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Labor Robots Don't Question

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Blow a hole through the truth, wreck it against the shoals of complacent acceptors, but mostly just dress it in the comfortable stagnation that now strangles our global community. Why ask, why inquire, why wonder at how power in the hands of a few always demands purblindness of the many?

Simple little mysteries shrouded under layers of absurdly, the obtuse illogic that must be consumed by every labor robot, and citizen supplicant. Our place is not to question the fallacious arguments of wise leaders steeped in corruption and the esteemed intelligentsia who lead us willingly down the road to perdition.

Why do we work under, are subservient to others who prescribe our daily activities - those stale corporate minds that steal large chunks of our lives, never to be replaced, but instead wasted on production that only marginally benefits us?

All the thwarted ambitions of the brilliant, the withered dreams of the passionate, and the wilted aspirations of the driven are harnessed under the great corporate wheel to be drained in the name of profit. Not profit that benefits humankind, but profit that is added to the mountain of loot already extracted from our planet's tortured environment and its demeaned population.

Who owns this mountain of loot? You know. We all know who these thieves are: there the lobbyist middlemen, their government lackeys, the mega million or billion dollar CEO's, and the super investors who produce nothing but lie's - essentially all those who suck like leaches on our life's blood.

Isn't it time we took a stand, demanded real not contrived freedom, and broke the shackles cutting deep into our already irrecoverable past? But how you ask is this possible when our governments, in essence our entire society is geared towards the demands of our corporate masters?

Our emancipation from this tyrannical abomination, this ugly beast that has greedily fed off of the lives of generations can only come about when we demand our due, our rightful proportion of what we produce.

Do you really believe that this global system of human labor 'strip mining' can continue without your placid consent?

We allow our governments to be subverted by lobbyists who pass their edicts from mega business masters to equally corrupt legislators. We allow our voices to be shouted out by louder more abusive agents of tyranny. We accept our place without question in a society where it is evident to the most uninformed that abject poverty is not just avoidable but unconscionable. We let corporate media guide, distort, and direct our actions simply because we don't want to admit to ourselves that 'yellow journalism' is running rampant in our great nation-state democracies.

Meanwhile, outside democratic nation-states, citizens are under no illusion that their being served propaganda from self-serving elite because it isn't covertly hid behind gushing platitudes of 'free speech' but is excreted overtly by totalitarian regimes.

But the end result is the same regardless of how the contrived message reaches the eager ears of the docile citizen - it keeps the cattle lulled and quiet on their march to the swift and merciful hammer.