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Leaders Should Never Destroy Dignity

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Arbitrary actions based on superstitious beliefs can’t be miraculously fused to reality. Deeds are the prime mover; inconsequential mythical creeds can never be substituted for cold hard authenticity steeped in facts.

We should never enlist falsehoods in a fanciful fabrication. Our movement should always be sincere. Never let insincerity tarnish your honor for it is a collective self-respect that is a reflection of our better selves.

Casual participants are those who have contributed a fraction of their time and energy to an endeavor. The individual contributor determines what constitutes a reasonable level of commitment. Denigrating those crucial to transforming a void into an ocean of possibilities just to elevate the casual participant is criminal. Respect is at the core of our belief system. If you can’t respect others it is impossible for you to carry with you a grain of esteem for yourself.

It is frightening how most of the world’s belief systems have evolved into clans of self-ingratiating members that have forgotten how to be decent human beings. Speaking frankly, truthfully, without scorn should never be a fault. The error is with enlisting falsehoods to enforce an illusion that is convenient.

Honesty untinged by malice is so rare.

Do we really need to ruin the lives of those who’ve devoted their heart and souls to a cause? The answer to this question should be obvious. If you have the slightest hesitation in responding the warmth in your heart is fading. Our leadership must never destroy the dignity of any citizen.

How can we hope to inspire or lead when we’ve lost our way? That is why our movement will never find fault with the honest. Once honesty fades integrity is soon to vanish. Who will descend a dark bottomless trail into a pit? Only those who implicitly trust their leaders – believe that the leader would never sacrifice them for personal gain. We’ll never build a better future on a foundation of deceit. Ours will be a reflective, caring, and honest society. Leave your personal agenda in the sharpest bend of the pit that we’re ascending. The light is up ahead it awaits our arrival.