Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Journey into a Future Devoid of Barriers and Constraints

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Completely altering society from its current top-down ‘taker’ inspired 1% pillage into a bottom-up community of citizens is the principal goal of the People’s Movement. We are not an entrenched single focus ideology bound organization but instead a globally pervasive Fifth-Column that welcomes everyone regardless of their political ideology, religion, ethnicity, and race. We all are taking this journey into a future devoid of barriers and constraints – nothing to inhibit us from reaching our full human potential.

A total transformation of this planetary feudal manor into a real democracy requires that we entirely redesign all societal components into bottom-up egalitarian cooperative citizen alliances. We are therefore not only demanding that the bulk of the revenue generated by firms be distributed to the employees but also that labor through a bottom-up democratic process exclusively control their corporations. This means that corporate gulags; the unchallenged bastions of ultra-capitalist autocratic rule will be democratized.

All the proposed reformulations of U.S. oligarchic ultra-capitalism by elite bought-out candidates like Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are nothing more than trifling changes meant to pacify the general population. We will not suffice with handouts from the corporate rulers whose motivation is solely based upon temporarily placating the restive serfs. Our Fifth Column is affecting a permanent reorientation away from top-down elite rule. The future that we envision is bathed in a boundless bottom-up liberty. Fraudulent freedom, the shackled, chain rattling dilution we have been forced to exist within will not be dressed up in new finery. Crawling around in gold instead of steel manacles will not free us from this slave ship.

Only comprehensive change will release us from this arrangement of elite plunder. Tweaking this or that insignificant aspect of our enslavement will just temporarily ameliorate our condition. Permanent, substantive meaningful change can only be realized through a societal revolution that endows the majority of citizens with unrestricted freedom through elected representatives who are not puppets of billionaire lobbyist scum. We will not settle for less than constituent receptive lawmakers who are not beholden to special interests. This will require that we defang all the elite snakes that poison our future.

Now is not the time to suffice with the typical. Our pure unobstructed freedom cannot be achieved by once again electing another elite stoolie who bows down before big-money donors. Boldness is called for, we must disregard the constant media drone, and the unrelenting propaganda focusing all our attention on the 1% elite approved candidates and the occasional buffoon. The corporatist rulers are desperate, for they would rather have us vote for another ‘liberal’ Democrat who gushes with promises never to be fulfilled than someone like Bernie Sanders a Democratic-Socialist or Rand Paul a Libertarian. These two U.S. Presidential candidates would institute dramatic progressive change that would upset the status-quo of the global oligarchy; especially big-business government socialism.

That is why the elite power-block is doing its utmost to limit media coverage of Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul. By continually focusing upon Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, the 1% bankrolled and ordained ‘frontrunners’, they can reduce the chances of both Bernie and Rand ever achieving a critical mass of awareness necessary to get elected. But this is where our Fifth Column becomes an essential conveyance of popular opinion through social media. Bypassing the traditional communication channels our purple wave that is the Fifth Column of our People’s Movement is propelling our chosen candidates’ way beyond the limited popularity possible by purely elite manipulated communication channels.

Once again, Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul are just suggested U.S. Presidential candidates. They seem to be funded primarily by small donations from the general population and espouse significant changes that would stamp out the 1% lobbyist infested government. Their policies would also remove the rampant business socialism the product of elite lobbying that strips the general electorate of its constituent voice.

Whoever we throw our support behind under the big tent that is the ideologically blind People’s Movement should not receive the bulk of their contributions from big-money donors. Those within the elite establishment, the wealth leaches who require a lobbyist glide path to the White House or other seats of governmental power must be stopped. Without first ridding our governments of this vermin that destroys community we will never have the opportunity to air our diverse viewpoints in a democratic forum that is only concerned about promoting the best interests of the general constituency.

Our destiny must not be sabotaged so that a minority of castle dwellers may live in obscene opulence. This is our moment, the defining occasion for all of us to short-circuit the royal sociopaths from their dream of absolute power over billions of individual slaves all fighting to stay alive.

We are invited to envision a future where many diverse individuals are drawn together in a single planetary community.