Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Joy Will Be Contagious in a People's Movement Civilizationist Civilization

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So many of the many problems that we face living in an undemocratic and unequitable capitalist society will be washed away when we change to a 24/7 civilizationist civilization. For the first time democracy will bathe every facet of our lives with freedom. Exploitation perpetrated by all the kings, queens, lords, slave masters, and employers will cease. Workers will have the economic freedom in workplaces that they have been denied for centuries. Creating a genuine democracy far removed from this anarchical corporate dictatorship will empower citizens' to determine, control, and prosper from their own decisions. Inner city poverty, drugs, violence, and even the persistent racism that never seems to subside will become symptoms of a degenerate capitalist society studied in future history classes. By providing free unfettered access to a quality K-16 education, having trillions of dollars of formally pilfered 1% income flowing into the economy, directly injecting billions into massive projects, and finally having the resources to fix broken neighborhoods we estimate that endemic poverty and its associated negative externalities will be totally eliminated shortly after ditching this 'taker' society.

Corporate absolutism joined at the hip to a behind the scenes shadow government that orchestrates the sham called democracy through an army of lobbyists writing legislation and pulling the strings of lawmaker puppets in the phony government showcase that we see, has been hard at work for decades turning government into the handmaiden of businesses and the 1% elite. Let us examine a big chunk of elite welfare called the U.S. Tax Code. The U.S. federal tax system is exclusively designed to help those 'needy' rich castle dwellers so they always end up paying less than those of us in the 99% who do not have a posse of lobbyists at our beck and call. Every year special interest tax code adjustments written by big-business shadow government lobbyists are tidily slipped into legislative bills that somehow are the few pieces of legislation making it passed the Washington gridlock. U.S. federal taxation was not always so regressive, but since around 1975 the upper class has been openly at war with the general citizenry ready to ram down our throats any tax - just about any cost of doing business they can make the 99% pay for indirectly through government handouts to the elite. Every year "The Establishment" makes it easier for their cronies in business to shift even more of the tax burden onto the general population. All the elites and the all-powerful corporate entities enjoy shoving all of us in the general population deeper into poverty. We are at the end of the line. Our only chance of escaping all the arbitrary petty tyrannies and a multitude of injustices that include paying the entire federal tax burden is to overthrow this obscene excuse of a society. If we do not, most if not all of us in the 99% will end up homelessness, unemployed, or finishing out our miserable existence in some rickety travel trailer without enough money to buy a chick-pea dinner or heat to keep the cramped space warm when winter squalls push the cold through the flimsy walls. That is how far removed from an equitable culture this rigged system of income extraction has retrogressed.

Capitalism is inherently unstable. It has many 'downturns' or cyclical drops that always leave millions permanently worse off, without a job, and sometimes if the fall is deep enough like it was in 2008 condemned to oblivion, to become just another homeless statistic never to be heard from again, except when found frozen to death on a city street. Back before the mid 1970's there were still glimmers of hope, fairness still seemed to be the gold standard adhered too even if inconsistently. During this somewhat more equitable time wealthy citizens and corporations were taxed at substantially higher rates than shop clerks, waiters, and car mechanics. That era is now just a distant memory for a few old timers. The U.S. Tax Code during this period just prior to the Great Heist of the mid 1970's was a fairly progressive federal tax system that sought to claw back income that the capitalists stole from the workers. Not that it was ever intended that way but somehow it just seemed a decent response to corporate barons lugging off great sacks of loot from their businesses. During the 1950's and 60's the federal income tax was a whopping 91% for those rich citizens in the highest tax bracket. What the federal government did without it explicitly saying so was take back income from the filthy rich 'extractors' that was rightfully generated by workers and give it back to the general population in the form of lower taxes, public works projects like building new Interstate highways, and other expenditures that benefited the larger national community. So by taking back this income that had been sucked from the businesses by capitalist parasites the general society was able to prosper and enjoy a fuller, more rewarding life. Granted, as the capitalists became savvier they realized that even if the federal government drained them individually, sending their money to build parks or assist the 99% in many other ways, they could reacquire these funds by having their lobbyists rewrite the tax code so that they would instead become the beneficiaries of all future government largess while also paying a substantially lower tax bill. They would just shift the taxes onto their now powerless and voiceless serfs.

After over 30 years of the filthy-rich manipulating the U.S. Tax Code through their lobbyist interlopers they have been able set their maximum federal tax rate at around 35%. The huge reduction from the 91% rate that was previously assessed now requires that the general population cover the shortfall. You are really selfish to even let that loose thought of equity come spilling into your consciousness. Depriving these scoundrels of the cash needed to buy more villas on the French Rivera and fly gigantic private planes to lush tropical islands would cause untold calamity.

We have not even touched upon the bonanza of savings the too-rich-to-give-a-damn crowd ramrodded through with their lobbyists for corporations that they controlled. This plus reams of superrich lobbyist written tax code changes over many decades have meant that someone like Warren Buffet may have a stated 35% federal tax rate but after his top-notch tax attorneys have whittled it down through multiple elite only deductions he will end up paying 20% or less. You must be coming to the realization that this tax scam is grotesque beyond belief. In this land of gangster dealings Buffet's federal income tax is much lower than what each member of his clerical staff pays. With most of an elite pirate's money generated from investments that are not taxable if you add this total to the income that someone like Warren Buffet pulls in over a year their effective tax rate would be miniscule compared to the tax shaft perpetrated against the general population when they 'joyfully' look at what is deducted from their already puny paychecks. This may seem unfair especially if you have not been on the receiving end of media, school, and government social engineering, a form of clever indoctrination that reinforces day-in-and-day-out the merry outcomes of a capitalist society - but bear in mind this jewel of perversion is linked to the world's 'freest' country - the good ole U.S. of A. Those newly exposed to this degenerate sociopath's dream system of pillage are right about now just shaking their heads in disbelief.

Instead of slithering deeper into the belly of the capitalist beast let us take a time out. All of us are aware that the U.S. Tax Code is designed by the rich and their lobbyist horde to leave them paying the least total tax and receiving the most government handouts so that the socialism they spout off about hating is actually their most beloved form of government. On the other hand if you are a ninety-nine percenter grinding away daily at your dead-end declining real-wage job you already know that your overall tax bill in these United States has skyrocketed and that the golden-gate private clubhouse high-rollers driving their BMWs past the guardhouse are living life large with little need to hand over but a skimpy few bills to the IRS and tax collector. The government can send the U.S. Federal Marshal Service to Texas to handcuff and drag away a bottom-scrapper like us for not paying $1,500 in student loan debt. Have you ever seen a Wall Street executive hauled off to jail? These shadow government financial hustlers who trashed the global economy causing untold personal tragedies that wiped out entire governments, private pension funds, and billions of personal wealth are still walking around scot-free. That speaks volumes on where this Corporate Dictatorship's allegiance lies. Plunder 99% of the population in a financial crapshoot of CDO's and other toxic 'assets' cooked up in that crapshoot called Wall Street. Then get yourself into trouble when the whole radioactive phony paper filled bubble blows up. In a decent society you and your pack of thieves would be spending your remaining days making license plates with no chance of parole. In this grotesque capitalist society all you would have to do is cry like a baby to your bought-and-paid-for legislators that you need your shadow government daddy to cover your losses and bailout your companies to the tune of trillions of dollars. The response from your lobbyist greased puppet lawmaker would be something like this: "No problem, what will it cost, we will just add it to the federal deficit that those 99% bottom-scrapers are already working off in higher taxes."

Can we even reform this crony capitalism? Probably not, given that time-and-time again capitalist society for the past 150 years had us travel down the same treacherous path that leads to exploding incomes and wealth for a few royals but forces us to hunt along the trail's edge for the loose coins that elite exploiters carelessly drop out of their bulging money sacks. Why do we let corporate boards and their buddies in the executive playpen hijack our high worker productivity generated surpluses? No matter how this smelly rotten egg called capitalism is 'reformed' it is still an exploitative construct that is primarily designed to enrich a 'taker' takes-all elite sect that expropriates the money received from the sale of products and services they did not produce or have any direct hand in creating. Whether it is private (U.S. style) or state (U.S.S.R 'communist') capitalism the end result is still the same, those who have no legitimate right to claim the rewards from the hard work of laborers still have the final say in who gets what portion of the surplus/income that is the cash remainder after deducting from sales revenue the general expenses of a business. There is only one word that adequately describes this form of arrangement - plunder. Pirates have devised this 'marvelous' system whereby they can sit back on their haunches enjoying all the luxuries of the richest most decadent sultan. Racking in billions of dollars, some of it marked for their shadow government lobbyist enablers, but most of it shoveled straight into Swiss and offshore bank accounts leaves these elite sociopaths broadly smiling.

Under civilizationism the workers would own, control, and distribute the surplus that they generated from their hard work eliminating the middlemen and women in the lord's court. Those of us who are laborers using our minds and brawn to create would no longer be under any obligation to hand over to greedy capitalist parasites all the products and service revenue at the end of each day. Our People's Movement civilizationist society, a merge of what works in socialism and capitalism, would remove all intermediary locusts like insurance companies, capitalists, and anyone else who currently has their hand out but contributes nothing other than a legal right to steal from those of us who are the producers and consumers of products and services. Corporations would cease to exist. The corporate entity that has run roughshod over justice and been the vehicle used by the Corporate Dictatorship to perpetuate their kinder-gentler form of absolutism would be transformed in a People's Movement civilizationist society into a plain vanilla organization that has no inherent rights that are equal to or supersede those of a living breathing human being.

Below are some new highlights of our egalitarian society that have not yet been explained. Please review earlier essays for other proposals. These are just proposals that People's Movement democracies may consider....

The perpetrators of the "financial crisis", all those happy-go-lucky swashbuckler CEO executive, board-member, banker type thieves mostly found on Wall Street but also infesting other corners of this influence peddlers paradise will be brought to trial for their crimes against humanity. If found guilty they will be exiled to the Amazonian rainforest or the remotest spec of Arctic ice near Nome, Alaska.
Worker Councils that run each business organization through their internal social network will also cooperatively through a democratic process that also involves the local, regional, national, and eventually planetary electorate will determine the level of taxation that they are willing to contribute to positively spark progressive societal changes that benefit every member of the civilizationist civilization.
Dreamers welcomed! Many new ideas on how to propel what was previously a status quo static capitalism but is now a rarified pure democracy that enhances the wellbeing of the entire populous will originate from an energized general population that feels connected to their economy, governments, and blossoming civilization.
Prison will be changed from a dehumanizing warehouse into rehabilitative centers with the mandate to transform criminals into productive members of our rapidly expanding and energetic civilization. All privatized correctional institutions will become public run and the direct responsibility of our democratic governments answerable to the electorate.
Inner cities so long the hellhole run by gangs will be revitalized. Previously barricaded up top, will be a treasure trove, an unfathomable amount of money from across the nation (eventually the world) that will be available to the majority of the population. The beneficiaries of the trillions of dollars received from worker direct ownership, control, and distribution of the surplus will at first number in the millions of people and eventually in the billions after we merge the entire planet into a seamless government. This money that was previous carted up to the 1% mobsters will allow all of us to live very comfortable lives but also provide much needed funds to energize the entire civilization into a rocket propelled delight.
Dare to be happy again! Why do you suppose there are so many dejected looking people walking around? Could it be that they have given up on having any kind of decent, equitable, amazing future? We will be dancing in the streets when all of us are in control of our collective destiny - not just a sliver of elites who leave us to scamper around like dogs in their compulsory system of economic apartheid.

Wear the purple proudly and display the emblem for our People's Movement. Our destiny, dreams, and actions are expanding and transforming this rich-club of vultures from a plunder camp into a genuine civilization where happiness is no stranger and dancing is something we will do to let off some joy.