Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Justice Seemed Distant

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Craning his head the sad creature looked skyward. The outer rim of an approaching dust cloud was breaching the yellow. Straight ahead lay the crystal city now partially obscured from the airborne dirt. Space craft resembling oblong cigars glistening silver kept there steady stream flowing to space. Two of the stars hanging on the horizon, one an orange hue the other it's tandem partner a clump of glowing death imperceptibly made their way back towards the planet's backside.

We left our home for a foreign world out in the periphery of the galaxy - the blue planet beckoned. Did we inform the previous inhabitants that their unhappy existence was ending?  The popular view that bubbled out from the propaganda pools of the government was that our need outweighed any injustices we committed. 'Too much reflection', uttered by a prophet of superior intellect many eons ago 'causes needless distress - just concentrate on the present'. But how can you train a mind to stop wondering. It just happens, the endless shifts from analyzing trends, drifting eyes that capture even meaningless drifting - a populous burdened with the baggage of guilt.

Even the ragged gangs are coming in from the backland on their noisy razor sleds. No one wants to be left behind when the last warmth is felt just before the instantaneous freeze or the horrible heat that will probably arrive first. The galactic parliament was firm in their final decree - this was an illegal act that would bring down the might of the universe's most powerful military. No species had the right to steer events on another world that wiped out a sentient race. Worse yet the destruction of a native biosphere to introduce an alien atmosphere this was absolutely inexcusable.

There just wasn't any other planet within the Galactic Federation that could support our unique life forms. Terraforming had been suggested but Valdora was located outside the boundaries of the Milky Way. Elion's the power base behind the Andromeda Empire didn't want our kind 'infecting their pure' systems.

Guess we are cowards, looking back it is an unequivocal truth, we are cowards. Now we're also traitors for siding with the Elion's who were going to meet the battle fleet from the Galactic Federation alongside our ships. Amazing how your enemy swiftly becomes your ‘friend' when you're facing possible extinction. The council knew when they signed a treaty of cooperation with the Elion's that their only interest in that desolate area was to expand the reach of their leader's power.

Warriors from birth Elion's loved the fight; they cared not whether they died or were ultimately repelled. They needed the exhilaration of a battle like other species craved delectable foods or sex.

Signing with evil was a temporary reprieve from extinction. The Federation cruisers would ultimately cut us to bits. Grasping a thin line to keep from falling into a canyon is just such a futile gesture. Tomorrow, brilliant white Federation saucers would meet what was left of our fleet in a final merciless battle. Even this hideout was a withering stream of pebbles soon to be encrusted in ice miles thick. Our ‘friends' the Elion's after fulfilling their bloodthirsty desires turned for home many months ago leaving us - a whole race to face our just punishment.

Justice will be swift - it was terrible what our race did to all the human test subjects over many of their decades. Exterminating an entire species required endless lab experiments. There is no excuse for our actions. When the blazing energy beams incinerate this sphere creating a backdraft of revenge wiping out all traces of escaping craft and our very presence - let it be a lesson.