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Jacked-Up on Fear and Stuffed with Illusion

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Battered by the yo-yo stock markets, earthquakes on the east coast of the United States, incompetent voodoo Economists incoherent ramblings in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the Irene category 1 hurricane now the 'super-duper' New York City 'killer' Tropical Storm with yet to be felt 65 mph winds - is it any wonder most folks haven't grabbed a bottle of whiskey and headed for the hills.

By now, are you a tad bit jacked-up on fear? Are you resigned to your fate, docile, thankful that the mega business media machine can exploit your worst nightmares so exquisitely, or that Homeland Security activated by "The President of the United States" will assist in the extensive cleanup of broken twigs? Granted one or two, maybe three tornados might have been spawned by the 'killer storm' and some homes resting on the ocean's edge had a little flood damage - but let's get a life, is this really the end of the civilized world?

How about that earthquake, the one where the epicenter was in some remote part of Virginia - now that was another media parrot fear parade. Bet you've lost count of how many multiple disaster areas have been declared by our multinational lobbyist infested government.

And let's hand it to all those Economists holed up near the Grand Tetons safe and sound in the 'backwoods'. Isn't it nifty that these voodoo priests from around the world were living it up in the lap of luxury at the exclusive Jackson Hole, Wyoming resort?

Without a clue how the real world operates, vested to dogma infused worthless economic theories that are blind to root causes why are they still pontificating?

That's right, it was the free five-star meals, great view of a spectacular mountain vista, excellent accommodations, and all that circular reasoning that attracted so many zealot idiots to one place.

With lobster stuffed cheeks gyrating from their blasts of hot air we are blessed to hear these wizards of the court extol 'economic' remedies that never address root-cause economic perturbations. Sorry, forgot that these fools can always be wrong because they're anointed as experts: top-notch fairy dust throwers.

It's fine; we're all aware how tough it is to focus on reality when you're pumped up on fear. Grab that generator; don't forget the stock of can goods, or those freeze dried meals that you were planning on getting in preparation for the next 'disaster'. Isn't it wonderful that you've been freed from concentrating on real problems like how Uncle Johnny is making ends meet with a family and no job, money, or a place to live?

Take heart, those fire dancing economic 'experts' who were drowning themselves on imported French wine, and eating piles of caviar still profess that the global economy is recovering - although a little slower than expected.

Those imbeciles will never mention low-wage sinks or declining real-wage incomes as the single most important reason our dynamic global economy is destabilized. Nor will they bring to light the stranglehold crony multinational businesses have on their source factories in third-world or developing countries - factories that are forced to trash humane labor laws in order to meet the quarterly demands for ever lower cost products by these multinational masters.

Social responsibility audits by multinationals of their source factories in the underdeveloped world is a ruse - just like all the other well-crafted forms of propaganda - a ploy to shadow reality with illusion. These audits mostly conducted by third-party organizations never uncover the true sweatshop conditions that most workers are forced to slave under.

Faced with hundreds of competitors and multinational overloads demanding lower cost products; is it any wonder these firms run shadow factories (undeclared factories not audited - under the radar) and falsify records to meet reasonable national and international labor standards?

But we'll never hear about these 'minor' chinks in the illusion based economic models that are pandered by expert economic charlatans. Nor can we discuss the extreme income inequality between the factory worker making $175 a month, the factory forced to sell a product like shoes to a multinational shoe company for $4, the mega-business shoe firm then selling these same shoes to a retailer for $50, and the retailer attempting to sell the shoes to an income-starved customer for $90. Is it any wonder mega businesses have such mountains of cash on hand and can afford to pay their executives kingly compensation packages?

Oh well, in the short-term these priests of business, knights of the square table, box thinking, and dogma-bred castle dwellers can buy more private jets or add that eighth house they've been dreaming about.

"Please hand me that package of bologna - was eating ham sandwiches but had to switch to a cheaper substitute. By the way, how about that Irene - glad to be far away from that storm."

"Yep, heard that earthquake was also quite destructive. Good thing my home wasn't affected. Although my mortgage is underwater, my wife was laid-off from her software engineering job, and my factory closed up this month we're doing just fine; better than those folks in the disaster areas."

Meanwhile, another lobbyist sits back in his overstuffed executive chair. A media-parrot toasts to a job well done. The whole bloated crony capitalist extravaganza marvels at their handy work.