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Just a Few Tired Thoughts on Planet Earth

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Mist is now rolling in on the coastline. Telltale signs are everywhere. Nights like these don't come around often. Is it silly to treasure this precious time? Just a few minutes ago gyrating white saucers were seen hovering close to the ocean's surface. Quiet does not even begin to describe the stillness of this night. Its essence permeates the very reality of events. Important point is not to lose control, keep focused on the central objective. Bringing a backward planet into the galactic fold typically bends obsession - that tangible style sheet that gouges our brilliance turning it into this grinding necessity.

Pride demands a candid assessment especially when expert at playing the societal channels. Not concerned with honest reports. Leaving the boundless expanse of morality would never be entertained. That is why being habitually sincere does not worry us. Already the ships are merging their atoms into the surroundings. Being spotted by a nosey terrestrial inhabitant is not so dangerous given all the debunking that has occurred particularly in these closing epochs.

Back to that report, already slipping in importance, is it probable that all this will ultimately work? Surely there have been failures. Just cannot penetrate the cerebral neuron sparks flowing in the dispassionate and uninspired majority. Language is not the problem. English is probably the most expressive communication conveyance found in this quadrant of the galaxy.

Environmentally the planet is failing. Far too many carbon infused gases are being pumped into the biosphere. Deforestation is rampant with essential rainforests being destroyed. Regrowth from natural regeneration of trees is highly dependent upon local climatic conditions. Overall, destruction of the Earth has now reached an inflection point. Not much time remains.

All societal threads are seriously frayed. This will be a topic for an in-depth analysis but not tonight. Darkness is invading a metabolism not accustomed to this frenzied culture. Also needed is more time. What little there is seems to be gobbled up in the service of this planet's elite royalty.