Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Let No Barriers Impede Your Evolution

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Clearing the deck of accumulated injustices shoving most of us down into the abyss of suffocating inequity – the accelerating loss of wealth and income – this is the essential revolution that we guide. Our People’s Movement is our reasonable response generated from within an ever expanding Fifth Column.


  • health insurance premiums double with eroded benefits becoming the norm
  • college tuition is unaffordable
  • wages are stagnant and mostly declining
  • government is disconnected from the constituents
  • debt is an income substitute
  • law enforcement officers are increasingly killing minorities
  • jails are splitting at the seams with citizens that do not belong behind bars
  • mega-corporations control all legislative outcomes
  • courts treat corporations more favorably than living breathing sentient beings
  • 1% of the global population dries up the income lake leaving not a drop for the rest
  • freedom of speech is equated with expressing the talking points of the business cabal
  • being a good citizen is to quietly slave so rich takers can live like kings
  • billions toil endless hours for wages that do not even cover the bare essentials of shelter and food

Conclusion: Planet earth circling the star Sol is a rich-bled planet.

When the voiceless, hopeless, daily drudgery wells up in you too an overflowing endless stream of depression you are living within a system of oppression.

Organized thievery is best obfuscated by legitimizing the unjust through a smokescreen of legitimacy. No less domination than the swift regular blow to the body, the draining of the life force that is the brilliance of what you could have attained even though slow, is still repression in its most heinous form. Accumulating pilferage at the hands of fellow citizens who believe they have the right to demean and subjugate in the name of society is simply tyranny. No other classification suffices. For to acquiesce to a powerful few who shield themselves behind evil, a degenerating civilization that drives the majority into a pit of personal tragedies is sickening – monstrous.

If we are to come together in a unified humanity it is essential that all tainted rationalizations for maintaining billionaires in opulence be jettisoned. Why is it so important to cuddle the privileged few? Do we have some innate desire to shift our allegiance to all forms of masochism? Self-determination, the inalienable right to chart our own destiny free from the bonds of supporting every unsupportable whim of a league of a self-anointed royalty demands that we rise up in unison against this interlinked planet-wide system of coercion.

Possessing a sliver of self-worth means that we should be ready to fight to rid ourselves of the unbearable. It is inexcusable how the powerful curse the destiny of humanity by snuffing out far too many lives just so they can bury themselves in extravagance. Now is our moment. All will only be lost if we deem it an existence we can endure. But can we not dream, build a better future where all members of the human race can share in the fruits of their labors in a society that does not degrade a single citizen so that another may satisfy their parasitic craving.

That flicker of light at the end of the tunnel. Look closely….

Passion thrusts us forward towards the realization that the people of this blue planet will not chain their spirit to drudgery in the service of a privileged class. That’s right, it is the lust of fulfilling all your deepest desires without infringing or sacrificing another – this is happiness the full expression of freedom. Seek this blissful state – a boundless expansion of the possible.

When you have reached the end of your existence let there have been no barriers that impeded your evolution.