Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Let's Create a New Society That Is the Guarantor of Our Happiness

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Our People's Movement is alive and well. With the election of the new United Kingdom Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn by a whopping 59% of the vote - even larger than the percentage that elected the worthless neoliberal Tony Blair we are about to add another key country to our growing list of People's Movement nation-states. In the U.S. state of Iowa Bernie Sanders expanded his lead over the bought-and-paid-for Wall Street puppet Hillary Clinton from 1% to over 10%. Already having a commanding lead in the state of New Hampshire the People's Movement favorite is blazing a trail of success that is leaving the other Democratic elite sponsored stoolies eating his dust. These battles that we have won represent just one segment of the revolutionary struggle we are waging across a multi-front battlefield aimed at totally reinventing society.

Even though our purple wave is washing away the big-business bloodsucker supported candidates we still must remain resolute in our determination to scour this entire planet clean of all traces of their corruption laden society. This means we can celebrate each and every victory but should not allow ourselves to become complacent. If we have learned anything about our 1% enemy, it is devious. Having most of the world's resources at their command these pirates have squirmed their way out of many tight corners. Therefore it is imperative that we continue to exert our unrelenting pressure across all fronts. Through the collective unity that is our Fifth Column we must demand our freedom from the 1% capitalist labor gulag. Our sheer numbers injected into every crevice of this societal abomination have perturbed and must continue to disrupt the exploitative character of this warped anti-democratic global slave camp. We do not have the luxury of letting up even for a moment against these leaches that have deeply embedded their suckers into the very substance that is our daily existence.

Debunking the constant excretions of propaganda coming from corporate mass media outlets, better termed elite propaganda, is an example of an effort we must maintain at 'full-throttle'. Dethroning the super-rich who squeeze every last drop of income from us in support of their consumption orgies is a relentless duty of all who ride the purple wave. Anytime the news outlets 'air' a piece of steamy shit that they pass for meaningful news just immediately turn off the television. Let the purveyors of 'happy-time' antics and raise-the-flag patriotism know that you are tired of them playing with your emotions. Tell your local, cable, or other spinner of establishment lore that you take offense to them manipulating public sentiment with sensational homilies and will refrain from consuming their endless stream of drivel. Let us resolve to take down all parts of the capitalist society that do not meet our highest expectations for quality and honesty.

What we are engaged in is a multifaceted attack on this multinational corporate capitalist monstrosity. From within, without, and across all its many membranes we are disabling and eradicating this tyrannical beast that feeds upon our very soul. This is the only way to bring down such an aggressive and embedded corruption determined to extract every last drop of income from our quivering bodies. These faithful of capitalist evil are greed addicted bandits who will destroy every last human being and leave the Earth a burning cinder just so they many erect ever grander castles and attend more obscene over-the-top parties. That is why we must never let up our guard, rest for more than a split-second - this is a war against an evil that has no empathy for any lifeform even their own species.

Total democratization of the entire society is our single most important objective. Even though we are fighting across many fronts it is imperative that we never lose sight of the underlying reason for this gargantuan struggle. The prize we seek is a pure freedom that has not been suffocated by Economic Apartheid. We have the right to determine our own future without any interference from those whose only desire is to line their pockets with money stolen from our paychecks. These single-minded misfits will be barred from infecting any future society that we construct from the ruins of this deranged abomination. When we control, own, and receive the full undivided surplus from worker liberated businesses the former CEO executive bandits and all the major investors who ripped us off stuffing wads of loot in bulging Swiss bank accounts - these gangsters will be demoted to administrative workers at the same level as all the rest. They will no longer have exulted positions with dictatorial powers over the majority. Required to join worker's councils these former barons of subversion will have to justify to the majority of laborers their value to the organizational cooperative.

Reinventing society, transforming it into an entirely new form that is neither Socialist, Capitalist, Communist, or any other 'ist' but more an amalgamation of the best aspects of Socialism merged with Capitalism demands a mindset not contaminated by blind obedience. Removing every corruptive element of capitalism, including all forms of investment can only be accomplished by those who have expelled the fantasy that you can get something for nothing.

Wall Street illusory asset accumulation that is nothing more than a gambling platform will be the first exploitative facet of this 'taker' society that we will eradicate. Creating a real economy within a constituent responsive political system that is a reflection of a completely democratized society is only possible when we dispose of fictitious Vegas style investment paradigms that have been 'played' like a lottery. The new companies that we intend to form will be worker owned and managed without any outside interference from investment hustlers looking to make a quick buck. By not tying firms to the short-term interests of investors companies will be free to pursue long-term goals that benefit the worker owners and the community.

These new cooperative type firms will still sell their products and services on an open market but will no longer be preoccupied with increasing profit margins to meet investors' quarterly expectations. Unrealistic investor demands have exacerbated the inherent boom-bust cycles of market oriented economic systems and in the aggregate have been the catalyst in disastrous market drops precipitating recessions and depressions. That is why all investment actively will cease within our newly formulated society. Being a democratic community, we will always do what is best for the majority of citizens instead of rigging the political, economic, and social constructs to benefit a privileged few.

A primary reason for the chaotic nature of a capitalist society is its laser focus upon those within the privileged class. Already a chaotic environment because of the interplay between many religious, ethnic, cultural, and other heterogeneous elements inherent within any human society adding a capitalist economic system into the mix only exacerbates the already tumultuous conditions that negatively impact societal stability. We must therefore relieve the stress exerted on the society by the dysfunctional capitalist economic system married to the winner-take-all culture. By reestablishing community and primacy of each individual citizen and eliminating extreme class differences we will have taken a giant leap towards stabilizing human society.

The grand goal of unifying the entire planet under a single democratic government answerable to every citizen will be the final ingredient in the normalization of a disjointed, fractured, destabilized, ethnocentric, and generally obtuse global ethos. But this can only be accomplished once we annihilate the primitive capitalist society that supports authoritarianism as its primary motivator. All forms of primal societal constructs such as slavery, feudalism, and state-communism rely on fear not internalized motivation as the generative advancement propellant. Sentient beings can only be inspired to produce and innovate within an equitable, rewarding, decent, democratic, and fear free environment. From a multiplicative standpoint this type of society advances many generations faster than any 'taker' fear based culture that coddles a tiny group of vandals. If we were to ask citizens belonging to a cooperative community of inspired creators how happy they are, they would probably say they are so content they daily "dance and twirl with utter joy".

Why should we not aspire to create a society that ultimately fills each of us with bliss? Is there really any reason we should allow ourselves to be tormented by a few bloodsuckers? Let us take all necessary steps to rid our planet of this primitive lord to peasant relationship that is an outgrowth of degenerative societal constructs like slavery and feudalism. We can and we will create an entirely new society that will be the basis of an advanced civilization we can all be proud to belong to - our guarantor of happiness.