Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Leave a Permanent Record to Build Upon

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Lost people not yet citizens in their own country are forced to obey an unwritten agreement that they refrain from directly participating in their government. Not daring to cross the line from obedient quiet working slave too freedom fighter they just internalize their many grievances. Costing substantially more than the inconvenience of time and effort but in many cases one’s livelihood most would rather cower nightly behind a flashing television. There are the few who realize that even in the most seemingly democratic countries power is institutionalized within a dynasty of elite kingpins. Therefore, any working slug that demands a real voice in how the government operates will get a form letter from a bought-out representative or worse yet an invitation to sleep under a bridge.

Using the big stick of credit scores, persistent job insecurity, references, and denying employment to anyone who has the slightest legal blemish the ruling big-business caliphate ensures that most labor slaves will be too afraid to run afoul of the intertwined corporate dictatorship.

This sad state-of-affairs has locked-down meaningful debate outside the approved mainstream media channels for far too long. That is why the People’s Movement has taken an unmarked overgrown seldom used twisting path. Instead of directly confronting the bloated filthy rich blowhards we are infiltrating every crevice of this corrupt society. Our legions of decent individuals have been quietly dissolving the 1% gangster ridden societal contrivance from within. Only a few of us have our heads on the chopping block unifying, coordinating, instructing, and directing this blend of many different global citizens.

Now it’s time for a personal request. If you’ve taken it upon yourself to be one of the leaders of our movement don’t for a moment believe you’ll escape with your hide in tack. Never think that yours is a blessed existence that won’t end – eventually the powerful sociopaths that control this miserable little blue planet will rip your guts from your trembling body. For these fiends value nothing. Country is a convenience to abuse, friendship a path to greater riches, community a mere gang of thieving peers, power a sick pleasurable tool to inflict pain.

Fighting this evil mob of racketeers at the forefront of a rebellion of righteous underlings dreaming of an honest democracy is fraught with peril so it is essential that you leave a permanent record of your work. Whether written, visual, or directly communicated this is how we continue to build an exponentially growing freedom movement. Don’t wait until tomorrow to get your ideas down in some permanent easily transmitted medium for tonight may be your last.