opportunity on the home world and colonies there just wasn’t any reason to take up a life of crime.

Adventure was around every corner. Lives are electrified with possibility.