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Jungle Food, Bad Government, and Chinese Junk

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Back state-side Americans continue to feel the effects of a pervasive mega-business Oligarchic income grab. Undoubtedly, the federal government is relieved that distractions to the day-in day-out grind are plentiful. With the Ukrainians facing invasion from empire hungry Russians and a missing plane that has ended up 'Lost' style beyond our fathoming our attention has been temporarily diverted from our struggle to make ends meet.

Our life-challenges are expanding at an exponential rate especially those that we neither have the time or energy to consider. From the myriad of poor products like canned raw mercury tinged tuna to food products produced in filthy Mexican factories an American citizen's existence is now on par with a Third-World country.

How about that lead chipped casserole you've fixed that Hamburger slop in - bet it's sapping your vitality. Quickly, gulp down that high fructose energy drink. That's right, let's all give three cheers for the Chinese junk that we're forced to buy from retailers that is poisoning us; sending many a working stiff to an early grave. Worse yet, the inferior shit typically will only last on average three months to a year.

What do you suppose is the central topic of conversation, that burning sensation, not the dough stabilizers eating away at your stomach lining compliments of the peanut butter sandwich you've just ingested but something that rates right up there with cleaning the toilet? Naturally, its everyone's first love, their bought-out lobbyist infested federal government - compliments of the same Oligarchs that ship the defective, filthy, and lead covered products from foreign slave-labor gulags.

Hand in hand with lawmakers, just about every greed infected maggot has supported the gutting of existing laws meant to ensure food safety. They've turned agencies like the FDA into proponents of big business cost cutting. By working side-by-side with the CEO enrichment crowd these brethren of corruption let the labor slave hunting super-businesses locate the next patch of roach infested huts that will produce food staples destined for our dinner table.

Don't be surprised, how else does a dysfunctional nation-state operate? When real-income is declining faster than water in the drought stricken west should we be surprised to learn that the poorly paid government employee doesn't give a damn about whether the jungle dweller working in a crumbling rat infested cheese factory washed his hands after taking a crap behind a palm tree? Government workers are beset with the same problems that the rest of us grapple with - declining real wages and job insecurity.

How else can we explain the frequent warnings coming from federal agencies tasked with ensuring product safety? Tainted hamburgers coming from Mexico, Venezuela, and other 'quality conscious' jungle hideouts that a large super-duper club was selling - somehow they just never realized that these fine products hadn't been FDA inspected. Not that FDA inspection guarantees safety in a banana-republic climate of expanding corruption.

Maybe our friends at the NSA can focus their peeping Tom talents on spotting microbes that are infecting our chickens, lettuce, and meat? With a tad bit more training it is certain that even CIA agents could be retrained to probe the fingernails of ragged peasants for bacteria. A test might even be devised to determine when the next labor slave would drop from heat exhaustion or malnutrition. So many meaningful juicy secrets could be gleaned from the village elders that the reinstituted super sleuths would feel right at home. The chief's hut could even be bugged. We can be certain that many a former secret agent would jump at the opportunity to stakeout the very hovels where our chemical infused food originates.

Now let's not exclude the personal jet crowd from all the fun. Here's a new business opportunity that even the most discriminating island hording big business executive will salivate over: invest in landfills to hold all the Chinese junk. Surely, these elite fellows can get a helping hand from their glow in the dark food processors who must have already scouted out the prime refuge locations for their toxic manufacturing byproducts. Word of warning, elite investors better not forget to instruct their vulture locating mound explorers that they're only to use the shell company name when purchasing a promising waste disposal firm.

Did you know that a message was received from someone on that lost plane just before its systems died? Jump on the Internet, we'll all be there, but remember your slog begins anew tomorrow.